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Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse In Public! (Social Experiment)

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Jennifer Lopez

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On last night's American Idol, which revealed the top five contestants for season 14, judge Jennifer Lopez was rocking an bold and unusual makeup choice: reddish-pink eyeshadow.

But this was hardly the first time the hair/makeup adventuress went with a risky red-eyed scheme; it's been her thing all season. Here are two more examples of different red-based tones she's worn for judge duty lately.

The question being: Can even the beauty goddess J.Lo make red eyeshadow happen? It's a tough color to pull off for obvious reasons, since redness near the eyes naturally makes us think of sleepiness, allergies, weepiness, and/or hangovers. However, when you're Jennifer Lopez, the ordinary rules don't apply. My opinion is that yes, Jennifer Lopez is making red eyeshadow happen, but that she is among <5 percent of the population that can do so.

Grandma Beauty Tips

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Remember when Grandma told you to put lotion on your elbows and knees? Or warned you not to make faces or it will get stuck? Turns out, there's some truth to the little pearls of beauty wisdom she so lovingly shared. Not only have they withstood the test of time, but they're actually pretty simple to follow.

1. Moisturizing is essential.
Why She's Right:
Dehydrated skin can lead to eczema, wrinkles, itchiness, and infection. "My grandmother and mother (and all women in my family) had the same piece of advice — moisturize your skin after baths and showers starting from birth!" says Dr. Amy McMichael, professor and chair of Wake Forest Baptist Health's department of dermatology in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. "I think this is an overlooked pearl for a lot of women, but it is a common cultural practice among African Americans and it makes a difference. Skin is a lot more supple and attractive with consistent moisturization."

2. To keep your skin young, sleep on your back.
Why She's Right:
Stomach sleeping may be comfy, but making a habit of it will give you lines. Having trouble switching positions? Dr. Adrienne Stewart, a dermatologist in Denver, recommends snoozing on silk or sateen pillowcases because they are softer and more forgiving should your face hit the pillow.

3. For heaven's sake, never drink from a straw.
Why She's Right:
Yes, sucking down that soda or iced coffee can etch creases around your mouth, confirms Dr. Mary Lupo, a dermatologist in New Orleans.

4. Vaseline is a beauty must-have.
Why She's Right:
Dr. Susan Taylor, dermatologist and founder of Rx for Brown Skin, says that her grandma suggested this medicine cabinet mainstay for dry skin, chapped lips, and cracked heels. Considered one of the ultimate multi-tasking moisturizers, we agree it's a keeper.

5. Be gentle to your skin.
Why She's Right:
Aggressive rubbing can lead to broken blood vessels on the skin or under the eyes, warns Valerie Callender, MD, Associate Professor of Dermatology at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. Her grammy's sound advice: "Apply moisturizer to your face twice daily with upward strokes — this technique prevents facial skin from sagging."

6. Coconut oil conditions best.
Why She's Right:
You can't open a magazine or read a beauty blog without seeing news about this It beauty product, but it's actually been used in India for years, says Dr. Kavita Mariwalla, a dermatologist in Long Island, New York. Mariwalla massages coconut oil into her and her children's scalps and hair for a healthy, soft look.

7. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.
Why She's Right:
Before fancy, pricey creams, or devices were even a thought, our grandmothers were experts at refreshing their skin with simple tools. "Using a nice soft textured washcloth to wash the face is a gentle method of removing scales from the skin — a light exfoliation. After cleansing, apply a light moisturizer to improve skin texture over time," says Dr. Wilma Bergfeld, dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, and founding member of the Women's Dermatologic Society.

8. Pond's Cold Cream and Dove Beauty Bar are the bomb.
Why She's Right:
Okay, maybe she didn't exactly say "the bomb," but there's a reason these cult classics have been staples in drugstore beauty aisles for so many years. The reason is, of course, that they work! Dr. Lynne Drake, a dermatologist at Harvard's Massachusetts General Hospital, says that her 96-year-old nana had the skin of a 60-year-old because she washed off her makeup every night and used Pond's during the day. And who doesn't remember a crisp Dove Beauty Bar sitting perfectly on their grandma's porcelain soap dish? In 2015, this product continues to provide real beauty benefits.

9. Get no fewer than 8 hours of beauty sleep.
Why She's Right:
This study from the University Hospitals Case Medical Center found that sleep quality affected the quality of skin, increasing signs of aging. Since skin regenerates itself at night, lack of sleep can lead to dry, sullen, and eventually saggy skin.

10. You are what you eat.
Why She's Right:
Eating your veggies is good for your heart and skin. Green leafy vegetables are full of antioxidants that fight off free radicals from sunlight. Grandma may not have known all of those details, but she never doubted the many benefits of broccoli and beets.

