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Feminine Hygiene

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Cleanliness is key to feeling carefree and looking your most beautiful. All women need to know the best ways to take care of their bodies, and yet issues of feminine hygiene are very rarely discussed. Here are some tips to help you feel fresh and confident enough to shine all day – even in your most private moments.

Materials Matter
Because your intimate health is delicate, it’s important to select cleansing materials that contain ingredients that harmonize with the female body’s exact needs. Soaps with strong fragrances can provoke irritation, and some specific cleaning agents have been linked to allergies as well as more serious health issues. Triclosan, for example, is found in a vast range of products in the US; but its use is restricted throughout Europe and it has been found by the US Food and Drug Administration to be linked to long-term health problems such as a reduced resistance to bacteria. Knowing what you wish to avoid will make shopping for cleansing products much easier.

Of course, the best way to be sure that a product is right for you is to choose one that is tailored for the purpose you will be using it for. Just as using a body scrub on your face might dry out your skin, using facial soap on your intimate areas can have detrimental effects. The pH level of these areas is more acidic than the rest of your skin, and it changes as your hormones shift throughout your monthly cycle. High quality intimate washes are created with this in mind, but remember: if a new product doesn’t seem to agree with you, don’t persevere – your body knows what’s best for it.

A Way That’s Right For Your Body
Using a variety of methods will give you the most effective clean. Scrubbing dead cells away with a loofah keeps your skin looking bright, but rough approaches like this are only suitable for your arms, legs and torso. The spongy texture of wash cloths and loofahs can cause them to retain bacteria and even to house mold, so be careful to keep yours clean and to replace them frequently. For extremely sensitive areas like the face and your intimate regions the safest way to keep clean is simply by lathering gently with your hands.

All Things In Moderation
There really is such a thing as being too clean! Whether or not you realize it, your body is engaged in a constant balancing act to keep itself in sync, responding to even the smallest changes in your routine. Moderation is therefore a necessary part of good hygiene. Excessive exposure to soap products – including bubble bath – could lead to infections, dryness and discomfort. Experts including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists also warn against douching or internal cleansing. If everything is running smoothly, you should be able to keep clean on the outside and let the inside look after itself.

Look After Your Intimate Objects

Taking good care of your Kegel exercisers, personal massagers and other intimate objects is a huge part of having positive experiences with them. STDS and other harmful bacteria can breed on these items, but by using proper cleaning methods you can eliminate this risk and keep them in the best condition for you to enjoy them for as long as possible. Investing in a cleansing product that is specifically designed for the purpose means you can be sure that it is compatible with the female body. You can then enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you are getting the most out of your intimate objects in the safest way.

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Guy's Grooming

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Skin care has become one of the most important daily activities and is receiving more attention now more than ever. While it is a common concern for women, it is just as important that men properly care for their skin as well. Because of this, a variety of products is available made just for men and their skin.

When it comes to skincare, men are a different breed. It turns out that men are the lucky ones in that their skin ages more slowly than women’s skin. Men naturally have more collagen and elastin, which makes for firmer and thicker skin overall. In fact, their skin is approximately 25% thicker than women’s skin! Studies have also shown that men’s skin tends to be less acidic on the pH scale than women’s. When aging signs do appear, they start around the eyes with dark circles, bags and wrinkles. To fight this problem, there are various eye creams on the market that are specially formulated for men.

A man's skin is different from a woman's in texture, but not in make-up. There are three general skin types and men are not exempt from any of them. They are: oily, dry, and combination. While some people are said to have normal skin, thus not forced to deal with the extremes caused by oily or dry, that can be somewhat misleading. Someone with a normal skin type simply does not have skin that is more oily or drier than normal and, therefore, does not need the special attention given to these conditions.

A regular cleansing routine is very important, since men have larger pores than can clog easily. Men should be sure to use the proper cleanser for their skin type, which is typically oilier due to having high levels of the androgen hormone levels. Vitamin E can also help to heal cuts and redness experienced from shaving. As men age and their testosterone levels drop, their skin tends to become drier and they will have to switch up their cleansing products accordingly. Men should use a good moisturizer and might also want to consider a hydrating mask for a deep clean and added hydration.
One final fact that men shouldn’t ignore is that males over 50 are at the highest risk of developing melanoma. The most important thing that a man can do for his skin is to use a sunscreen early and often!

Someone with an oily skin type will often be plagued with too much oil on and below the surface of the skin. This, in turn, can cause various types of acne because the oil builds up. While the skin is supposed to produce needed oils, it is advisable to cleanse this type of skin with a soap or gel that will wipe away excess oils, but still keep those that are essential to healthy skin.

Likewise, dry skin must be cleansed with a soap or gel that provides necessary oils to the skin. It is important, however, to remember not to over cleanse the skin, as doing so will take away or add too much oil and can cause further problems to occur.

Combination skin often means that one has oily skin in some places and dry skin in others. Some people with combination skin have more normal spots than troubled ones, so caring for this skin type generally isn't too difficult.

While there are no particular benefits to have one skin type over the other, it is important to note that those with oily skin are less likely to wrinkle as quickly as others with another skin type. Still, it is important to properly care for your skin and do so on a regular basis.

While many skin care products will work for both men and women, some men prefer to use those manufactured just for them. This is, in part, because many skin care products used by women can contain softer fragrances. Also, because a man's skin is made up somewhat differently from that of a woman, certain it may be preferable to use products better suited to its texture. Another aggravating factor can occur when a man shaves. If you shave everyday, you may want to use something that is more gentle to your face, especially if you cut yourself often or your skin tends to be sensitive. 

Guy's Grooming Guide: Skin Care

Face wash
Twenty years ago, it was a miracle if men’s grooming including anything more than washing the face with a bar of soap. Unfortunately, using a simple soap is about as bad as doing nothing at all: It can leave your skin taut and thirsty. Instead, use a cleanser that strikes a delicate balance between tough and tender. Look for a fragrance-free gel face wash suitable for all skin types that is strong enough to cut through those overactive male sebaceous glands yet gentle enough to be used every day.

