Monday, April 4, 2011

Spice Mobile

Spice POPKORN comes with stylized spelling and a built-in projector

Spice Mobility has taken an astonishing decision to slap-ina “pocket sized projector” in their new phone, which has been aptly dubbed POPKORN. Pocket-size it may be, but from what we know about projecting images, it can be quite power-hungry. What’s more, the phone also has a built-in TV tuner albeit with limited support. Lastly, the phone ships with a tripod stand for when the phone when it is in projection mode and a laser-pointer for when it is in serious mode. 

The rest of the specifications are quite ordinary in comparison, which includes a 3.2MP camera, QVGA screen and a FM Tuner. SpicePOPKORN is available in Indian retail for Rs. 6, 699.

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