11. There is nothing more beautiful than self-love.
Why She's Right:

Can't argue with that. Instead of constantly trying to change, there is a lot to be said for not merely accepting, but truly loving our bodies and natural beauty. Dr. Amy Paller, professor and chair of Northwestern University's department of dermatology shares, "I always had curly hair and just hated it growing up — straightened it all the time, always wanted it long and straight — but eventually learned that it was okay to go natural." Sound good to us!

Know about Men

Everything you wanted to know about men 

Guys tend to get serious with their relationship and become too possessive.

It's not easy for a guy to let go of his girlfriend after they broke up especially when they've been together for 3 years or more.

A guy has to experience rejection, because if he's too-good-never-been-busted, never been in love and hurt, he won't be matured and grow up.

When an unlikable circumstance comes, guys blame themselves a lot more than girls do.

Guys have strong passion to change.

Guys are tigers in their peer groups but become tamed pussycats with their girlfriends.

When a guy pretends to be calm, check if he's sweating. You'll see that he is nervous.

When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he's just saying, "Please come and listen to me"

When a guy loves you, bring out the best in him.

If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen.

If a guy has been kept shut or silent, say something. (He generally has a lot of frustration in mind then)

Guys believe that there's no such thing as love at first sight, but court girls anyway and then realize at the end that he is wrong.

Guys like femininity not feebleness.

A guy may instantly know if the girl likes him but can never be sure unless the girl tells him. (So girls you should think of making the first move)

A guy would waste his time over video games and basketball, the way a girl would do over her romance novels and make-ups.

Guys love girls who can cook.

Guys like girls who are like their moms. No kidding!

A guy's friend knows everything about him. 

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Good increment at work can affect relationship!
Professional growth often translates into rise in income and April is the much-awaited month, when employees are acknowledged for the work they do around the year. However, there are times when a good increment or promotion might not bring as much joy in your life as expected. This is what Arpita Bagchi and Varun Nair (names changed on request) experienced. They tell us their stories.

'I was a coward'
I married my boyfriend in May, 2012. We started dating while working at an ad agency. He was part of the creative team; and I was responsible for managing clients. Though issues related to money never bothered us when we were dating, things started changing after marriage. When I got my first bonus after marriage, I threw a party, and bought furniture for the house. He seemed happy with the gesture. But after a while, I realised he was avoiding talking about work. Whether it was my professional achievement or any problem in office, he seemed completely disinterested in the topic. He even refused to go out with me, citing reasons such as fatigue or work that needed immediate attention. As a result, he started spending more time at work and would often come home drunk. I spoke to his sister and parents about his indifference towards me. He told them there was nothing to worry about. I tried to convince myself that things would be fine soon.

In May 2013, on our first wedding anniversary, I wanted to do something special to cheer him up. That was also my appraisal month. While I got a good increment and promotion, he didn't bother to tell me about his. One day, when I was talking to him about going on a holiday, he exploded in anger and accused me of trying to get an upper hand in our relationship. He revealed that his hike was not up to the mark only because of my presence in his life. He said that planning a trip during a crisis was my way of humiliating him. He apologised after a couple of weeks, but things were not the same. I was not able to concentrate on my work and my performance levels dipped. I couldn't deal with this conflict, and felt stressed at work. I ultimately quit my job because I wanted to put an end to this inferiority complex that my husband was going through. We are still together. I am currently working from home. I didn't give up my career only because I loved my husband, but because I was a coward and didn't want to go through a divorce.
 - Arpita Bagchi, writer

'She thought of me as an under-achiever'
After five years of marriage, my wife left me. Both of us are software engineers. In 2013, she got a job offer from Australia. She asked me to shift with her. I told her that I was content with my position here and asked her to reject the offer as she was already doing well at her present organisation. Though she reluctantly let go of the offer, she got a good increment in her company here. However, after this episode, we started drifting apart. She got busy with work and we hardly spent time together. She even started getting annoyed while talking to me and would find faults in whatever I did. She would say my lackadaisical attitude was getting on her nerves. She also did not like being seen with me at social gatherings. When she had a party to celebrate her appraisal, she did not invite me. She thought of me as an under-achiever and felt humiliated to introduce me to her friends. I started suffering from depression. I tried switching jobs to match her level. But she was earning twice as much as me. After a while, she told me how miserable she felt being with me, and filed for a divorce. I was depressed. I got rid of this trauma only after taking a counsellor's help.
 - Varun Nair, software engineer- As told to Sonashree Basu

Dos and don'ts  
* Couples should see themselves as a team. Rather than comparing their income individually, they should consider it as a boost for family growth.
* Don't let ego come in your way. Focus on taking up a few activities that you both like to do together to strengthen the relationship.
* If you know your partner is financially weak, don't try to undermine him or her.
* If the problem is not dealt with the right attitude and at the right time, it can manifest into something big. So, make sure you communicate.
* The best way to deal with this is either to take up jobs in different profiles or communicate with empathy.
* If the situation gets out of hand, take professional help.