Face scrub
A face wash is just the opening act for facial cleansing. Men’s skin is naturally thicker than women's, with larger pores that roll out the red carpet for nasty debris. A granular scrub should be used two to three times a week to exfoliate and dislodge dirt deep down. No one likes to look at bumps and blackheads, and scrubbing will help smooth your complexion for a clearer, cleaner appearance. It also softens the skin as a first step toward a less gruesome shaving experience.

Even the mildest facial cleansers can leave your skin feeling just plain parched. And don’t think you can cheat the system by using one fortified with a laundry list of special moisturizing agents. The truth is that every guy, even those with oily skin, needs to replenish the moisture content of their skin. Something as routine as showering or washing your face with hot water can open pores and allow valuable water to escape. A basic moisturizer with SPF will restore moisture, protect your skin from the sun, reduce razor burn, and even prevent against premature aging.

Eye cream
Almost every man neglects to treat the skin around his eyes; the soft, thin layer of skin there is prone to developing fine lines, and it’s where men first start to show visible signs of aging. That’s why everyone — even twentysomethings without a care or wrinkle in the world — should be using something specially formulated for this fickle facial region. Try an eye cream with Q10 (a coenzyme used to fight fine lines) and swelling reducers like caffeine and cucumber.

Clay mask
Despite the air of mystique and femininity surrounding a clay mask, it can be an important part of a man’s skin care regimen. This isn’t an intense spa facial, but rather a quick 10-minute commitment once a week to deep-clean your face. The clay removes dead skin and promotes cellular regeneration. It also unclogs pores while reducing excess oil and shine.

Lip balm
Like the skin around the eyes, lips also tend to get forgotten in a sea of sloughing and scrubbing. Skin on the lips is thin and lacks oil glands to regulate moisture content as well as melanin to shield the sun — this makes them particularly prone to dryness, burning and subsequent cracking and bleeding. All these problems can lead to occasional sores and the development of fine lines over time. With all the challenges here, it’s a wonder how anyone arrives in lip-lock land; simply use a balm with SPF on a regular basis and you'll be provided supple safety.

Shaving cream
Shaving cream is the only way to get a razor close enough to wipe away a five o'clock shadow. But not all shaving creams are created equal. A cooling gel that develops into a thick lather is best for almost all skin types. Gel-based formulas tend to be denser and provide better cushion and glide for a pain-free shave. If your skin irritates easily, shave during or after a shower while pores are wide open. Also, learn to give your skin a few days rest between shaving sessions.

Aftershaves have come a long way from the burning alcohol-based concoctions splashed on by grandfather. Today’s post-shaving balms actually provide soothing relief. Most formulas use a hint of menthol to cool the skin, but if you’re prone to irritation, make sure to steer clear: Menthol can sometimes aggravate super sensitive skin. An aftershave should also have a light consistency for faster, more efficient absorption. Extras like aloe and vitamin E are also helpful to promote healing.

Regular use of a toner can help dissolve skin impurities and cut through dirt. Male skin tends to produce excess sebum — the oily, waxy matter produced by the sebaceous glands — primarily on the face and scalp. Toner washes away the oil, prevents blackheads, tightens pores, and reduces shine. One with salicylic acid will also help treat acne breakouts.

Scalp scrub
The scalp is just skin covered — in most cases, at least partially — by hair. Yet, that small barrier of hair prevents men from ever dedicating the necessary time to clean it properly. The scalp excretes pore-clogging sebum just like the skin on the face and is likewise susceptible to the development of nasty blemishes. A scrubbing shampoo that exfoliates the scalp will prevent oil buildup and even protect against hair loss.

Body wash
So much attention is given to the complex skin on your face that it’s easy to forget about the other 90% of your body — a bar soap won’t do here, either. A shower gel is both more effective and sanitary than a cracked, germ-laden bar of soap. Granular scrubs are also important to use (in place of a basic gel) one to two times a week for exfoliation and deep-cleaning. Go for one enriched with menthol or caffeine to leave your skin feeling fresh and tingly.

As summer fades along with your tan, it’s important to maintain a healthy — but not orangey — glow. And don’t think that membership to your local cancer-inducing tanning bed studio is the answer. A self-tanner that is impossible to apply evenly and stains your hand for a week isn’t the answer, either. There are now moisturizers with a hint of color that gradually darken the skin with increased use. It’s a simple and safe way to keep the fun of the summer sun blazing on into early winter.

more than skin deep

Skin care is a constant battle, but it doesn’t have to be all-out war. Armed with a stockpile of some key products and the knowledge of how to use them, you’ll be well on your way to a clean and clear victory. 

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How to Know if a Guy Likes You

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Have a crush on a guy but not sure if the feeling is mutual? Or maybe you're curious as to whether that guy checking you out is doing so out of interest in you or he's just staring at the poster behind your head? Whatever the reason for your need to know, there are a few fairly certain ways of working out that a guy's definitely interested in you––or not!

1 Examine his body language. Body language can be the "big tell" when it comes to discerning if that guy fancies you enough to date you. Interestingly, body language experts believe that while females have around 52 body language tells to show a guy that they're interested, guys show around only 10. If you subscribe to this theory, this should make your guessing a little easier! All the same, you still need to know what to look for, as well as being sure that you're not mistaking innocent gestures for calls of love––the latter mistake could prove embarrassing. Some of the signs of body language to watch for include:
  • He looks at you a lot. His eyebrow may even lift as he watches you ("the eyebrow flash" that lasts a fifth of a second). He might not even be really conscious he is watching you as much as he is.
  • Notice how much he looks at your face and makes eye contact.
  • He leans towards you a lot. Personal space invasion is a sign of major interest.
  • Check the direction of his hands, feet, legs, toes, etc. If they're pointed toward you, it's a subconscious indicator of his interest in you.
  • He starts grooming himself. He pulls at his tie to straighten it or he readjusts the fit of his sweater. Perhaps he runs his hands through his hair in attempt to tidy it or he reaches down to tie his shoelaces. Doing this repeatedly is similar to the actions of a male bird preening up his feathers for a display!
  • Check out how he's sitting. If you see rather manly gestures, such as sitting with open legs or placing his hands on his hips, he's trying to impress.
  • If he likes you, you may see that he rarely turns his back to you, often leans towards you, and also looks at you a lot. If he slouches his shoulders when near you, he's romantic and cares about what you have to say. If he points his shoulders and pelvis towards you while sitting, he is definitely feeling something for you.

