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Charming politicos

Be it his village visits or interactive meetings with students, or rumours about his marriage, Rahul effortlessly steals the attention of the masses. He is India's most eligible bachelor.

Though she is reluctant to enter the political podium, Priyanka actually beats her brother Rahul when it comes to drawing crowds. Bollywood star John Abraham in his interview to GQ magazine once named her the sexiest woman in world. In John's own words, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is "the sexiest woman in India by eons and light years, I love her to death!".

Late Rajiv Gandhi, the 7th Prime Minister of India, had a graceful face and was known for his debonair that made him a darling of the masses.

Shashi Tharoor is a politician who is a unique mix of looks and brains. His twitter fan following is almost a million, which indeed is a proof that he stands out from the rest of the politicians who are desperate to make themselves heard.

The slain guerrilla leader still adorns funky tees and is a popular tattoo subject of young minds even decades after his death. Thanks to his dashing looks! His photograph - 'Guerrillero Heroico' taken by photographer Alberto Korda later became a popular pinup sold in millions around the world.

Late Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto was a fashionista who emanated elegance and attitude and her designer clothes were equally famous.

Benazir Bhutto's son Bilawal Zardari Bhutto is more popular than any other cricket stars in his country when it comes to fan following.

Ex US prez Bill Clinton and his wife Senator Hillary Clinton can be regarded as the most charming politico pair ever!

There is one reason that makes former White House Chief of Staff famous among non-Americans and even people who are least bothered about politics; thanks to his sophisticated looks.

Bollywood Heroines

Bollywood Heroines & Their Starry Tantrums

If you thought our tinsel town’s actresses’ latka, jhatka and nakhras are restricted to the big silver screen then here’s your reality check. From demanding a new wardrobe to demanding a new script, Bollywood actresses like Kareena & Katrina have such starry tantrums that it may put even Queen Elizabeth to shame!

Aishwarya Rai
It’s actually not a surprise that this Bachchan bahu has starry tantrums. Apparently, during the shooting of  Vipul Shah'sAction Replay she refused to get her make up done with the international make up artistes who were hired for the film. The reason being she couldn’t be comfortable with any other make up man except Ojas Rajani, her personal favorite. Well a beauty queen throwing a fit over a ‘beauty’ artiste? … I guess for Ash beauty is only skin deep!

Katrina Kaif
Don’t go by her elegant frame and her calm & composed persona for this Kat can bite and how! To promote Tees Maar Khan, Katrina was city hopping a lot. Recently after boarding her flight, the actress was apparently so exhausted that she fell into deep slumber without putting on her seat belt. And when the airhostess tapped her to wake her up she completely lost it. "How dare you touch me? Don't you know who I am?", is what she allegedly said to the airhostess according to a TOI report. Poor flight attendant, she probably didn’t know that you’re not allowed to touch … what’s her name? Yes, Sheila ki jawani.

Priyanka Chopra
One could assume this National Award winner must be quite a humble person, but it isn’t so. During the shooting ofAnjaana Anjaani, PC was rumoured to be really angry with the choice, outfit combination, colour combination and everything else designer Manish Malhotra’s assistant came up with. So much so, that Manish had to come to the set himself to pacify her. Good thing this didn’t happen during the shooting of Saat Khoon Maaf, or you never know what she could have done? Evil grin.

Kangana Ranaut
The actress who is famous for her psychotic roles on-screen is apparently even famous for her psychotic behaviour off-screen as well, especially when she is travelling by air. If rumours are to be believed Kangana travels with her assistant everywhere. But while she travels first class, her assistant travels economy class.

That’s not the problem. The problem arises when the airhostess would ask Kangana about what she would like to eat or drink and Kangana would simply ask her to direct all queries to her assistant sitting in the economy class. The stewardess would then have to go back and forth searching for Kangana's assistant just to satisfy Kangana’s food demands!

