Friday, April 22, 2011

Is Your Partner Emotionally Cheating on You?

While the advent of new technology has brought couples closer together, offering new, unique ways to keep in touch, it has also brought new, unique ways to cheat on your better half. For most, cheating has always been considered as physical intimacy with someone besides your significant other. But 10 years into the new millennium, we’ve noticed that even cheating has got an upgrade!

Physical cheating is obviously easier to spot; you catch your lover in the arms of another, call him a bunch of four- to seven-letter words, and storm off. It’s cut and dry, and therefore avoided—except by those really good at hiding their promiscuity. But emotional cheating is hard to spot, even by those committing the act. However, if you find yourself connecting excessively with the following three types of guys, you should know that your significant other will most likely consider that cheating.

The Confidant

Having purely online friends can be a great thing. They tend to be disconnected from the rest of your life, are better at keeping your secrets—since they’ve got no one you know to divulge them to—and are, usually, always there to talk. It might not seem like a big thing at first, but as you start to get more comfortable talking to them, you’ll find yourself telling them stuff you wouldn’t reveal to even your closest friends in the real world.
The reason guys consider this cheating is a simple one: the more emotionally close you are with some other guy, the less dependent you will be on your spouse. Plus, there’s always the added knowledge we have that any straight guy trying to be your friend doesn’t just want to be your friend!

The Flirt

Harmless flirting, an oxymoron if we ever heard one. The ambiguous sport of flirting—indulged in by office colleagues, college friends, and strangers at the club—has led to many a heated argument. Nevertheless, instant messengers and free messaging services have opened up new avenues for ‘harmless flirting’ that are, unsurprisingly, instant and free.
Which brings us back to our original point: harmless flirting is like casual sex—a made-up term for something that we want to exist, but that never will. The reason guys tend to be wary of girls’ harmless flirting with male friends is that it’s only a blurry line away from harmful flirting; and which is why, guys consider it emotionally cheating.

The Ex

Your most likely partner in crime to emotionally (and physically) cheat on your boyfriend with, the ex is a mix of both confidant and flirt—with a little bit of ‘guy who knows how to push your buttons’, for good measure. But while exes were a little harder to stumble upon earlier, today, Facebook actually notifies you when your ex is single again—clearly the social network has something against people in relationships.
You start out just trying to be friends again (remember what we said about straight guys who want to be friends?), suddenly you’re reminiscing about old times, and before you know it, you’re indulging in some harmless flirting. We highly doubt your ex is worth the trouble of keeping around. So unless he got you tickets to the World Cup final, you might want to make your boyfriend a little happier and just ‘unfriend’ him.

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