2 Notice his eye contact. As already noted, a guy who is interested in you will look at you a lot, even if covertly. He may try to catch your eye or, if he's shy, he may suddenly turn his head away if you catch him checking you out. To test his interest, scan his face for four seconds, then look away (don't look any longer or it becomes awkward). Then look back––if he maintains or increases eye contact with you, he's interested. If his eyes wander to your mouth, he's definitely interested. If you feel like you have held eye contact just a fraction of a second longer than you would with anyone else, or if he looks away quickly, then there is something there. On the other hand, if he breaks eye contact with you and starts looking around the room, he's not interested in you.
  • A gaze that has him looking left, then sweeping over your face, then looking right is a sign he's very attracted to you.
  • Be careful not to confuse a shy guy's darting retreat from eye contact with a guy who is clearly disinterested. A shy guy who is interested will continue to steal glances at you. Be patient!
  • If you don't like the guy, it can be uncomfortable to maintain eye contact; break it off quickly and scan the room yourself, as if looking for someone else.
  • When he's around you and he says or does something funny and everyone around laughs, his eyes will flicker towards you for a second to see if you laughed too––this means he's keen to make a good impression on you.
  • His pupils may dilate if he likes you, but this is quite hard to pick up on, and you might come across as acting strangely by looking that closely into his eyes. If you're around him for a long time, it could be easier to pick up on gradually.

3 Listen to what he's saying. If he likes you, and he's nervous or anticipating the chance to get closer to you, he'll probably start talking about himself. Many times, guys feel the need to prove themselves, especially if you talk about another guy in his company.
  • Gauge his interest in what you have to say. It really doesn't matter what you say, it's how you say it that can tell you a lot about his level of interest. So, try this: Lean in and whisper, with your shoulder barely touching his and say something softly. To heighten the impact, steady yourself gently by brushing your arm across his back. If he moves his head closer toward you and either touches you back or maintains eye contact, he's interested in you. If he isn't interested, he'll probably step back or be very unresponsive. A really disinterested guy might even try to shoo you out of his personal space!

4 Notice his interest in touching and being touched. Touch is an important sign of interest in a developing relationship and you can assess interest both by observing how he touches you and how he reacts to you touching him. If he's keen on you, he might put his hand on yours when he laughs, he might gently brush his leg against yours but won't move it away again, or he may hug you for small things, such as greeting you, expressing emotions when telling a story or just because you "look like you need a hug." On the other hand, consider touching him to see what happens––a gentle brush of your hand against his neck, a hold of his forearm with your hand, or running your fingers across his hand after joking with him about something. He's interested in you if he responds to it and doesn't flinch away or if he moves his hand to stay on yours or on your arm or leg. On the other hand, if he tenses up or moves his hand away, he's not interested.
  • If he is a shy guy, he may jump a little because he wasn't prepared for you to touch him. That doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't like you, watch his actions carefully afterwards.
  • Obviously, playboy guys (bad boys) might be very keen to spread their touching gestures around; be sure that he has more substance than this by observing how he interacts with other women in your group.
  • See if he uses any of the tricks in How to touch a girl, and see if he uses them more with you than with anyone else.

5 Watch his actions to see if he treats you differently from the rest of your group. If he's really interested in you, he may start to behave protectively toward you, or in a "gentlemanly" fashion (at least to the extent that he interprets his behavior as such). Look for signs like shifting his chair closer to yours, putting his arm around the back of your chair, leaving his jacket on the back of your chair or even going so far as to place the jacket around you to ward off your complaints of being cold.
  • Be aware that some guys flirt with other girls to get your attention. It gives him a chance to see your reaction, and helps him know if you really do like him or not. (Yes, it's an odd sort of logic, especially since you might end up so offended or confused that you just give up on him!) However, you can usually spot a "get-your-attention" flirt if, in the middle of his flirting scenario, he keeps taking the chance to look at you, seeking out your response. You can also try a quick trip to the bathroom and find yourself a sneaky observation point to check out how the flirting is proceeding. If he stops the moment you've left, it's you he's serious about, not her. Alternatively, ask a friend to do some observing for you while you're away.

6 Watch for him showing a sudden, previously unexpressed interest in things that you like and do. For example, if you like a certain genre of music that he doesn't know as well, he may ask you to suggest bands or artists for him to listen to. Or, he may have gone to the trouble of finding out that a favorite band of yours is playing next weekend and mention to this, with or without a request to go and listen together. And, if you introduce him to a TV show that he didn't really know about and that becomes his new favorite thing, that can potentially be a sign that he likes you, especially if he goes out of his way to catch up with you to discuss the show's unfolding plot.

7 Check for signs of nervousness. Signs of nervous laughter, sweaty palms, deep breaths, fidgeting, or possibly even looking away quickly when you notice he is watching you, can all be signs of an attraction towards you. If he is nervous about making an impression on you, it means he's trying hard and you are probably very close to being able to start making moves.

8 Pay attention to his friends. If they know he's interested in you, they might tease him subtly when you're around, hint to you that he likes you, or even try to find out if you like him. Study their reactions to your presence––do they smile? Do they turn to him? Do they smirk in a way that suggests they know something that you don't?
  • Be careful if a friend of his makes suggestions that a guy likes you but all of the other indications tell you otherwise. Sometimes friends have reasons of their own for ensuring that any chances of you getting together are ruined, including catapulting you into making a fool of yourself.

9 Look to see if he imitates you. Mirroring each other's actions is a sign of mutual like and generally, it's subconscious. If you notice that he has been copying your gestures frequently, there is a high probability that he fancies you. You can test this by mirroring his actions too, for example, touch your hair when he touches his, brush your face when he brushes his, sit the way he is sitting, etc. The subconscious signals will be screaming "I like you too!"
  • Following you can be another sign; for example, if you buy lunch and sit at a table and he edges as near to, or even on the same, table as you, he is probably trying to get closer to you. Just be sure you're not confusing this action with there being a lack of space to sit anywhere else!