Kareena Kapoor
Bebo takes the cake when it comes to throwing tantrums. According to the grapevine she put several conditions in front of Madhur Bhandarkar before she agreed to do his film Heroine, a movie based on Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. A) She only wanted to work with A- listers (the film was supposed to have five actors). B) She flatly refused to do any love-making scenes. The funny part is even after the conditions were accepted, Kareena refused the movie anyway. Why? Because she didn’t like the script and asked Madhur to re-write it, again! No wonder Saif Ali Khan fell in love with Kareena, she already comes with the ‘nawabi’ air!

Which actress do you think is the tantrum queen? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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Thin Thighs

You always wanted to wear that li'l black dress on a dinner date or those cute boy shorts for that beach party. But ditched them last minute fearing someone will notice those creases on the back of your thighs. Worry not! You can fight off cellulite; that too, without hitting the gym. All you have to do is follow these moves and pay a little attention to what you eat. We tell you how.

According to Dr Imran Mansuri, trainer and physiotherapist at Talwalkars gym, women tend to have cellulite or fat deposits on the thighs and hips as "adipose tissues or the body fat tissue related to obesity is present more in women than in men," 

Here are a few exercises you can do at home for leaner thighs. 


"Sprints or running short distances quickly is great to lose fat from your body. It also increases your metabolism and gives you lean body muscle," says Leena Mogre, director, Leena Mogre's Fitness. Sprints help you tone your legs, she adds. Start by running 50-100 m (up to 1 km) twice every day and slowly increase it to up to 5.

Walking Lunges

"Walking lunges work on your inner thighs and glute muscles (bum)," Leena says. They are similar to normal lunges; except for these, you take a step after every lunge. "Do them with weights or barbells, for better effect," says Imran.
  • With barbells on both hands, stand with your feet at shoulder width.
  • Now, put your right foot about two feet in front of the left.
  • Bend your right knee so that you thigh forms a parallel with the ground.
  • Hold for about ten seconds and go up.
  • Now, get your left foot next to your right, take it about two feet in front and repeat.
Do 15 repetitions if done with barbells or do up to 30.

Plie squats

"Plie squats work on your inner thighs too," says Leena.
  • Stand with your feet two feet apart, pointing outwards.
  • Keep your back straight and bend your knees, so that your thighs form a parallel to thee ground and your knees are in alignment with your feet.
  • Hold for about ten seconds and return to original position.
"You could do plie squats with weights too," she says.


them with barbells in both hands for better toned legs. 
Simply get an aerobic stepper, put your right foot on it, push and put your left foot on it as you take the right one off.

Leg raises

"Front, back and side leg raises help tone your legs, butt and the sides (love handles)," says Imran.
  • For side leg raises, stand with your palms on the wall and stand about half a feet away.
  • Raise your right leg side ways while keeping it straight.
  • Take it as high as possible and bring it back to the ground.
  • Do up to 30 repetitions and change sides.
For back leg raises, simply raise your leg to the back.

Front leg raises
  • Stand with your back straight and extend your hands in front of you with your palms facing downwards.
  • Raise you right leg so that it touches your right palm
  • Alternate legs and do up to 60 repetitions.

Chair leg raises
"Chair leg raises help tone the front of your thighs," says Imran.
  • Sit on a chair with a straight back.
  • Slowly raise your knee with your knee pointing downwards.
  • Do up to 30 repetitions and change legs.
Diet to fight cellulite
There are foods that will help you lose those ugly fat deposits too. Here's how you can plan your diet to melt cellulite away!
"Break your meals into six small ones with proteins with every meal," suggests Leena. Make sure the ratio of carbs: proteins: fats is 65:25:15. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables, she adds.

"Eat foods with antioxidants like blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, to prevent tissue damage," says Sushila Sharangdhar, a Mumbai-based nutritionist. Foods like papaya contains papaine that helps the skin maintain its elasticity keeping it smooth.

