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Is Chocolate Good for Your Health?

Do you reach out for a bar of tempting dark chocolate for an instant pick-me-up?   If you don’t count the calories, these yummy treats are good for your health!

But like most irresistible foods, chocolate has its pros and cons too. There are a lot of studies around chocolates and health that are often misleading. “So take them with a pinch of salt,” says Dr Ameya Udyavar, a Mumbai-based Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist.

Helps relieve PMS symptoms

Chocolate is a good source of magnesium. “100 gms of pure dark chocolate or cocoa contains up to 500 mg of magnesium,” says Naini Setalvad, a Mumbai-based nutritionist. Magnesium helps ease menstrual cramps. So that gives you a good reason to have chocolate before and during your periods.

“Deficiency of magnesium can also aggravate other premenstrual symptoms like stress and edginess,” Naini says. It is therefore a good idea to keep a bar handy. Magnesium also acts as a laxative; therefore chocolates also cure constipation.

Chases the blues

Feeling low on energy? Have a bite of chocolate! “Cocoa in chocolate is a powerful antioxidant. It contains a large amount of tryptophan, an amino acid, that lifts your mood,” adds Naini. Lack of the chemical phenylethlyamine or PEA causes depression. Chocolate, especially dark, therefore works as an anti-depressant too as it is rich in PEA.  

Good for your heart
Dark chocolates are rich in flavanoids that are good antioxidants. “Flavanoids also reduce the production of free radicals in blood vessels thus protecting arteries from damage,” explains Dr Ameya. It is also known to be a good brain food as it improves blood circulation in the brain and boosts memory.

White v/s dark chocolate
It would be wiser to choose dark chocolate over milk or white as “sweetened, concentrated milk could cause health problems like diabetes and obesity if consumed daily,” reveals Dr Ameya. Consuming up to 30 gms (thick: a small bar) of dark chocolate a week won’t harm your health, unless you are diabetic.

So, go ahead and dig into a treat of dark chocolate on a tough day at work.

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Atif Aslam

Ali Zafar

Breaking up

Breaking up with a friend is as painful as divorce

Women tend to share everything with their closest female friends, things they would never dream of discussing with their spouse or partners. So when the person who knows you inside out turns their back on you, it feels like a stab through the heart.
"Women's friendships can be very close and intense so it can be as painful as breaking up with a partner when things go wrong," the Daily Mail quoted clinical psychologist Irene S. Levine, author of "Best Friends Forever: ­Surviving A Break Up With Your Best Friend," as saying.
"Women also tend to see their friendships as a measure of their worth, so when a relationship with a close friend breaks up, not only will you feel hurt by the rejection, but you are also likely to feel a failure for not being able to maintain that friendship, she added.

But, if at all, it happens with you, how you can cope with it?
"Give yourself time to think about the situation clearly before you get upset or angry with her," said expert Irene Levine.
"Ask yourself if you are upset because she has dumped you, and if this is a relationship really worth saving?"
Experts have also suggested that if you know you've done something wrong, you should apologise swiftly.
Also, don't fall into the trap of thinking you know or understand your friend's motives. You need to talk to find out what is going on.
"If you have begged and cajoled and she won't be moved, you need to respect the boundaries she has set and move on. It may have less to do with you than other things going on in her life," said Levine.
She added, "It will take time but remember, these kind of episodes happen to everybody.
"Try not to brood. Keep yourself busy and you are likely to find that some of your ­"backseat" friends start to become more ­important in your life and fill the gaps."

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Secret Crush on Another Woman

8 Signs Your Guy Has a Secret Crush on Another Woman
1. HE TALKS INCESSANTLY ABOUT HER. If your guy talks about one girl all the time, he may have a crush on her. Find out what you can about the girl he keeps talking about so much to see if he's developing feelings for her.

2. HE COMPARES YOU TO HER. If your guy compares you to his crush, it may be time to leave the relationship because he definitely has feelings brewing for her. For example, if you cook his favorite meal a certain way and he tells you that his crush does it a different way, be very careful because your guy is starting to focus his attention away from you and onto her.

3. HE ASKS YOU TO DO THE THINGS THAT SHE DOES. If your guy talks about the things his crush does that the things you do, you have a serious problem on your hands. For instance, if your guy's crush is named Suzy and he tells her that Suzy works out at the gym five times a week and asks you why you don't do the same thing, he's got a crush. And he's not keeping it so secret.

4. HE SPENDS A LOT OF "PLATONIC" TIME WITH HER. If your guy's secret crush is a co-worker that he spends a lot of supposedly "platonic" time with, beware. There's no way he could be just friends with a girl he has a crush on.

5. HE INTERJECTS HER OPINIONS IN YOUR CONVERSATIONS. If you're having a disagreement with your guy and he interjects that "Suzy says" in the conversation, your relationship is in trouble because he is now giving credence to his crush's opinions. This also means he talks to his crush about your personal business. These are both signs of a romantic relationship on the brink of collapse.

6. HE CALLS OR TEXT HER ALL THE TIME. If you find that your guy is making a lot of phone calls or exchanging a lot of texts with one woman, she may be his crush. In which case, it may be time for you to think about breaking up with your guy.

7. HE COMES TO HER RESCUE...ALL THE TIME. If one woman is always calling your guy to help her move, help her with a flat tire or otherwise come to her rescue, something is definitely up.