10 Pay attention to gentle, friendly teasing. If a guy teases you in a friendly and fun manner, it could indicate his interest, especially if he's young. Provided this isn't his modus operandi with every girl he flirts with, it's a sign that he's singled you out for attention and is trying to use his wit to charm you, in that awkward way of using humor to cover up true intentions. Of course, if he says something unkind or unfortunate, don't feel you have to excuse it––point it out if he offends you; it's best he knows now that you won't take nonsense than to discover it later.

11 If he hits you or playfully punches you on your arm, this may mean he likes you. A guy may gently hit or punch you on the arm as a covert, "manly" way of getting to touch you without making it too obvious what his intention is. If he finds that you don't pull away too much when he does this, he might find the courage to proceed to more gentle ways of touching you. Of course, this doesn't mean you need to sit there in pain if he actually hurts you––be assertive enough to point out that it hurt! You can salve his pride by saying something about not minding him touching you but to please watch out for your sensitive bony bits! And if you're the kind of girl who finds the play punching a bit of fun, give him a playful knock right back.
  • Play punching can send mixed signals. It could mean "I treat you like one of the boys" and signal friendzone antics only. Check out whether he does this to other girls in your mutual group. Moreover, if he continues to think that play punching you is a fun way to hang out, you might be dealing with someone who is never going to get past this immature display of affection; don't let it go on indefinitely.
  • If you don't like it, say so immediately. You are entitled to ask someone not to harm you, even if the gesture is well intentioned.

12 Acknowledge any compliments that come your way. If you do your hair or makeup differently one day, and the guy notices, that's a very good sign that he likes you. Most guys won't notice, or if they do, they won't be bothered to say anything unless they're totally into you. Anything like, "You look nice today," "I like that shirt," or even "Did you do your hair differently today? It looks nice," are all indicators that he could be interested in you.
  • Note: If this guy is a good friend of yours, compliments won't necessarily be indicators of romantic interest. It could just be him being a truly good friend.
  • Not all guys are this straightforward about compliments, so don't be worried if he doesn't compliment you.

13 Watch for him noticing 'masculine things' on you. For example, some of your dad's aftershave rubbed off on you when you hugged him. Your crush may say "is that aftershave on you?" Noticing this can indicate that he thinks the scent comes from another guy (and not your dad!), revealing some vulnerability about losing you out to someone else. This could also apply to having, carrying or wearing things that he might think belong to another guy.

14 If he chats to you often on a social networking site, it may mean that he likes you. After all, when online there are many things competing for his time, like games, connecting with mates and checking out sites that might not be so interesting to you… Of course, he could also just be talkative, friendly, or even bored, so don't assume he's into you just for chatting––this should be treated as one extra indicator along with some of the others outlined above.
  • If he puts an 'x' sign on the end of everything he says to you, don't assume it means he likes you. It could just mean that he perceives you both as good friends or that he's just used to ending his chats that way.
  • If he says, "I know something you don't know," then this could mean that he likes you and is playing a little guessing game. Or it could just mean he's doing the usual social media thing of spreading information for fun, like the discovery of a new planet or finding the cure to cancer, etc. Use the context to judge the import of any such online personal game playing.

15 Watch to see if he has suddenly developed a habit of turning up where you happen to be. If he suddenly seems to be in certain places at certain times of the day where you wouldn't necessarily expect to see him, it may be that he's taken to deliberately "finding" opportunities to bump into you. If it happens a lot in a short space of time, it's probably no coincidence but a concerted effort to catch up with you as much as possible.

16 Be receptive to his signals. If he shows genuine interest in you, (for example, he smiles at you a lot whenever the two of you pass each other or he goes out of his way to say hello to you), be friendly and polite back. If you've already decided that he's someone you'd like to date, don't let it go too long before facilitating an opportunity for the two of you to get together to talk in a quiet place. On the other hand, if he's not your type or you've changed your mind about flirting any further, be honest and let him know that you're flattered but you're not available.

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'Breakups hit women harder, men just move on'

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Women experience more emotional pain following a breakup, but they also recover fully as compared to men, according to a new global survey which included respondents from India.

Researchers from Binghamton University in New York and University College London asked 5,705 participants in 96 countries to rate the emotional and physical pain of a breakup on a scale of one (none) to 10 (unbearable).

The five countries with the most respondents were the US (63 per cent), India (7 per cent), Canada (5 per cent), and the UK and Germany (3 per cent) each. Researchers found that women tend to be more negatively affected by breakups, reporting higher levels of both physical and emotional pain. Women averaged 6.84 in terms of emotional anguish versus 6.58 in men. In terms of physical pain, women averaged 4.21 versus men's 3.75.

While breakups hit women the hardest emotionally and physically, they women tend to recover more fully and come out emotionally stronger. Men, on the other hand, never fully recover — they simply move on, researchers said. According to Craig Morris, research associate at Binghamton University and lead author of the study, the differences boil down to biology. Women have more to lose by dating the wrong person.

"Put simply, women are evolved to invest far more in a relationship than a man," Morris said.

"A brief romantic encounter could lead to nine months of pregnancy followed by many years of lactation for an ancestral woman, while the man may have 'left the scene' literally minutes after the encounter, with no further biological investment.

"It is this 'risk' of higher biological investment that, over evolutionary time, has made women choosier about selecting a high-quality mate. Hence, the loss of a relationship with a high-quality mate 'hurts' more for a woman," Morris said.

Conversely, as men have evolved to compete for the romantic attention of women, the loss of a high-quality mate for a man may not "hurt" as much at first, Morris said.

"The man will likely feel the loss deeply and for a very long period of time as it 'sinks in' that he must 'start competing' all over again to replace what he has lost — or worse still, come to the realisation that the loss is irreplaceable," he said.

Morris said that breakups are important because most of us will experience an average of three by age 30, with at least one affecting us strongly enough that it substantially decreases our quality of life for weeks or months.

"People lose jobs, students withdraw from classes, and individuals can initiate extremely self-destructive behaviour patterns following a breakup," he said.

"With better understanding of this emotional and physical response to a breakup — post relationship grief — we can perhaps develop a way to mitigate its effects in already high-risk individuals," he added.

The study was published in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.