- Kinjal Pandya, relationship counselor 

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Siddharth Nigam

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Siddharth Nigam is an Indian film and television child actor. He is a national-level gymnast. He started his career with television advertisement for Bournvita. Then he made his film debut in 2013 with Hindi film Dhoom 3. Later he started his television career with Maha Kumbh: Ek Rahasaya, Ek Kahani on October 2014. Currently he is working in historical drama show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat as young Ashoka Samrat.

2013 Dhoom 3 as Young Sahir / Samar
2014 Maha Kumbh: Ek Rahasaya, Ek Kahani as young Rudra
2015-present Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat as young Ashoka Samrat


Siddharth Nigam received the 'Most Stylish Debut' award for Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat in Television Style Awards 2015. Suzanne Bernert and Sumit Kaul received the award for him in his absence.He also received the 'bharat ratna dr br ambedkar' award 

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Chicken Dijon

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1 teaspoon coriander seeds
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
8 medium chicken drumsticks (about 3 pounds)
Salt and freshly ground pepper
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 1/2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
2 tablespoons whole-grain mustard
3 tablespoons crème fraîche or sour cream
2 teaspoons chopped tarragon
Crusty bread, for serving

Direction : 
In a large skillet, toast the coriander seeds over moderately high heat until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Transfer the seeds to a mortar and let cool. Crush the seeds coarsely with a pestle.

In the same skillet, heat the olive oil until shimmering. Season the chicken drumsticks with salt and pepper, add them to the skillet and cook over moderately high heat, turning, until golden brown all over, about 10 minutes. Add the onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until softened, about 3 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add the broth and crushed coriander and bring to a boil. Cover and cook over moderately low heat until the chicken is cooked through, about 15 minutes.

Transfer the chicken to a platter, cover and keep warm. In a small bowl, whisk the mustard with the crème fraîche and tarragon. Whisk the mixture into the skillet and simmer the sauce over moderate heat until thickened, about 5 minutes. Return the chicken to the skillet and turn to coat. Serve the chicken with crusty bread.

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Dating Apps

Every few days, we see a new dating app being launched in the market. These are user-friendly no doubt and trying to make like minded people meet on the digital platform, hit it off and then meet and take the relationship further. However easy and convenient the world of online relationships sound – is it a better way to find a soulmate? Or are there risks involved?

Various surveys have revealed that 1 out of 12 users experience some sort of abuse while they are dating online. However, not many come forward and report it. Just like the various kinds of abuses go unreported, online dating mishaps too are not talked about for the fear of being judged and blamed. However, three students from the University of Alberta have taken up the tasks of making online dating more secure and safer for women.

Their battle is against Tinder, a popular matchmaking app and they are trying to point out loopholes in its security through an online campaign. Michelle Schultz and two of her classmates Brittany Heddle and Brooke Andrews were prompted to start the campaign - TinderGrrrls after they learnt about other women’s experiences where they were subjected to threats of being beaten up or raped after they rejected someone on the app.

All that TinderGrrrls aims at doing is creating awareness amongst women using Tinder and other dating apps to find someone to get into a relationship with. Tindergrrrls asks women to submit their experiences of abuse on Tinder. While these accounts of abuse remain anonymous, they are then tweeted on the campaign’s Twitter account to make other women, already using Tinder or any other dating app, aware of online harassment and how they can tackle it. Tindergrrrls has reached a little over 500 followers on Twitter and is continuously helping women with information and skills to deal with an online abuse situation.

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French toast

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Apricot French toast

50g butter
6 apricots, halved and stoned
200g/8oz caramel sauce (we used Bonne Maman confiture de caramel)
350g ready-made vanilla custard
8 small, thick slices brioche or white bread, or 4 large slices, cut diagonally


Melt 1 tbsp butter in a medium-size frying pan. Put in the apricots, cut-side down, and gently fry for 2-3 mins. 
Flip over and cook for 1 min more until lightly golden. Add the caramel to the pan and melt until saucy – if it’s still too thick to coat the fruit, add a splash of water. 
Keep warm.
Mix the custard with 4 tbsp of water to loosen, then dip in the bread slices, turning to coat thoroughly. 
Melt half the remaining butter in a large non-stick frying pan. 
Lightly shake off any excess custard mixture from half the bread slices and fry in the butter for 2 mins each side until golden. 
Repeat with remaining butter and bread, then serve hot with the caramel apricots.

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A bond of love and happy married life brings contentment and joy in your life. Wrong location of home and its objects can make adverse impact on your married life. Vastu can make your married life happy and maintain the compatibility between the spouses.

Here are some Vaastu tips can enhance love and prosperity in your life and make it blissful...

Bedroom should always be either in south best or in north west direction. It sparks love and understanding between soul mates. South east and north east directions should be avoided in any condition in the home.
Keeping heads towards the south direction brings positive magnetic energy which flows from north in the body. It increases flow of blood during sleep.

