Friday, April 1, 2011

Unsafe City

How to Protect Yourself in an Unsafe City

When such incidents take place in our country's capital, it makes us wonder how safe any of us are. So how should girls protect themselves in an unsafe city? Here are some tips…

Be alert

If you've been living in a particular city for years, you land up thinking it's safe. So partying late at night or taking an early morning walk on a promenade seems perfectly normal. Now, we're not telling you to stop your daily activity but it's important to stay alert at all time. If you notice anyone following you or acting suspicious, make sure to tell a male friend or call for help if need be.

Arm yourself
Not with a weapon exactly. Simple things from your handbag like your car key, nail file or deodorant spray can be very handy in case your are attacked or about to be attacked by some miscreant. Pepper spray is also a useful weapon.

Approach the police
Never dismiss a stalker as just “some crazy dude”. Usually, these kinds tend to get obsessed and can be dangerous. If you notice someone following you for more than a day or two, it's advisable to keep your family and friends involved. Go a step further and make an official report at the police station and let the authorities take the necessary action.

Stay in company
While you may be brave, it's best not to attract offenders by traveling alone late at night. Ask a male friend/ relative to drop you home after a night out. Also, if you happen to be walking down a lonely road and notice someone close on your heels, try stepping into a building that has a watchman or a nearby hotel. Once you think things are safe, you can proceed home.

Fight back
If you are single in a city, it's always good to be prepared to defend yourself if the situation calls for it. Very often you will find yourself taking public transport and eve-teasers as well as molesters are a dime a dozen. A quick one-month to three-month self defense course would benefit you tremendously. Try taekwondo or karate, maybe.

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