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Hairstyles to make you look young and gorgeous

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1)      Short hair Your youth-fix doesn't have to come in a bottle or a needle, just a cut is all you need. Short haircut and styles are selling like hot samosas. From a classic bob to the trendy lob (long bob), you are spoilt for choice.

2)       Bob Classic and never out of style "a bob works with, not against, your bone structure," says Rodney Cutler, leading celebrity stylist. Curly, retro waves, chin-length or shoulder-length - a bob can styled in different ways. Which is why it is both timeless and, for the most part, ageless. As Cutler suggests, the best way to look young, edgy and confident is to angle the hair in an A-line style-shorter in back and longer in front.

3)      Wob Meaning "wavy bob", is the latest addition to the bob family. With a combination of waves and tousled finish, wob equals a highly contemporary stylish look and adds a lot of youthful appearance. Take a cue from Beyonce's waves or Ali Fedotowsky's messy short waves. And of course, Taylor Swift is always there to help you with some retro inspiration.

4)      Pixie Another classic cut, Pixie has been worn by some of the biggest and most powerful women throughout history. No wonder it is so popular. This edgy cut creates a modern vibe and exuberates an independent but feminine image. You can style it pretty as much as sexy. Sophisticated or funky. "Nothing enhances a beautiful bone structure more than a cute short haircut," accords celebrity hairstylist Sascha Breuer.

5)      Headband Girly, but headbands are the classic form of hair accessories and they add a lot of freshness to your look. You can wear them at many occasions, from work, to an evening out or to the gym. Thin headbands are an interesting thing to add to your hairstyle.

6)      Braid Be it a loose side-swept braid or a long-braided ponytail, braids bring out the damsel in you. "Braids exude the innocence of a youth, while its fun texture adds playfulness to a hairdo," says hairstylist Hannah Burdy. There are different ways to style a braid. Try a partial braid (like Blake Lively) that frames a side of the face or a loose side-swept braid that diffuses unnecessary attention to your aging features. A braided ponytail wrapped up into a messy bun like that of Jessica Alba is another way to take some years off your look.

7)    Side-Swept/Part Though a center part is considered to make a face slimmer, the fact is it can look very plain on a mature woman and draw unwanted attention to shortcomings. On the other hand if you try a side part it will add a more playful element to your overall look.

8)      Bangs Bangs are the botox of hair, but be aware of which style of bang suits your face-cut better. A side-swept bang is mostly preferred by stylist, rather than a blunt bang. A blunt bang is best avoided because it can look harsh on a mature woman, recommends Riccardo Maggiore celebrity stylist. He adds that bangs unintentionally draw attention to your eyes and conceals the wrinkles around the forehead- which are clear signs of ageing.

9)  Layers "You can actually accent someone's best facial features with layers," says Philip Pelusi acclaimed stylist. He further adds, depending on where the length of the layer falls, the pieces will point to the youthful attributes, like high cheekbones, a beautiful jawline or a nice eyebrow arch. A layerless long hair tends to drag your face downwards creating an illusion of sagginess. Hence the solution is to add some life to your hair with layers.

World's Finest Opal

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Google Virgin Rainbow and search results throw up all kinds of things, including, "A person who has never had sexual intercourse with somebody of the same gender."

But now Virgin Rainbow of a different kind is garnering interest in both the online and real world.

It all started after an Australian museum on Monday said it would exhibit what it believes is the best opal stone ever found -- a 6.0-centimetre (2.4 inch) multi-coloured gem unearthed in the Outback named the Virgin Rainbow.

The South Australian Museum said the stone, valued at more than Aus$1.0 million (US$730,000), would go on public display for the first time in September to mark the centenary of opal mining in the country. 
"It's of unequalled quality, it's a fully crystal opal," museum director Brian Oldman told AFP.

"It's almost as if there's a fire in there; you see all different colours. As the light changes, the opal itself changes. It's quite an amazing trick of nature."

Dug up in the South Australia desert town of Coober Pedy in 2003 by local miners, the Virgin Rainbow came into the museum's possession about 18 months ago and will be part of an exhibition opening in Adelaide next month.

Some 90% of the world's opals come from South Australia, once covered by an inland sea which over millions of years provided an ideal environment for the formation of the stone.

"I think this exhibition will have the finest collection of precious opals that we believe have been brought to one place in the world," Oldman added.

Opals were first discovered at Coober Pedy -- widely-known as the opal capital of the world --  in 1914 by a boy named Willie Hutchison who was on a gold mining expedition with his father.

Breast Cancer Therapy

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A diet that starves cancer cells of an essential nutrient may help improve outcomes of difficult to treat type of breast cancer, says a study. "Our results suggest that a dietary intervention can increase the effectiveness of a targeted cancer therapy," said the study's senior author Vincent Cryns, professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in the US.

Methionine is an essential amino acid abundant in meat, fish, some legumes and nuts, but low in fruits and vegetables. Patients with triple-negative breast cancer have limited treatment options because their tumour cells lack the three receptors -- estrogen, progesterone and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER-2) -- commonly targeted in hormone or chemotherapy. The study was detailed in the journal Clinical Cancer Research. Scientists knew that methionine deficiency can block the growth of many types of cancer, but the underlying mechanisms have puzzled researchers. "We have shown that removing methionine can have a specific effect on a molecular pathway that regulates cell death to increase the vulnerability of cancer cells to treatments that target this pathway," Cryns said. Specifically, the researchers showed that when triple-negative breast cancer cells were deprived of methionine, the stressed cancer cells responded by increasing the amount of a receptor on the cell's surface called TRAIL-R2. This resulted in the breast cancer cells becoming very sensitive to an antibody that binds to TRAIL-R2 on the surface of the cancer cells and triggers them to die. The study lays the foundation for a clinical trial to see if a low-methionine diet will help improve outcomes in women with "triple-negative" breast cancer. 

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Gold or property: Where to invest?

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Want to invest some of your hard-earned money, and are unable to choose between some gold jewellery and a piece of land? Here are six points to keep in mind before you make that investment.
- Gold is more easily disposed, if you’re looking at a short-term investment. With real estate, the process is a little more long-drawn, and ideal if you’re looking at long-term appreciation.

- While gold jewellery can be used, you also lose money in resale and exchange. The best way to purchase gold as an investment is in bullion or gold coins.