Always prefer a wooden bed of regular shape which eases tension between partners. Metal or wrought iron bed should always be avoided. Colours like light blue, soft green, rose pink should be preferred for the bedroom. The uncluttered bedroom makes the ambience soothing and conducive. Husband and wife should sleep on the right and left side of the bed respectively. It ensures smoothness of the relationship. It is advisable to use a single bed mattress on the double bed and avoid using a double bed mattress. It boosts harmony and positivity in martial relationship. Electronic gadgets should not be in the bedroom. They emit electromagnetic waves which disturb the sleep and increase tension between the partners. Mirror should be avoided in the bedroom. It leads to misunderstandings and quarrels. It should be kept covered specially in night. It is also important to keep room well lit. It maintains the unflinching love between the couples. If you keep pillow, cushions or any artifacts in room, make sure it is in pair. Try to place a crystal in the room as the rose quarts give peace and harmony in relationship. Exposed beam and slanted ceilings are symbols of tyranny as it they create cutting effect. So hang bells from beams if you have slanted ceilings. Any kind of dust or entity not in use in the bedroom indicate tired and lacklustre relationship. Try to keep things sparkling and fresh around you. Simple measures can make life better around you. They will give you a balanced environment and working place. Think well and follow the right guidance before you start planning your home. 

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There are six major types of obesity, according to a study conducted in the US and the UK. To battle the disease more effectively, the researchers suggest, the medical community could recognize these different sub-categories and treat them separately.

Taking into account the various demographic, health and behavioral factors that may play a role in obesity, researchers at the University of Sheffield in the UK and at the Harvard School of Public Health in the US have defined six different types of obesity.

The researchers worked with data on over 4,144 obese adults from the Yorkshire Health Study cohort. All of them had a BMI over 30 (average BMI in the group was 34), and the average age was 56. Fifty-eight percent of these participants were female.

After collecting details on the participants' lifestyle, diet, physical activity and previous efforts to lose weight, the researchers developed a questionnaire that was distributed to the participants through their doctors.

Based on the responses to the questionnaire, the research team was able to identify patterns in clinical characteristics and establish six types of obese patients:

1 Young healthy females, who have not yet developed complications from obesity such as Type 2 diabetes.
2 Heavy-drinking males, who consume at least 12 drinks per week.
3 Unhappy and anxious middle-aged individuals, predominately women with mental health issues.
4 Affluent and healthy elderly individuals, who are in fairly good health overall but have higher alcohol intake and high blood pressure.
5  Physically sick but happy elderly individuals, who exhibit good mental health but suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis.
6 Poorest health individuals, who are economically deprived and suffer from a greater number of chronic conditions than the other groups.

In their study, published in the Journal of Public Health on April 18, the researchers suggest that recognizing these different types may be essential to fighting obesity. Between excessive alcohol intake, erratic eating behaviors and lack of physical activity, factors leading to the condition can vary between the different groups, and the idea is that taking this into account could help doctors to develop more targeted interventions. 

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Brahmi (Gotu Kola)
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Named after one of the highest states of consciousness (Brahman or God consciousness), Brahmi (Centella asiatica or Gotu Kola) is one of the most powerful brain tonics in the Ayurvedic apothecary. The leaf of the Brahmi plant resembles the cerebellum and is traditionally used to promote memory and intelligence and to relax the central nervous system. Brahmi supports restful sleep, calms emotional turbulence, and simultaneously improves concentration and alertness.

Recent studies suggest that Brahmi supports healthy skin, lymph, and circulatory functions. In particular, Brahmi seems to balance the inner skin that lines the digestive tract. There, healthy skin supports healthy microbes, which make neurotransmitters that support healthy and stable mood and cognitive function. Brahmi, in Ayurveda, is known as a brain tonic and may actually work on the brain through its effect on the gut microbiology.

Sometimes used topically, Brahmi is known to support rapid healing and healthy circulation.

Taste (Rasa): Astringent, bitter and sweet

Energy (Virya): Cooling

Post-digestive quality (Vipaka): Sweet

Quality (Guna): Dry, light

Tissue (Dhatu): Blood, bone, fat muscle, and nerve

Channel (Srotas): Circulatory, Digestive and Nervous 

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People with more demanding jobs may live longer even after developing a form of dementia than people with less skilled jobs, says a new study. Frontotemporal dementia, which often affects people under the age of 65, results in changes in personality or behaviour and problems with language but does not affect the memory.