Sometimes, insufficient blood flow prevents release of toxins. This causes cellulite to build up too. So, include fruits like mangoes and bananas that will improve circulation and will prevent water retention. "Lecithin, a component commonly found in animal fat also prevents build up of cellulite," says Sushila. Apples, spinach, carrots and avocados are a good source of Lecithin. Collagen is a protein that ensures skin's elasticity and smoothness too. "Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges and a diet rich in legumes like alfalfa, peas, beans and soy; poultry and dairy products are a good source of collagen," she says.

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The Baby Shower: The baby shower is the most exciting event before the baby arrives! So, plan it well in advance. Rope in your closest pals and prepare a guest list, the menu, little gifts you'd want to give out, activities and games you'd like your friends to play and lastly, decide on what you would want to wear on the day. Pick something comfortable, yet pretty. Just don't stress yourself out too much.

Join a Club/Class: Clubs and classes are a great place to meet expectant mums like yourself and compare notes. You will make new friends and probably for your little one too! These clubs often have yoga or water aerobics sessions meant for pregnant women. This will help you shed those extra pounds post pregnancy with ease.

Shortlist Baby Names: You probably started doing this long before you got pregnant. But now, you can do it without feeling silly about it! Sit down with you hubby and list out names that interest you. Pick names that are meaningful, are different or simply catchy. It's normal to have tiny arguments every now and then over the choice of names before you pick one. But, they are fun too.

Go Baby Shopping: It's fun to go shopping anytime, isn't it? And more so when it is for your li'l bundle of joy! Visit stores near your place that stock things for newborns. Buy soft, comfortable clothes in neutral colours so you're safe whether it's a boy or girl. Also, the basics are the same for all newborns. Buy crib bedding and musical toys, bath kits, toiletries and so on. You could also paint a cradle all by yourself or do up the decor of the room meant for your baby!

Join a Prenatal Class: Motherhood is not only about the mother, the father plays an equally important role. If it is your first time, sign up for a prenatal class with your hubby. These classes will train both of you for labour, the delivery and early parenthood. So you can avoid 'the hubby fainting' situation! Buy yourself a parenting book and read it in and out. You do not want to hit the panic button when the baby starts wailing in the middle of the night! Image courtesy: © Thinkstock

Get Creative: If you are on maternity leave, use this time to get creative! Pick up those knitting needles and get going! Sure, you were never good at needlework but the pair of socks you knit for the baby will still look adorable (just because you made them!) Scrapbooks are another fun way to pass your time. Put together photos of different stages of your pregnancy, you and your hubby setting up the crib, baby shopping and the baby shower!

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Dabboo Ratnani Photography

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10 Foods That Can Help You Sleep

Trying to get more shut-eye? Take a look at your diet. Eating the right foods in the hours before you hit the hay may help you fall asleep faster, say experts, and even improve the quality of your sleep. Keep reading for your get-sleepy grocery list, and remember to stop noshing two hours before bedtime to give your body enough time to properly digest.
“Almonds are a winner,” says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, and author of the bestselling book From Fatigued to Fantastic! “They contain magnesium which promotes both sleep and muscle relaxation,” he says. “And they have the added benefit of supplying proteins that can help maintain a stable blood sugar level while sleeping, and help promote sleep by switching you from your alert adrenaline cycle to your rest-and-digest cycle.” Try this bedtime snack: Have a tablespoon of almond butter or a 1-ounce portion of almonds to help your body relax. Photo: Shutterstock

Yes, avoiding all caffeine in the evening hours is key, but some decaf varieties can help get you into sleep mode, says Dr. Teitelbaum. “Chamomile tea is a very helpful and safe sleep aid,” he says, adding that green tea is another good choice. “Green tea contains theanine, which helps promote sleep. Just be sure you get a decaf green tea if drinking it at bedtime.” Experts recommend trying a 1-cup serving of the hot stuff. Photo: Thinkstock