- When it comes to real estate, apartments are easy to maintain, and rental income/savings on rent are a major pro when opposed to a piece of land which doesn’t serve much purpose, unless you’re willing to spend more on building! However, the appreciation value of land is much more than that of an apartment.

- There are no tax saving advantages while buying jewellery, as opposed to tremendous benefits with investing in property.

- Jewellery is a low-risk investment, as it has steadily increased over the years, and any depreciation in the market value has been negligible. It is lesser volatile and easy to trade in the market. Real Estate is a bit more challenging as an investment to trade.

- When investing in property, study the rules and regulations, make sure the paperwork is in order and compare multiple properties before finalizing on one. Also avail professional help, especially in the case of your legal affairs. Lastly, make sure you can afford the down payment and EMIs before you seal the deal!


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You spend a lot of time with your sheets (a third of your life, when you think about it!), so you certainly want to treat them well — and make them last as long as possible. Avoid these common missteps to ensure they stay soft, strong, and stain-free.

1. You stuff too many sets into the washer and dryer.
Large items, like flat and fitted sheets, should be loosely placed into the washer and dryer, without cramming. This way, they cam tumble or agitate freely for better cleaning and less tangling. Extra large machines can likely accommodate two sets, but if you find you're jamming them in, wash one set at a time instead.

If your washer has a center agitator, don't wrap your sheets around it. This stresses the fabric and can cause "roping" — when the sheets get tightly twisted, like a rope. In the dryer, check them mid-cycle and separate them if they ball up. This helps them dry more evenly.

2. You wash them on the heavy-duty cycle.
Some new washers have dedicated cycles just for washing sheets. But if yours doesn't, select the "normal" or "casual" cycle instead of "heavy-duty." Sheets don't need excessive agitation to get clean, and the heavy-duty cycle can cause tangling and wrinkling. To boost cleaning (which is helpful if you suffer from allergies), increase the water temperature to hot instead of warm.

3. You dry them too long and too hot.
To keep wrinkling and shrinkage to a minimum, select a low heat setting and your dryer's automatic cycle (so it stops when it senses the sheets are dry, not just when a certain amount of time has elapsed). Over-drying can damage the fibers, which can cause them to wear out and tear more easily.

4. You don't change them often enough.
It's best swap out your sheets weekly, or least every two weeks. If you use them for too long, the fabric might not be able to recover its shape in the washer and dryer, and stretched fabric is more likely to tear.

5. You wear makeup to bed.
Not only is this cardinal beauty sin bad for your skin, but languishing makeup can also stain your pillowcases. Plus, lotions can leave oily stains, and some skin products (like those with benzoyl peroxide) can bleach colors. Consider what's on your face before you hit the pillow, and change and wash your sheets regularly to combat buildup and permanent discoloration

6. You don't know how to fold a fitted sheet.
It's not just an impressive party trick. If you ball your sheets up in the closet, you could stress the fabric and cause creases. So master this folding technique to avoid damage.

7. You skip pillow liners and mattress covers.

These extra layers not only keep your pillow and mattress cleaner, but add cushioning under sheets and pillowcases to minimize the friction that can cause pilling.

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face Scrub

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If you are looking for a healthy and younger looking skin, you must take care of your skin regularly and pamper it whenever necessary. One such important regimen you should follow to enhance your skin's appearance is to use a facial scrub. Compared to any other part of the body, facial skin is very sensitive and is prone to number of problems like acne, dark spots, dryness etc. It is also the most exposed part which definitely requires special attention. Scrub removes the dead skin off your face and reveals a supple and fresh looking skin. Most people are under the assumption that using scrub is harmful for the skin which is not true. If you use the right scrub with proper ingredients, it always benefits your skin and is a major advantage for people who are looking for beautiful flawless skin. Let's check out the amazing benefits of using a facial scrub which contributes towards a wonderful skin.
  • Scrub will help you get rid of toxins and dead skin cells, thus stimulating the growth of new skin cells which leads to fresh and younger skin tone.
  • Using a facial scrub stimulates the skin which results in improved blood circulation. This leads to firm and healthy looking skin.
  • If you are facing blemishes and dark spots problem, it is ideal to use the scrub regularly. This will remove the dirt on the face which reduces the skin imperfections and contributes towards flawless skin.
  • For dry skin people who have flakes around nose and chin area, a scrub will help remove the crumbly layer of the skin and makes it easy for you to moisturize.
  • If you are tired and exhausted after a long day's work, even your face would look weary. Facial scrub helps remove dirt, dust and grime making your skin look fresh, relaxed and beaming.

Exfoliating your face in moderation can make skin brighter and softer. Buffing away dry, dead cells on your face will reveal the fresh cells underneath, but exfoliates are definitely not for everyone. People with skin issues such as hives or sensitive skin should check with their dermatologist before considering using these types of products. Exfoliating to help maintain the youthful glow to your face. "Exfoliating helps fights against aging because it stimulates blood and lymph flow and cell turnover. As we age, cell turn over slows down and your skin can start to look dull.
There are a range of different types of exfoliators so it's sometimes overwhelming knowing which type is most suitable for yourself.

Physical cream exfoliators Cream scrubs contain micro-beads in a moisturizing cream or lotion base, and are great for people with dry skin. Just be wary when choosing with the type of beads in the creams. Some contain sharped-edged beads that can leave micro-scratches on your skin, so look for creamy exfoliators that have rounded beads instead.

Physical gel exfoliators Gel scrubs give the same results as cream scrubs but are in gel form so they are better for oily and combination skin types.

Chemical exfoliators These exfoliators use glycolic, lactic, citric, or salicylic acid to chemically remove dead cells on the surface of the skin, which is also good for people with oily skin. If you have never used a chemical exfoliator before, start using it only once or twice a week, at night—once your skin adjusts, you can increase the number of times used per week.

Cloth or pad exfoliators These gentle manual exfoliators are meant to cater to all skin types, except for people with skin issues. They can also help with acne problems, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Like any manual scrub, always follow product instructions and be careful not to go overboard. 