"The results show that having a higher occupational level protects the brain from some of the effects of this disease, allowing people to live longer after developing the disease," said Lauren Massimo from University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. People with frontotemporal dementia typically live six to 10 years after the symptoms emerge but little has been known about what factors contribute to this range. For the study, researchers reviewed the medical charts of 83 people, who had an autopsy after death to confirm the diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia or Alzheimer's disease. They also had information about the people's primary occupation. Occupations were ranked as factory and service workers in the lowest level; jobs such as trades workers and sales people in the next level; and professional and technical workers such as lawyers and engineers in the highest level. Researchers measured when the symptoms began by the earliest report from family members of persistently abnormal behaviour. Survival was defined as from the time symptoms began until death. The 34 people with frontotemporal dementia had an average survival time of about seven years. The people with more challenging jobs were more likely to have longer survival times than those with less challenging jobs. "People in the highest occupation level survived an average of 116 months, while people in the lower occupation group survived an average of 72 months, suggesting that individuals, who had been in the professional workforce may live up to three years longer," the authors noted. The study found that occupational level was not associated with longer survival for the people with Alzheimer's disease. The findings add evidence to the "cognitive reserve" theory that experiences such as more education, higher occupation and mental activity build up connections in the brain that create a buffer against disease. The paper appeared online in the journal Neurology. 

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Summer Beauty Trends

White is the new black and yes, the humble braids are here to stay! We present a round-up of the runway trends in beauty, make-up and hair that are set to take spring/summer 2015 by storm

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1. Double French manicure: How can you take a classic French manicure to the next level? It's simple, just double the impact! Seen on the spring/summer runway this year, double French manicure gives a distinctly tropical vibe. To achieve the look at home, apply a coat of glossy clear nail paint and let it dry. Next, brush a thick arc of pinkish-white paint across the top of the nail. Once it dries, draw a thinner arc of turquoise colour across the tip. Try this one for a chic spin on the traditional style!

2. Colourful & feminine hair accessories: You can hardly imagine summer without floral motifs. From uber-impressive and attention-grabbing huge floral headpieces to cute scarves and bands that look like rabbit's ears, bohemian floral accessories blossomed on the runway forming a major trend in 2015. If you don't experiment with hairstyles often, these will tempt you into it. For a beach-friendly look, style your hair with these accessories and wear a cute cover-up. Also apt for the boho-chicgirl-in-town look.

3. Golden glittery eyes: You'll to tally fall in love with this minimalist meets intergalactic eye make-up.Let your eyes be the centre of attention by applying loose glitter to three points of the eyes - the inner corners along with the top and bottom lash line. To add some more glam, line the upper eyelid with gold liner and dot the inner corners of the eye with gold eyeshadow. Retain a fresh-faced, natural look by keeping your skin and lips artfully bare (or consider applying a taupe or nude lipstick). Keep your brows well-groomed.

4. The Lob: Neither too short nor too lengthy, the Lob (Long Bob) is your definite cut of choice this summer. Fresh, youthful and flattering, women of all ages and any face shape can sport it with elan. Since its both quirky and cool, it's a great option for women tired of their long hairdo. From sexed-up waves to 70s groupie bangs, Hollywood stars are wearing the Lob in smoking-hot ways. Take inspiration form Cameron Diaz, Karlie Kloss, Alexa Chung and Amy Adams.

5. Star tattoos: Not willing to say `yes' to permanent tattoos? Join the temporary tat too bandwagon with bombshells Alessandra Ambrosia, Vanessa Hudgens, and Beyonce who are rocking this trend. Tommy Hilfiger models wore star tattoos in green, grey, black and burgundy on their face, arms, tummy and other parts of the body for a fun and flirty look. These playful tattoos are music fest-chic. If you want to try it at home, make your job easier by creating starshaped stencils and fill them whenever you wish to get inked.

6. Herringbone braids: The humble plait is here to stay! The fad this year is the intricate Herringone Braid. Play with contrasting textures by pairing wet, slicked back hair with a big deconstructed fishtail braid.Comb gel from the roots to the back of the crown and clip the hair in place. Divide it into three sections and cross them over and underneath one an other. Finish by pulling the braid apart with your fingers and spraying your favourite hair product for gloss. Braided buns and woven ponytails are other exciting options for the summer season. So, get high on plaitspiration, ladies!

7. Purple eyeshadow: Think of this one as your new smokey-eye effect. A gorgeous blend of mauve and lavender, this flattering hue will make fair, dusky as well as pale complexions pop.To achieve the apt effect, remember to keep the colour minimal; it shouldn't look aggressive.Line the upper lashes with dark brown eyeliner. Dab some pinky-violet lipstick on the lids and brush metallic brown shadow on top. Finish with a coat of deep purple mascara. Keep the foundation light and the rest of the face bare. Don't apply make-up under the eyes.

8. Sleek ponytails with hair loops: Hurrah for this couture ponytail! Turn the basic ponytail into something cool, and unlike anything you may have seen before with these functional plastic hair loops or links. Work a thickening mousse through the hair for volume, tuck the bottom section up under the top and mould the hair into an egg-like shape at the back of the crown. Now, make a loop through which you can pass the ring. Then, loop a thick hair extension around the second ring for a polished, modern, futuristic-looking ponytail.

9. Bold, Graphic eyeliner: "This season try out the most outstanding cat eye look ever with bold and expressive colours like bright orange, pink and white," suggests beauty and make-up expert Akriti Kochar.For an off-beat look, apply falsies to the top and bottom along with lots of lengthening mascara for 60s-inspired eyes. Pick a white eyeliner and wing the inner and outer corners out slightly with a few smaller strokes on each side. White is the new black! And for bright a neon effect, opt for a bright orange lipstick and use your fingers to apply it as blush.

