Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Choose a Digital Camera

Digital cameras cost more out of the box than regular cameras, but offer the convenience of immediate viewing, multiple image storage, computer connectivity - and there's no film to develop.


Things You'll Need

  • Digital Camera Memory Cards

    • 1
      Buy the camera with the highest resolution you can afford, at least 2 to 3 megapixels (2 million to 3 million pixels), if possible.
    • 2
      Look for a 100 percent glass lens as opposed to a plastic one.
    • 3
      Buy a camera with as much RAM as you can afford. More RAM means the camera can store more pictures, so you won't need to download or erase them as often.
    • 4
      Expect zoom to be the feature you will use most. Compare optical, as opposed to digital, zoom capabilities.
    • 5
      Compare flash modes, if any.
    • 6
      Investigate viewfinders: Look for an optical (through-the-lens) viewfinder as well as an LCD display.
    • 7
      Consider autofocus and macro features, shutter-release lag times, and bundled software.
    • 8
      Compare additional features you might want: interchangeable lenses, steady-shot, burst mode, auto exposure, automatic white balance, voice memo, variable shutter speeds, manual focus and self-timer.
    • 9
      Compare removable media of various types (if you need more storage space for your photos).
    • 10
      Investigate batteries, chargers and battery-saving features.
    • 11
      Look for additional features you might need, such as USB or IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connectivity (to connect the camera to the appropriate port on your computer), a battery-time-remaining indicator, an AC adapter or video-out connections for outputting to a television.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holden Captiva

Holden Captiva 7
The Holden Captiva is a crossover SUV produced by General Motors since 2006 and sold under the Holden name for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The Holden Captiva range comprises two different vehicles, the Opel Antara and the Chevrolet Captiva, both of which are sold alongside each other.

Feature Highlights

Seating & Storage

Rear Styling & Cargo

Exterior Side Profile


Front Exterior

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Select the Right Bra

Finding the right bra can be a complex process; there are many factors -- support, comfort, price -- to consider. Ill-fitting bras can lead to muscle tension, back problems and headaches. If your bra is riding up your back, the straps are digging into your skin, the band feels too tight or the underwire is poking into your ribs, you're wearing the wrong bra size. Finding the right bra can make you look great without being uncomfortable.


Things You'll Need

  • Tailor's measuring tape
  1. Bra Size

    • 1
      Wrap a tailor's measuring tape around your back and torso to the center of your chest, directly below your breasts. The tape should rest straight across the back, parallel to the ground. Round fractional measurements to the nearest whole number. If the measurement is even, add 4 inches. For an odd measurement, add 5 inches. This number is your bra band size.
    • 2
      Measure the fullest part of your bust while standing straight. The tape measure should wrap around the body and chest in the same manner as it did for the band measurement. Ensure that the measuring tape is flat against the skin and parallel to the ground. Round fractional measurements to the nearest whole number. This number is your bra cup size.
    • 3
      Subtract the bra band measurement from the bra cup measurement. The difference between these numbers will determine your standard cup size. Cup-size conversion: 0 to 1/2 inch is AA; 1/2 to 1 inch is A; 2 inches is B; 3 inches is C; 4 inches is D; 5 inches is DD or E; 6 inches is DDD or F; 7 inches is G; 8 inches is H; 9 inches is I; and 10 inches is J. Band size is traditionally matched with cup size; for example, "38B." The "38" indicates the band size while the "B" refers to the cup size.

    Bra Styles

    • 1
      Shop for bras that meet your requirements for support. Light support bras contain no underwire and are less constricting; they're good for women with smaller breasts. Full-support bras typically have underwire and can be worn by women of all breast sizes, but are a must for those with larger breasts. Pushup bras add shape and lift the breasts; they may or may not have padding. Sport bras stop the breasts from moving and are generally used during athletic activity.
    • 2
      Consider bra material for maximum comfort. Many luxury bras are made from fabrics that are uncomfortable for daily wear. Try on various fabrics to determine which feel comfortable against the skin. Silk bras are generally comfortable and fit snugly. Nylon and other man-made-fabric bras generally don't absorb perspiration. Cotton-mix bras fit snugly against the chest and are "breathable."
    • 3
      Find the right bra for your budget. Never sacrifice comfort for price. Sacrifice buying two ill-fitting inexpensive bras for one more-expensive proper-fitting bra. Inexpensive bras may be made from uncomfortable materials, not fit well and not offer the support your breasts need. Choose a bra that can be used for day-to-day wear in a color that won't be visible through your clothing.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Audi A6

Come this September and you will be greeted by the new Audi A6. After recently launching the RS5 and A7, Audi India will bring in the new A6 in order to increase its foothold in the premium segment.
First look at the new A6 and you can easily mistake it for the A8L. But the side profile of the car proves that it is still the A6 which now is shorter than its predecessor. However, the wheelbase has increased by almost 69 mm which is reflected in the cabin space. The front end looks quite like the A8L which is actually not bad. The headlamps are now entirely an LED affair with daytime running lamps. The front bumper has also been reworked which also has an extended lip spoiler and fog lamps now sit deep inside. Overall, the front is now aggressive but still has an element ofconservative styling. The roofline is more coupe-like in this car and the tail lamps are more flamboyant now.