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Menstrual taboo

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A menstrual taboo is any social taboo concerned with menstruation. In some societies it involves menstruation being perceived as unclean or embarrassing, extending even to the mention of menstruation both in public (in the media and advertising) and in private (amongst the friends, in the household, and with men). Many traditional religions consider menstruation ritually unclean.
Different cultures view menstruation differently. Studies in the early 1980s showed that nearly all girls in the USA believed that girls should not talk about menstruation with boys, and more than one-third of girls did not believe that it was appropriate to discuss menstruation with their fathers. The basis of many conduct norms and communication about menstruation in western industrial societies is the belief that menstruation should remain hidden.

In other societies certain menstrual taboos may be practised without the connotation of uncleanness. According to the anthropologists Buckley and Gottlieb cross-cultural study shows that, while taboos about menstruation are nearly universal, a wide range of distinct rules for conduct during menstruation "bespeak quite different, even opposite, purposes and meanings" with meanings that are "ambiguous and often multivalent".

Religious views

In the Torah (Leviticus 15:19-30), a menstruating woman is considered ritually unclean - "anyone who touches her will be unclean until evening" (New International Version). Touching her, touching an object she had sat or lain on, or having intercourse with her also makes a person ritually unclean. The extent to which these rules are observed in modern Judaism varies depending on the degree of conservatism/orthodoxy.

Christians throughout history have disagreed about whether menstruation makes a woman unclean. In spite of the restrictions in Leviticus, Jesus allowed himself to be touched by a hemorrhaging woman and cured her (Mark 5:25-24). Some church fathers defended the exclusion of women from ministry based on a notion of uncleanness. Others held that purity laws should be discarded as part of the Old Covenant. There has never been any official teaching that menstruation makes women unclean in any major Christian denomination.

Bahá'í Faith
Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith, in the Kitáb-i-Aqdas abolished all forms of ritual impurity of people and things and stressed the importance of cleanliness and spiritual purity. Menstruating women are encouraged to pray and are not required to fast; they have the (voluntary) alternative of reciting a verse instead.

In Islam, a woman is not allowed to offer prayer or to perform other religious activities such as fasting or circumambulating the Kaaba. This is in accordance with the law of the uncleanliness of any blood. Sexual intercourse with her husband is strictly prohibited during menstrual periods. However, she can perform all other acts of social life as normal. According to authentic traditions, Muhammad encouraged menstruating women to be present at festive religious services for the two Eid holidays, although they were excused from praying.

In the Hindu faith, women are prohibited from participating in normal life while menstruating. A woman must be "purified" before she is allowed to return to her family, and this has been considered a negative view of menstruation.

This follows a description in the Puranas about Indra's 'Brahmahatya' (act of killing of the Brahmin demon Vritra) and the mitigation of the sin. Part of this sin was taken by women, and is considered to be active during the menstrual period; therefore menstruating women are forbidden from performing any rituals. Contact with menstruating woman is also forbidden (with the exception of small children).

However in some respects Indians view menstruation, especially the first menstruation or menarche, as a positive aspect of a girl's life. In South India and also in the Assamese community, girls who experience their menstrual period for the first time are given presents and celebrations to mark this special occasion, though women who are menstruating are not allowed in the household for a period of three nights. This certainly does not mean that they are driven away from the house during the cycle of their menstruation: according to Indian architecture, in a house with four blocks, 'dakkini', the south block, is for women and during the menstrual cycle women would confine themselves within this block, and would not even enter the kitchen or go to the north and east sides of the house, nor would they go near a temple.

There is an exception to this in Kashmiri Hindu culture. The Kashmiri Pandits do not consider women as impure during the menstrual cycle; instead, they are given special care during this time as the body of the woman becomes weak due to blood loss.

Chhaupadi is the name of the menstrual related ostracism, now banned that occurs in Nepal.

In Sikhism, woman is given equal status to man and is regarded as pure as man is. The Gurus teach that one cannot be pure by washing his body but purity of mind is the real pureness. They are not called pure, who sit down after merely washing their bodies. Guru Nānak, the founder of Sikhism, condemned the practice of treating women as impure while menstruating.

In Sikhism, the menstrual cycle is not considered a pollutant. Certainly, it can have a physical and physiological effect on the woman. Nonetheless, this is not considered a hindrance to her wanting to pray or accomplish her religious duties fully. The Guru makes it very clear that the menstrual cycle is a God-given process. The blood of a woman is required for the creation of any human being. The requirement of the mother's blood is fundamental for life. Thus, the menstrual cycle is certainly an essential and God-given biological process. In other faiths blood is considered a pollutant. However, the Guru rejects such ideas. Those who are impure from within are the truly impure ones.

Meditating on God's name is of importance. Whether one's clothes are blood-stained or not (including clothes stained from menstrual blood) is not of spiritual importance. Thus, there are no restrictions placed on a woman during her menstruation. She is free to visit a gurdwara, take part in prayers and do Seva. In The Feminine Principle in the Sikh: Vision of the Transcendent, Nikky Guninder Kaur-Singh writes: "The denigration of the female body 'expressed in many cultural and religious taboos surrounding menstruation and childbirth' is absent in the Sikh worldview. ...Guru Nanak openly chides those who attribute pollution to women because of menstruation."

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War Heroes

Women more attracted to war heroes
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London: Women are more inclined to date war heroes than regular soldiers or men who display heroic traits in other fields, such as in sports or natural disaster work, says a research. On the contrary, men find female heroes, both in combat and in disaster zones, less sexually attractive than their non-hero counterparts, the findings showed.