10. The off-centre parting: In tune with the season's trend for `real' or `natural beauty', wear a parting that is neither neat at one side nor precise in the centre. It will frame your face making it appear longer, thinner. Centre parting also helps define cheekbones and elongates facial features. For a flawless parting, be sure to create it while you your hair is wet so that your strands dry in place.

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Nothing ages skin faster than sun damage. Using sunscreen is the easy, obvious solution.

Proper sunscreen use can prevent not only wrinkles and lines, but also skin cancer, especially melanoma. This year the deadly disease will strike nearly 140,000 people in the United States, killing nearly 10,000. It’s the most common form of cancer for young adults (age 25 to 29) and the second-most common for those aged 15 to 29 years old. 

But what you don’t know about sunscreen really can hurt you.

Here are three little-known sunscreen facts that can (literally!) save your skin this summer.

You’re Not Using Enough
You applied sunscreen this morning. Now you’re set for the day, right?


“Everyone reading this is probably using too little and applying too infrequently. More is better. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later,” says Talia Emery, MD, medical director of Remedy, a cosmetic dermatology center in Westlake Village, California.

“No matter which SPF you use, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours and immediately after swimming or sweating.”

The American Academy of Dermatology suggests you generously coat exposed skin 15 minutes before going outdoors, using “enough to fill a shot glass.”

They’re Not Created Equal
The most common sunscreens are chemical-based formulations, containing ingredients that absorb the sun’s rays.

Sunscreen may also be mineral-based, containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These deflect ultraviolet rays away from the skin. Mineral sunscreens are less likely to sting your eyes; they are gentler to skin; and they block both UVA and UVB rays.

“Mineral sunscreens are the most trustworthy. They are the most stable [i.e., don’t degrade as quickly on your skin or in the bottle] and provide the broadest protection,” says California dermatologist Cynthia Bailey, MD, whose blog ( covers sun protection.

In addition to the messy white goo that we all love to hate, you can find sunscreens in sprays, wipe-on sheets, powders, roll-ons, and waxy sticks.

And many sunscreens do double-duty as beauty products. “Moisturizing, anti-aging, medicated, tinted, acne preventative, makeup priming, and other all-in-one SPF-30+ sunscreens are evolving, so one beauty product treats a variety of needs,” says esthetician Naomi Fenlin, owner of About Face Skin Care in Philadelphia.

Some sunscreens also contain antioxidants such as Vitamin C and green tea, or plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera or avocado butter, for a protective boost.

30 is Not Twice as Much as 15
Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15 sunscreen blocks about 93 percent of UVB rays, compared to SPF 30, which blocks 97 percent. SPF 50 protects against 98 percent of UVB rays.

Many dermatologists recommend SPF 30. “The payoff above SPF 30 is negligible,” says Minneapolis dermatologist Charles Crutchfield III, MD.

But SPF measures only UVB rays — not UVA rays, so be sure to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects from both types of the sun’s skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation.

“UVB refers to the burning rays. UVA are the aging rays that cause brown spots and penetrate deeply into the skin. UVA rays are also linked to skin cancer,” says Chicago dermatologist Carolyn Jacob, MD.

Wear Denim

Ways to Wear Denim-on-Denim
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Wearing denim with denim was a no-no for so long that putting pieces together can still have a taste of the forbidden. Now, the combo is a total Do in our books, and can range from the super casual to something much more polished. For someone just starting to mix, consider these expert tips from Madewell's Head of Design, Somsack Sikhounmuong. "The best head-to-toe denim look is when the washes and the tones are close or the same," he explained. An easy outfit idea? "A light chambray shirt with a faded skinny jean," he offered up.

Avoid the biggest denim-on-denim pitfall by skipping anything too costume-y. "I'm always a big proponent of context and juxtaposition," says Sikhounmuong. "A whole denim look with sandals or heels is going to be much more interesting than a cowboy boot."

If you want to shake up things in the double denim department, mix in white denim to feel extra summery or add darker washes to create something more professional. "A black rinse bottom, denim shirt, and blazer with black flats is a cool and unexpected, but refined, option," offers the designer. For even more outfit ideas, see how everyone from Rihanna to Emma Stone rocks denim-on-denim style.

Behati Prinsloo, with inky jeans and a tailored trench, is a perfect example of pulled-together double denim.

Denim-on-denim doesn't have to just involve jeans: Emma Stone and Chrissy Teigen are both perfect examples of teaming cutoffs with a denim shirt.

Jean skirts are set to have a comeback (especially the to-the-knee length). Like your regular skinnies they'll match with almost anything, but look especially rad done the Rihanna way.