Miso Soup
You love to order this comforting, broth-based soup in Japanese restaurants, but keeping a few 8-ounce packs of instant miso soup at home may be key when you’re having trouble falling asleep, says Stella Metsovas, CN, a nutritionist in Laguna Beach, California. Here’s why: Miso contains amino acids that may boost the production of melatonin, a natural hormone that can help induce the yawns. Bonus: Research shows that warm liquids like soup and tea may also relieve cold symptoms, helping you sleep better when you're feeling under the weather. Photo: Shutterstock

Worried about falling asleep tonight? Have a banana before bed, says Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD, an internist and the author of Set Free to Live Free: Breaking Through the 7 Lies Women Tell Themselves. “Bananas are an excellent source of magnesium and potassium, which help to relax overstressed muscles. They also contain tryptophan, which convert to serotonin and melatonin, the brain’s key calming hormones." Try this tasty and incredibly simple bedtime smoothie: Blend one banana with one cup of milk or soy milk (and ice, if desired). Pour and enjoy!Photo: Shutterstock

Yogurt, milk and cheese do contain tryptophan, notes Dr. Dalton-Smith, but also have a surprising sleep-inducing nutrient: “Calcium is effective in stress reduction and stabilization of nerve fibers, including those in the brain." That means a serving of your favorite Greek yogurt before bed can not only help you sleep, but also help you stop worrying about the weird thing your boss said earlier at work. Photo: Thinkstock

You eat it for breakfast, but could a bowl of warm oatmeal help you get more rest? Yes, says Stephan Dorlandt, a clinical nutritionist based in Southern California. “Think about it,” he says. “Oatmeal is warm,soft, soothing, easy to prepare, inexpensive and nourishing. It’s rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and potassium—the who's who of nutrients known to support sleep.” But go easy on the sweeteners; too much sugar before bed can have an anti-calming effect. Instead, consider topping your bowl with fruit, like bananas (see above). Photo: Shutterstock

Hard-Cooked Egg
If you have trouble staying asleep at night, it may be because you didn’t eat a pre-bedtime snack high in protein, or perhaps your snack was too high in simple, high-sugar carbohydrates, like cake and candy. “The problem with simple carbs is that they can put you on a ‘sugar roller coaster’ and drop your blood sugar while you're sleeping, causing you to wake at 2 or 3 in the morning,” says Dr. Teitelbaum. A better bet? “Eat an egg, cheese, nuts or other protein-rich snack instead,” he says, “so you can not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.” Photo: Shutterstock

Craving a salty snack before bed? Turn to lightly salted edamame, says Dr. Dalton-Smith—especially if you’re dealing with menopause-related symptoms. “The natural estrogen-like compounds found in soy-based products can be very beneficial in controlling those nighttime hot flashes that can disturb your sleep,” she says. If it’s crackers and dip you’re craving, try making this easy edamame recipe: In a food processor, blend together 2 cups of shelled, cooked edamame with 1 tsp salt, a drizzle of olive oil and 1 clove garlic (optional) until smooth. Photo: Thinkstock

Oddly, a glass of cherry juice may be an effective way to fall asleep faster, says a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and University of Rochester. In their study, they found that cherries, particularly tart cherries, naturally boosted the body’s supply of melatonin, which helped people with insomnia. While the jury is still out on how much juice or how many cherries are needed to make you sleepy, experts say sipping a glass of cherry juice (available at most natural foods stores) or having a serving of fresh, frozen or dried cherries before bedtime couldn’t hurt. Photo: Thinkstock

There’s no need to feel guilty about having a small bowl of cereal before bed, especially if it’s a low-sugar, whole-grain cereal. Not only is it a healthy snack (make sure you top it with milk to give your body the protein it needs), but it may also help you snooze. “Complex carbohydrate–rich foods increase the availability of tryptophan in the bloodstream, increasing the sleep-inducing effects,” says Dr. Dalton-Smith. Bonus: Top your bowl with a sprinkling of dried cherries (see above) for extra help catching your zzz's.

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