Monday, April 18, 2011

First Date

If you've read our article about getting her number, you know that it might not really mean anything. And for that very reason, she just might not give you you'll know that there's a chance she might just NOT give you her number
So how do you make her phone number's debut error-proof?

Have a reason

To make the prospect of her thinking of you (yes, you!) as someone who is meaningful and believable to her in the near future, you need to create a reason. Something tangible. Which is you you will not want to "meet up for coffee." Coffee sounds either watery or a discrete way ofasking her out for a date - both of which are useless if you want to make her comfortable with you.

A simple way of getting around this is to use anything you talked about (and to which we favorably responded) as a way to create a possible event - or purpose, in which she would participate.
If she smiled when you mentioned your time volunteering at a local animal shelter, casually mention that she should check it out.

Make her Ask You

And I mean exactly that - give her a taste of something nice from your life - there's a chance that it might click with some of her own desires. If it does, she'll either tell you directly, or you'll be able to tell how she responds to it through her body language. If you think it's something she would really enjoy, ask her out.

Her Phone Number and the Date 'Just Happen'
Because that feels fake, pre-planned, and has no emotional appeal to either you or her - and you won't emotionally savor it as much. Neither will she, for the same reasons. Internalize that getting her number isn't a big deal; a simple way of being that is to continue talking to her, as if nothing happened. Talk about anything, but stay and chill-a-while.

While neither the phone number nor the date are a big deal, it's the date that you should actually prioritize; the phone number is just contact information. It could be even be her Facebook ID.

Make it Funny

Things like a nickname for her, an inside joke will create an easy banter, and anything fun is a good platform for socializing.

Does She Have your Number?

In the eagerness of getting her number, you could have forgotten to get her number. (Eagerness. Or fear) However, when she gets a call from a number she doesn't know, there's a good chance she won't pick up. Or answer the call with wariness. To reverse this, have her plug in your number with a nickname, or something fun.

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