For a polished, yet casual travel outfit try black and blue denims, plus laid-back accessories, à la Gisele.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Living In

Now, living in = being married
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Live-in relationships are a growing reality in our society. However, the lack of security has made such relationships socially unacceptable in most parts of the country. However, the recent ruling from the Supreme Court might change the way we look at couples in live-in relationships.
In a recent judgement Supreme Court has ruled that an unmarried couple living together would be presumed legally married and the woman would be eligible to inherit the man’s property after his death. The bench was headed by Justices MY Eqbal and Amitava Roy and ruled that “a couple living together for a number of years would rightfully lead them to presume that the couple was, for all intents and purposes, married.”
We hail the Supreme Court for the progressive decision. Here’s what women in live-in relationships have to say about the ruling.

“The ruling is very empowering for women in live-in relationships. I can now ask all those who ask me questions like ‘what about your future’, ‘what if he never marries you’ to shut up and let me live.”
Sunaina Krishna, 30 (living-in since three years)

“When I decided to live in with the man I fell in love with, it was only to analyze how good house mates do we make. Going out to eat, watch movies and long drives is okay for you just spend a few hours together. But staying together is another ball game. We made a great boyfriend-girlfriend, I wanted to understand and be sure if we can make a great married couple too. Now, after living-in with him for about two years, though I am sure that I want to spend my life with him, I do not find the need to get married. I am happy with the SC’s ruling since I feel this will somewhere help in removing the societal taboos on live-in relationships.”
Reeta Pahuja, 31 (living-in since two years)

“What a way to shut up all the nosy neighbours and aunties who are so concerned about ‘when will you get married?’. Live-in relationships are practical and giving it legitimacy is a great decision. While this gives women security, it will also help commitment-phobic couples to make that big decision.
Disha Mehta, 29 (living-in since a year and a half)

“I feel this might act as a deterrent in some cases where couples get into this comfortable setup to avoid getting tied down to each other for a lifetime or want to take time in understanding if they are ready to live a life together. However, in cases where the man wants to move out and the woman wants to get married, what choice will it leave for the man? Also, it is all good that the woman will inherit the property after the partner’s death but what about her financial security while he is alive? What if she loses a job or decides to be a homemaker? There needs to be proper legal solutions to every possible scenario that might arise out of a live-in set up to really help the couples in such relationships.”

Archana Gaurav, 30, (living-in since two years)

Stretch Marks

Can You Really Make Stretch Marks Disappear?

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Thanks to rapid weight changes or growth, your collagen and elastin (the stuff that keeps your skin taut) can weaken. And you know what that means — stretch marks or as they're known in the medical world, viola striae, will appear.

Most of us will get them; at least 70% of pregnant women do. So is there a way to really make them magically disappear? Unfortunately, no. But that doesn't mean you can't make them look less unsightly. Here's how:

1. Slather on fading creams.
Some form of Retin-A is usually the best choice. "Topical retinoids promote collagen production which may, over time, improve the texture and appearance of stretch marks," says Ginette Okoye MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. The downside? Retinoids can be irritating, and it may be months before you notice a small difference. And if you swear by cocoa butter to keep stretch marks at bay, unfortunately there's no science to support that it really works.

2. Try laser treatments.
Dr. Tina Alster, director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, recommends one to two micro-needling or Fraxel laser treatments for substantial improvement. If your marks are still pretty noticeable, there's also a laser treatment that can remove the reddish color, says Alster. Just consult with your doctor first to figure out which one would work best for you.

3. Consider camouflaging them.
If creams and lasers aren't your thing, but those lines are making you pretty self conscious, try using body makeup to even out your complexion. Dermablend is a good choice — not only is it waterproof (you can even wear it while swimming!), but it also comes in a multitude of shades for a variety of skin tones.

4. Wear them proudly.
If you have them, you might as well own them. Created by two moms, the #Loveyourlines Instagram account is devoted to "celebrating real women, real bodies, and real self-love." And with over 100K followers, there must be something to embracing all your imperfections. So take a pic and share your marks with the world.

Bridal Hairstyles

"I was really inspired by a classic set that still could swing and move," said Pantene hairstylist Danilo about the look he created for Dianna Agron. "She was wearing a strapless dress, so she wanted her hair down, but still off her face." A curly down 'do topped-off with a crystal and diamond brooch was just the solution.
Try on Dianna?s hair now!

"For the first year ever, I wasn't inspired by a decade. Instead, shapes and texture were really what I was thinking about," said Dove hairstylist Mark Townsend. He blew Lea Michele's hair dry, twisted in tiny ringlets with a 1" curling iron, and then pinned the hair back into a messy chignon, leaving out the layers in front.
Try on Lea's hair now!

Meester's gently waved strands were pulled into a low-key half updo for a soft and alluring look. Slightly bleached-out ends were the perfect accent to her chestnut hair color.
Try on Leighton's hair now!