Audi has always made the best in business cabins and oh boy! The story is no different in this Audi. Every element of the cabin coalesces together to create an ambience like no other. Everything in this cabin exudes quality and class. The front as well as the rear seats are very comfortable and supportive and this cabin is a nice place to be in. The equipment list is endless. You get an awesome Bang & Olufsen music system, dual zone climate control, touchpad for the MMI, heated and cooled seats and lots of other things. It's like a “you name it and you got it” affair.
Audi A6 is 80 kilograms lighter than the previous model and this helps in improving the handling dynamics. However, what lets down the driving experience is the numb and lifeless steering wheel. Audi will offer two petrol and two diesel engine options. The petrol motors churn out either 204bhp or 299bhp whereas the diesels pump out 177bhp or 245bhp. The 7-speed S tronic dual clutch gearbox is a cherry on the cake and makes this car a delight to drive.

Audi India has hinted that this new A6's pricing will be similar to the previous model. Expect the car to start at about Rs 40 lakhs going all the way upto Rs. 53 lakhs for the top-end. This new Audi A6 has been transformed and is surely worth the wait. 

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Sun Sign and Love

Have you ever known in a blinding flash that you’ve met the person you’ll be with for the rest of your life? Every astrological sign makes its amorous advances at a different pace -- read on to discover your natural tendencies when it comes to true love!

Aries dives in with a thunderbolt of passion, and they won’t be slowed down for an instant. They’ll jump in with both feet, declare their undying love and let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully they’ll have picked a lover who likes being swept off their feet!

Taurus never moves fast. These folks like to take their time, so their neon-lit moment may take a while to catch fire. But once they’ve decided, they won’t be put off by any resistance or coyness from the apple of their eye -- they’ll stick around until they get what they want.

Gemini often hears bells and whistles, but they’re familiar with their own fickleness and may hold back until they’re sure it’s not just another passing whim. In the interim, they’ll chat so entertainingly that their potential lover will become smitten before long.

Cancer is definitely driven by their feelings ... but they’re also highly self-protective. They’ll approach their beloved cautiously and in the best crab-like fashion: sideways! This means that they’ll test the waters by introducing their new love interest to their family for approval before declaring their singular devotion.

Leo wears their heart on their sleeve. They certainly don’t like being rebuffed, but amid all their enthusiasm, they probably won’t consider that a possibility! They’ll shower their newfound love with compliments, expensive dinners and objets d’amour -- and expect a commitment within the week.

Virgo doesn’t go in for impulse decisions when it comes to love; rather, they’ll review their prospect with a somewhat detached eye as they try to spot any flaws. They’ll then likely persuade themselves that imperfections are a part of life and need to be accepted. And if the physical attraction is strong enough at the start, they’ll surely tumble head over heels.

Libra is known for their cool demeanor and indecisiveness, so they can often talk themselves out of love. They’ll weigh the pluses and minuses and think through all possible options -- and if their choice is still there after all this careful consideration, they might just allow themselves to fall hard.

Despite being a fixed sign, Scorpio can instantly go off the deep end when it comes to love. They’re quite intuitive and are rarely wrong about a prospective partner’s reactions. Conversely, they’re also very self-protective and insist on receiving positive feedback before laying their heart on the line.

Sagittarius is fiery to the point of recklessness, and rarely hesitates right out of the gate in a new relationship. In fact, it seems as if they have a guardian angel on their shoulder to make love happen the way they want. The Archer is also remarkably resilient, and always remembers that if this one doesn’t work out, the next one will.

Capricorn can be surprisingly sensual, but they’re also socially ambitious. Because of this, they may experience inner conflict about whether the object of their desire will be right for their lifestyle -- now and in the future. They’re not known to move quickly, and will instead give the relationship time to develop naturally.

Intimacy makes Aquarius nervous, so the prospect of a lifelong mate is daunting. The first thing they’ll probably do is introduce their new love interest to their social circle to see how they fit in; they’ll also flaunt their independence to see whether possessiveness will be an issue. Only then will they allow the relationship to grow -- and even then, gradually.

Pisces will know immediately when their dream of romance is standing right in front of them. But being forthcoming is not a Piscean strength, so like a true Water sign, they’ll do all they can to protect their insecurities. They’ll dance around and be elusive, and only when they feel secure will they make their feelings known.

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