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One egg a day can help you lose weight

We all know that egg is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, but now a new study claims eating one egg daily can help fight obesity.

The British study, which analysed 71 research papers on the nutritional composition of eggs and their role in diet, found that eggs are packed with vitamin D, vitamin B12, selenium and choline that could also play a significant role in dieting and weight loss.

According to the researchers, a medium-sized egg has fewer than 80 calories and provides more than 20 per cent of the recommended daily allowance.

Dr Carrie Ruxton, an independent dietitian and lead author of the report, said: "There are clear nutritional benefits to eating eggs on a regular basis. Emerging evidence suggests that eggs may be beneficial for satiety, weight control and eye health.

"With previous limits on egg consumption lifted, most people would benefit from a return to the days of going to work on an egg."

he study confirmed that eggs contain the richest mix of essential amino acids -- crucial for children, adolescents and young adults since a balance of them is required for proper growth and repair, the Daily Mail reported.

It also claimed that the high levels of antioxidants found in eggs could even help prevent age-related muscular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.

The research team highlighted data from studies in the US which found that people who ate eggs had higher intakes of nearly all nutrients compared with non-egg eaters.

Low levels of vitamin D have been linked with a host of medical conditions including poor bone health, cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, immune disorders and mental health problems.

The study, which will appear in the June issue of journal Nutrition and Food Science, identified specific groups which could benefit from eating more eggs, including the young, heavy meat-eaters and those who shun milk.

Dr Ruxton added: "The health benefits of eggs would appear to be so great that it's perhaps no exaggeration to call them a superfood -- they are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available.

"Eggs are not only low in calories but are packed with nutrients that are essential to healthy living. They are an ideal food at every stage of life, as well as being easy to cook and enjoyable to eat."

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Shehzad Roy

Sali tu mani nai....

this is especially for you my dear HB....!!!

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Fast Food

What’s Really in Your Food?
Ever wonder what’s actually in a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget? Turns out, the “chicken” alone contains seven ingredients. And that’s before you even get to the breading. Sadly, many of our favorite foods (especially fast foods) weren’t merely crafted in kitchens, they were also designed and perfected in labs. We uncovered the ugly truth when doing research for Eat This, Not That! Restaurant Survival Guide. What we found wasn’t pretty—or appetizing. Before you mindlessly chew your way through another value meal, take these mini-mysteries (conveniently solved below) into account. Sometimes the truth is tough to swallow.
What’s in a Chicken McNugget?
You’d think that a breaded lump of chicken would be pretty simple. Mostly, it would contain bread and chicken. But the McNugget and its peers at other fast-food restaurants are much more complicated creatures than that. The “meat” in the McNugget alone contains seven ingredients, some of which are made up of yet more ingredients. (Nope, it’s not just chicken. It’s also such nonchicken-related stuff as water, wheat starch, dextrose, safflower oil, and sodium phosphates.) The “meat” also contains something called “autolyzed yeast extract.” Then add another 20 ingredients that make up the breading, and you have the industrial chemical—we mean, fast-food meal—called the McNugget. Still, McDonald’s is practically all-natural compared to Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets, with 30 ingredients, and Burger King Chicken Fries, with a whopping 35 ingredients.
What’s in a Wendy’s Frosty?
Wendy’s Frosty requires 14 ingredients to create what traditional shakes achieve with only milk and ice cream. So what accounts for the double-digit ingredient list? Mostly a barrage of thickening agents that includes guar gum, cellulose gum, and carrageenan. And while that’s enough to disqualify it as a milk shake in our book, it’s nothing compared to the chemist’s list of ingredients in the restaurant’s new line of bulked-up Frankenfrosties.

