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Celebrity Home

Mukesh Ambani

The billionaire chairman of Reliance Industries and fourth richest man in the world, Mukesh Ambani will soon move in to his new house, Antilia in Mumbai. And this 27-storey mansion is anything but ordinary, because at $1 billion, it’s the world’s most expensive home ever built. 
Fact # 1:  This 550-foot skyscraping home for five is built on a 49,000-square-foot plot and consequently has more floor space than the gigantic French Palace of Versailles. Also, there are nine elevators to take family and guests to their destinations. What’s interesting about Antilla is that no floor is alike, whether in design or even materials used – all at the request of Mukesh’s wife Nita Ambani. So one thing Antilla doesn’t have space for is repetition. The idea, say the mansion’s designers, was to blend styles to give the feel of consistency, but without repetition. 
Fact # 2: Every whim of the family is catered for. The Ambani home is equipped with a health spa, a salon, a ballroom, a 50-seat movie theatre and multiple swimming pools, yoga and dance studios and ice cream room. And if anyone really wants to beat Mumbai heat, they can head off to the snow room that spits out man-made snow flakes. 
Fact # 3: And yes, Mukesh Ambani has devoted six floors to his beloved cars, including his Rs5 crore Maybach. He even has his own car service station on floor seven. 
Fact # 4: It might be a skyscraper, but Antilia still has a garden. The smartly built mansion’s garden lies in the space that holds the ‘W’-shape beams that support the upper floors. The hanging gardens are not just for show though; the plants are energy-saving devices that absorb sunlight keeping the interior of the house cool. 
Fact # 5: It reportedly takes a staff of 600 to maintain the world’s most expensive home. But Mukesh Ambani makes sure that his employees are taken care of as well. There’s also an entourage room where security/body guards and other assistants can relax.

John Abraham

John Abraham let Vogue India into his swanky new home in Mumbai. And boy were we impressed with the clean lines and uncluttered chicness (very un-Bollywood, I say) of Abraham's new duplex.

The entire home - spread across 5,000 sqft and two floors - is made almost entirely using wood and glass. Abraham's new home has been restructured by his father, architect Abraham John and brother, Alan. Highlights of Abraham's new home include wraparound views of the Arabian Sea, a glass-walled bathroom complete with Jacuzzi as well as a 130 inch projector screen. 

Shah Rukh Khan Home in Dubai 

Shah Rukh Khan's luxury holiday home in Dubai is under the taxman's scanner. The I-T department is questioning whether the Rs. 17.84 crore Signature Villa on The Palm Jumeirah was a gift, as the actor claims, or payment for Shah Rukh Khan's endorsement of the Palm Jumeirah.

But whether or not Shah Rukh ends up paying taxes for this luxury Dubai villa, it is one of the Bollywood star's bolt holes. Khan told TLC he enjoyed going to Palm Jumeirah villa because it's 'really fun with the kids' because of the privacy it affords his family.

Lakshmi Mittal

Billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, recently announced his plans to build a £30 million (approx Rs. 220 crore) eco-friendly mansion in Surrey, on the outskirts of London. The modern home is touted to be so ‘green’ that the entire 340-acre estate will be carbon negative, as reported by Hindustan Times.
It will cost Mittal - Europe’s richest man - millions to make the 10-bedroom mansion, with indoor/outdoor swimming pools, a basement art gallery and croquet lawn an environmentally sound home that will be heated by giant biomass fuel boilers and solar panels.
But this is not the only Mittal home that’s made news. His real estate portfolio consists of several note-worthy properties:

Scotland’s Most Expensive Home

In January, this year, we told you Mittal was building a luxury home in Scotland. Mittal has knocked down a £4 million property to build his new home, valued at around £15 million (approx Rs. 109 crore), making it Scotland’s most expensive home. The Mittal mansion is coming up in one of the most elite neighbourhoods, right near the Gleneagles golf course in Perthshire County. This luxury villa has six bedrooms and two kitchens. The wallpaper and furniture are from Ralph Lauren’s home collection. The wooden flooring and tiles have been flown in from Germany and a super luxe bathroom is estimated to be worth £80,000 (approx Rs. 58 lakh).

Billionaire Home

Mittal bought his first super luxury house on Billionaire’s Row, aka Kensington Palace Gardens, for £57million (approx Rs.400 crore) in 2004 from Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone. Known as the Taj Mittal, it is said to be the world’s most expensive private home today, with a valuation of £250 million. The mansion is made using marble imported from the quarry that supplied to the Taj Mahal. It has 12 bedrooms, a Turkish bath, a massive ballroom, a rare bejewelled swimming pool, an oak-panelled picture gallery, and parking for 20 cars.

Britain’s Most Expensive Home

In 2008, Mittal went and bought a lavishly furnished property, No 6 Palace Greens, which also had a significant art collection, for £117million (approx Rs. 800 crore), making it the most expensive property purchase in Britain at the time. This four-storey house has five bedroom suites and an extensive servants’ quarter. It was built from red brick and Portland stone in the early 1900s, and measures 13,000 sqft – which he gifted to his son Aditya Mittal.

Property No 3 on Billionaire Row

Few months after buying Britain’s most expensive home, Mittal spent another £70 million (approx Rs. 500 crore) on No 9 Palace Greens, which was formerly the Filipino embassy, for his daughter Vanisha Mittal.

A Mansion in Delhi
In 2005, Mittal bought a colonial bungalow, No 22, Aurangzeb Road, for $7.5 million (approx Rs. 31 crore) in one of New Delhi’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, that is also home to other millionaires likes the Birlas, as well as embassies.

The billionaire also reportedly has homes in Indonesia and Trinidad, bringing the total count to eight.

Imran Khan

Bollywood heartthrob Imran Khan has big plans to make his new home eco-friendly. The house, which belonged to his grandfather Nasir Hussain, will soon get an environmentally-sound makeover, Khan told the Times of India
The Pali Hill, Bandra, bungalow is being redesigned and renovated by the same architect who worked on South Indian film star Nagarjuna's house in Hyderabad. Imran and Avantika apparently do not want to construct a high-rise. 

In the meantime, peek inside Shah Rukh Khan's Dubai home and John Abraham's new house.

Their new home will have a manicured lawn, a windmill, a swimming pool and a theatre. Windmills help generation of electricity without contributing to global warming. Imran had said earlier that he is keen on introducing solar energy into his home. The tiles chosen for the couple's new home are also eco-friendly.
According to Khan, there are plans to add a new wing to the Pali Hill bungalow to create more space for him and his wife Avantika Malik. Imran and Avantika will be sharing their new home with Khan's mother Nuzhat Husain, who is also Nasir Husain's daughter.

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