A deep side part and cheekbone skimming layers give Danes's hairstyle a sophisticated shape. Hairstylist Peter Butler teased the strands at the crown just enough to add lift and a tiny bit of retro sex appeal before pinning the length into a low, tidy bun.
Try on Claire?s hair now!

Gone are the days of the delicately precise ballerina bun. Positioned right at the crown of the star's head, this version works thanks to an exaggerated size and a loopy, woven texture.

L.A. stylist Robert Ramos diffused Alba's hair to coax out its natural wave. Next, he gave her a center part, sectioned off hair from either side of the head and French-braided it. He made smaller plaits from her bottom layer of hair, wrapping them back toward the center and pinning them. "At the back of the head, the braids should be intertwined," he explains.

To achieve this effect, L.A. stylist Frank Galasso washed Sims's locks with voluminizing shampoo, followed by a bodybuilding mousse on the roots. After a quick towel-drying, he blew her hair straight with a round brush. Galasso twisted random strands before wrapping them around a 1" curling iron for loose waves. He pulled the sides into a small ponytail and pinned a thin section of hair around the elastic to conceal it.
Bride Bonus: This modern take on a '60s style looks gorgeous with a flowing, strapless gown.

N.Y.C. stylist Charles Baker Strahan curled Meester's hair before sectioning it into three closely clustered knots. To finish the undone look, he pulled out a few loose tendrils.

L.A. hairstylist David Babaii created this low-slung braid by blow-drying Hudson's hair straight and smoothing a quarter-size amount of David Babaii for Wildaid Hair Polish from roots to ends. Next, he loosely braided the hair at the nape of the neck and secured it with a clear elastic. Babaii finished the look by running a flat iron through her bangs and sweeping them to the side.

To create this romantic look, L.A. stylist Patrick Gagaille straightened Lilly's just-washed hair with a blow dryer and a round brush. Next, he curled small sections of hair with a 1" curling iron-leaving the roots flat and only styling the lower half of the hair. He sprayed each section with Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Booster for hold and applied a quarter-size amount of Davines Natural Wax to his hands and worked it through from root to tip. He completed the look with a shot of Sebastian Shaper Hairspray followed.

The key to this look, says N.Y.C. stylist Ursula Stephen, is all in the cut: heavy, side-swept bangs bring length to the front, while the back and sides are left short. Stephen blow-dried Rihanna's just-washed hair, combing and flat-ironing her bangs to one side. To create a piecey look in front, Stephen applied Pantene Pro-V Texturize Spray Wax with her fingers styled the look to give it a rocker vibe.
Bride Bonus: "Skip long veils-they can overwhelm short hair," says Stephen. A vintage pillbox hat with netting is "the perfect complement to this cut."

For this classic half-up look, N.Y.C. stylist Danilo misted a voluminizing spray on Cruz's roots before blowing the hair dry with a mixed bristle brush. To create body and texture, he used a 2" iron and set the sections by pin-curling them. Next, he gathered the top section of hair and backcombed it for extra height. He secured the upper-section with a bobby pin and let the rest fall free, while taming flyaways.

To add volume, celebrity stylist Adir Abergel sprayed Garner's still-damp hair with Fekkai Coiff Shape & Set Mist before blow-drying while using a round brush. Then he curled the hair with a 2-inch iron and spritzed it with Fekkai Sheer Hold hairspray. Gathering all of the hair except for the bangs, he wrapped it into a nape-of-the-neck bun, securing it with pins.
Bride Bonus: This romantic do looks gorgeous with a shoulder-baring dress and centered mantilla veil.

To create this "sexy and understated" chignon, Harry Josh, creative consultant for John Freida Collection, washed Pompeo's hair with Weather Works by Frizz-Ease from John Freida before blowing dry 2-inch sections. Once dry, he built up volume at the crown by spraying Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear Hairspray from John Freida while backcombing the hair. Josh pulled the hair into a disheveled side bun 2 inches behind Pompeo's ear and secured it with bobby pins.
Bride Bonus: Accent this low-maintenance style with a jeweled clip or flower.

Walking the line between edgy and elegant, this disheveled chignon is the perfect way to soften the look of a structured gown. Abergel gave Beckinsale a center part and misted Frederic Fekkai Coiff Shape & Set Mist onto the roots to add texture. After blow-drying her hair, he used a 2-inch FHI curling iron to twist pieces at random. Next he teased at the crown to build height and gathered it into a low, messy bun, finishing the look with Frederic Fekkai Glossing Sheer Shine Mist.

Try on Kate's hair now!


This soft version of the classic twist lends a breezy vibe to the ballerina bun. "Pulling the hair straight back can look harsh," says L.A. stylist Hallie Bowman, who relaxed Russell's natural curls with Karastase Curl-Relaxing Nutri-Sculpt Mousse before blowing them dry. She then curled the hair with a half-inch iron, adding volume at the top and separating curls with Kiehl's Malleable Molding Paste. She then gathered the hair loosely and pinned it into a French twist, setting the style with firm-hold hairspray.

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