Check out the Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty, for instance. It seems harmless enough; the only additions, after all, are “coffee syrup” and “coffee toffee pieces.” The problem is that those two additions collectively contain 25 extra ingredients, seven of which are sugars and three of which are oils. And get this: Rather than a classic syrup, the “coffee syrup” would more accurately be described as a blend of water, high-fructose corn syrup, and propylene glycol, a laxative chemical that’s used as an emulsifier in food and a filler in electronic cigarettes. Of all 10 ingredients it takes to make the syrup, coffee doesn’t show up until near the end, eight items down the list.
For more examples of over-the-top, sugar-packed cups like this, feast your eyes on our astonishing list of the 20 Worst Drinks in America.
What’s in a Filet-O-Fish?
The world’s most famous fish sandwich begins as one of the ocean’s ugliest creatures. Filet-O-Fish, like many of the fish patties used by fast-food chains, is made predominantly from hoki, a gnarly, crazy-eyed fish found in the cold waters off the coast of New Zealand. In the past, McDonald’s has purchased up to 15 million pounds of hoki a year, each flaky fillet destined for a coat of batter, a bath of oil, a squirt of tartar, and a final resting place in a warm, squishy bun. But it seems the world’s appetite for this and other fried-fish sandwiches has proved too voracious, as New Zealand has been forced to cut the allowable catch over the years in order to keep the hoki population from collapsing. Don’t expect McDonald’s to scale down Filet-O-Fish output anytime soon, though; other whitefish like Alaskan pollock will likely fill in the gaps left by the hoki downturn. After all, once it’s battered and fried, do you really think you’ll know the difference?
Ready for dessert? See which frozen treats made our popular list of The 39 Best Healthy Foods in America.
What’s in my salami sandwich?
Salami, the mystery meat: Is it cow? Is it pig? Well, if you’re talking Genoa salami, like you’d get at Subway, then it’s both. Most salami is made from slaughterhouse leftovers that are gathered using “advanced meat recovery,” which sounds like a rehab center for vegans but is actually a mechanical process that strips the last remaining bits of muscle off the bone so nothing is wasted. It’s then processed using lactic acid, the waste product produced by bacteria in the meat. It both gives the salami its tangy flavor and cures it as well, making it an inhospitable place for other bacteria to grow. Add in a bunch of salt and spices—for a total of 15 ingredients in all—and you’ve got salami. But now that you know what’s in there, you might need to check yourself into an advanced meat recovery center.
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this film seems interesting especially for those who can watch horror film. aahh...i think this film not made for me...oh, my bad luck because i want to see Aditiya as hero. but i cant forget my last exp. for horror film and i think my friend too cant forget this because i hug and closed my eyes till that film not end....ha ha ha....for me its better to watch this film at home beside going at hall with friend.

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oh...first of all i am gona confess i like Aditya Narayan Jha he is cute enough...(lol).

OK now back to point...Shaapit is Aditya As a Hero (pardesh and etc as child artist)first film. as everyone know he have big female fan following with him (especially teenage).

Shaapit is Bhatt film, as they are expert to make scary films. on the other-hand i don't wants to go at Hall to watch scary film....

When Aman proposes to Kaaya, neither does he nor Nikki know about the generational curse that plagues Kaaya's family. As soon as Kaaya wears the engagement ring and the couple drives off together, their car takes a spin and bounces of the road almost killing the both of them.

When Kaaya's parents hear about their daughter's accident, they rush to the hospital to find an engagement ring on their daughter's finger. Distraught, the father explains to the young couple that three hundred years back their family had incurred the curse of an angry Brahmin and that curse did not allow the daughter's of their family to be married. The couple finds it hard to believe but there is little choice as their lives are constantly in danger.

Aman and Kaaya cannot live without each other, but there is little that they can do till Aman meets Pashupathi who is the master of the ways of the spiritual world. Pashupathi tells Aman that in some cultures, there was a belief that a generational curse worked much after even the person who had uttered the curse was dead because, it was believed, that an evil curse when uttered stuck to an evil spirit and the spirit then became the keeper of the curse and it was the duty of that evil spirit to make the curse come true generation after generation.

Aman asks Pashupathi if there was a way to destroy the spirit and get rid of the curse. Pashupathi tells him that there was a way but it was filled with peril. If he sets about to hunt and destroy a spirit then the spirit would also know that it was being hunted. It would become a war between man and the devil.

Was he ready for it?

Aman tells Pashupathi that he would fight for his love... and so begins their journey. Through the world of fear and intrigue and the eternal fight between good and evil.

Will love conquer all?

Shaapit is the first film in India of its genre. It is an adventurous horror love story that's never attempted before.

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