"This provides evidence for the hypothesis that gender differences in inter-group conflict can have an evolutionary origin, as only males seem to benefit from displaying heroism," said co-author of the study Joost Leunissen, psychologist at the University of Southampton. In the study, 92 women studying in Britain were presented with hypothetical profiles of the opposite sex, representing varying levels of heroism in different contexts such as warfare, sport and business. Women were more likely to find a soldier attractive, and were more inclined to date him, if he had been awarded a medal for bravery in combat. Displays of heroism in other fields, such as in sports or in business, also had no effect on how likely women were to find them attractive. Again, heroism in combat increased women's levels of sexual attraction towards male soldiers, but heroism in a disaster zone had no impact. Female heroes, both in combat and in disaster zones, were deemed less attractive by men than their non-hero counterparts. - 

How to avoid unnecessary weight gain before and after pregnancy

How to avoid unnecessary weight gain before and after pregnancy
Image and Article Credit : Rhythma Kaul / Hindustan Times, New Delhi

Like most new mothers, Kate Middleton does not need to work very hard to get back to pre-pregnancy fitness level. Here is why. Online tools and maternity clinics now offer exhaustive pre-natal and post-natal tips on pregnancy, nutrition, exercises, baby care and weight loss. In fact, hospitals and maternity centres these days have a dedicated team that helps plan a woman's lifestyle, before, during and after pregnancy to ensure she avoids unnecessary weight gain.
According to gynaecologists, more than 70% women who want to have a baby or have conceived are troubled by the thought of gaining weight. "I have witnessed this trend over the past two-three years; women are very aware and do not want to put on unnecessary weight," says Dr Anuradha Kapur, senior consultant, department of obstetrics and gynaecology, Max Super-Speciality Hospital in Saket. According to Dr Kapur, it is normal to gain 10-12kgs during the entire nine months of pregnancy if a woman is thin to begin with. For overweight or obese women, the weight gain should not be more than eight kilograms.
"It is usually normal to gain a kilogram every 15-20 days," she says.

Eating right, exercise in the form of yoga, aerobics and an active lifestyle are the key factors responsible for maintaining healthy weight during and after pregnancy.

To begin with, it is advisable to maintain a healthy weight before planning for a baby. Experts say, some women are under the impression that almost all the kilos will be gone soon after birth although it is natural to lose about 4kg to 5 kg quickly post-delivery.

"The baby weighs about 3kgs and the placenta is about half-a-kg and the fluid in abdomen also has about same weight. Losing rest of the weight should be a gradual process," says Dr Kapur. Among all the women who come to her with plans to have a baby, 5% to 10% worry Anika Parashar, chief operating officer, Fortis Healthcare. "These are women who are obsessed with weight gain and are fit cases to undergo professional counselling. You have to make then understand it is no big deal," she says.

Parashar cannot fathom the fuss surrounding the weight gain.
"It is not so much there in the west as it is seen in India that women are so conscious about their image post pregnancy. I feel the society here is largely to be blamed as we are so worried about what people would say," she says. Parashar adds, "It takes about nine months to have a baby, we must at least give ourselves that much time to lose those kilos that have been piled on."

The group has a facility specifically dedicated to maternity care called MammaMia.
"We have designed postnatal weight loss massages for which we use special oils that increase body's metabolic rate significantly. The kind of strokes for the tummy, thighs, bums etc. lead to inch-loss. The only condition is that it needs to be done every day for two weeks for 40 minutes," says Parashar.

Those who have had a normal delivery can start exercising after two weeks and in caesarean cases, six weeks onwards. "It is not safe to crash diet as it can lead to nutritional deficiencies. It has to be a lifestyle change," says Dr Kapur. Agrees Monika Kapoor Singh, 31, who delivered a baby in October last year.
"I was also jittery about gaining weight and told my doctor so. I joined aerobics classes and also would do stretching exercises regularly. It's been seven months and I am losing weight gradually," she says.

Online Harassers

How to handle your online harassers
Article Credit : Shilpi Guha /

In the world of social networking, it is difficult to keep things private. A Facebook post where a student in Delhi posted a screenshot of the lewd messages sent to her by a married man is another eye-opener to the fact that sexual exploitation of women is not limited to the streets.

According to a recent report on cyber crimes released by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, cyber crimes are likely to cross 3,00,000 in 2015, almost double the number from last year. However, the latest figures released by the National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB) state that there were only 54 cases of cyber offences registered in Tamil Nadu in 2013.

The main reason behind this, according to S Jeyakumar, Deputy Commissioner, Central Crime Branch, is the growing awareness about cyber crime among women of the state. "We have been conducting programmes in schools, colleges and workplaces, educating people, espe cially women, about how to be safe and avoid falling prey to various cyber offences. Unlike earlier times, now, offenders know that they face imprisonment for as long as 3-7 years if they try to breach into someone's privacy or send sexually explicit content," he informs."However, it is also important for women to speak up and bring it to our notice whenever they receive any offensive content on the internet or are being harassed on the cyber arena. They should never ignore any lewd comments or messages that they receive from anybody on cyber space, and they must bring it to our notice immediately ," he adds.

While there is considerable amount of awareness among the city's women, Harshita Venugopal, a city-based activist who has been working to create awareness on crimes against women, says that the scenario in rural Tamil Nadu is different. "There have been a lot of cases of cyber stalking and revenge porn where the victim, in an attempt to avoid attention from the media, has settled the matter out of court.A lot of women prefer to do that. This solves the problem temporarily . In majority of the cases, the offender strikes back. So, it is important for the government to spread awareness about laws against cyber crimes in the rural areas of the state also, so that women there come forward and report the cases," she says.

According to Venugopal, in cases of revenge porn, the fear of stigma makes women reluctant to go to the court. Also, the fact that, most often, the offender is an acquaintance of the victim -a former lover, colleague, relative or friendt u r n e d f o e."Irrespective of who the offender is, the victim should come forward and file an FIR against the miscreant," she says.

It is not only important to be aware of the legalities of cyber crimes but also imperative to be alert and have foolproof privacy settings on social networking sites. "One must be cautious about what content he or she is sharing online. Do not share intimate pictures and messages on cyber space as it is extremely dangerous. While there is nothing wrong in using social networking sites, utilizing their privacy settings is always helpful. And once the crime has been committed, it is important to bring it to the notice of the police so that necessary action can be taken," informs inspector Melwyn of cyber crime department.

Renowned cyber law expert, Pavan Duggal, on the other hand, calls for cyber crime education to be included in school curriculum. "If the government wants to create a digital India, it is their responsibility and biggest challenge to make the country cyber crime-free. As users, our responsibility is to have a proactive look in protecting ourselves. As family members, we must first equip our children with life skills before giving them cell phones," he says.


Activate privacy settings and give limited access to your personal data. Do not add strangers to your profile. In case you receive any lewd messages or comments, inform the police. You can send screenshots to, and let them know about the situation. Copy the URL of the post. It will help in tracking the offender. Don't give your device to others and always lock your applications.

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