8. HE MAKES HER HIS PRIORITY. Your guy's got priorities right? One of the most important of which should be you. But what if he makes his crush his priority? For example, if he's supposed to meet you for drinks after work, but calls to say he's gotten stuck helping his crush Suzy, it's time to ditch the *** and find someone new. 

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Single's Guide

Single's Guide to a Happy New Year

There's nothing more disappointing than spending New Year's alone instead of spending it with your family or partying and having a blast like the rest of your friends. But your husband's away on work, your parents are in another country and your kids, well they have their own plans (after all who ever heard of mom coming along!)
What do you think technology is for?

With video conferencing available when you log on to Yahoo, Hotmail (do you seriously expect me to list all of them?) and your cell phone with the option of video calls or even calling and SMS facilities available, it's almost impossible not to get in touch with your loved ones throughout the night. Get your loved one on the phone or reach them online and you'll feel like they are right there with you.

Also, whiles you're at it, send New Year's messages to everyone on Facebook!

Decorate the house
So what if you're alone? You can still create an ambience for yourself. Get out all the nice showpieces that you've kept hidden from clumsy kids; hang some streamers. You'll definitely feel the New Year spirit while doing so.

Pop that bottle of bubbly
Forget the good ol' vodka or rum. It's a new year, so it calls for a celebration! Pop open a bottle of champagne when the clock strikes 12, gulp it down and then pour another glass for yourself to have at your own leisure.

Treat your taste buds
Order in from your favourite restaurant or get dolled up and head to that outrageously expensive restaurant you've been dying to try out, it doesn't matter if your alone, there will be too many things happening around you that will catch your interest, especially since is New Year's.

If you don't want to head out then have a cooking fest at home! Get out the recipe books and try to whip up desserts that make your mouth water!

Keep yourself busy - dance
Burn a CD of your favourite songs, and then, with the glass of champagne in one hand, skip across the house trying to imitate those steps in that music video that you love. Who cares about dancing in a jam-packed club when you can dance as if know one is looking in your own home - because no one's really looking, anyway!

Make a list of ridiculous resolutions
Take some time out and think of resolutions that are completely not you, if you're not adventurous, make a resolution to go skydiving during the year or even make a resolution to stop shopping (yeah right!). Better yet, why don't you make some resolutions that you're sure to keep, like adding two new pairs of shoes every month to your already huge pile of shoes.

Pamper yourself

All those scented candles you've been stocking up on, and those baths salts that are hidden inside the cabinets, have to come out now. Light some scented candles and pamper yourself to a long and relaxing bath whiles on the phone with your loved one or even reading one of your favourite books. Or what the hell, just go to a downright expensive and luxurious spa and take your hubby's credit cards with you.

Movie marathon
There’s no point in sulking if you’re alone. Get out all those home videos and watch them. Or why not rent some of your favourite movies that tickle your funny bone, you’ll be laughing the night away.

Being alone for new years doesn't mean you can't have fun, all it takes is positive attitude!

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Rekha: on July 2010 Filmfare Magazine cover. 

When Drunk

10 Things You Mustn't Do When Drunk

Yes, we are ready to party, let our hair down and drink up. While we want to go all out to bring in the New Year, let's not get a little carried away with the celebrations and say goodbye to 2010 on an embarrassing note. Here are things you mustn't do when drunk and deranged.  
1. Drunk dial your crush
The more alcohol we consume, the less inhibited we feel. So, there's this guy who's on your mind and he likes you too, but you aren't going to give in that easily because you want to keep him on the chase ;) Then came New Year's Eve and you got drunk. What followed next was you drunk-dialed this boy and poured your heart out. Or worse still made out with him! 
2. Get a tattoo
Always planned to get a tattoo but never had the guts to sit through the process. Then you got high on New Year's eve and made up your mind to welcome the next year with art on your body. Except that when you woke up next morning to find out that the 'art' seemed more like somebody's name tattooed on your body, in a place you never want to see! Or hold on, is that a piercing?!
3. Go on a long drive
Drunk and in need of some fresh air? You feel you have got the green light to go on a long drive with your equally drunk friends and the sound system belting out your favourite numbers in blaring loud volume! All's good till you drive into the ally of your friendly neighbourhood traffic cop who will perhaps show you the way to the police station. 
4. Meet your parents or landlady/hostel warden

After a long hard day of partying you come back home longing for your bed and ready to pass out. Little did you know that your mother will be waiting for you at the door because she has stayed up all night worried about your whereabouts. And then it happens, you say, "Opps sorry Mom!" and throw-up the night's spoils! We have kept our fingers crossed so that this never happens to you because if it does you will never be allowed to go for any parties in 2011.  

If you are living away from home in a hostel or PG, seek refuge at a friend's place whenever you are drunk. At least your mother will let you into the house but a merciless hostel warden or PG Aunty will throw you out and complain to your parents!
5. Mix it with other 'other-worldly' elements
How high you are on alcohol is equivalent to your rebel quotient! So if you are really drunk on New Year's, will you give into the temptation of flouting rules and experiment with illegal substances (read drugs)? Alcohol mixed with other substances can be a lethal concoction for you. So, drunk or not, stay far, far away from substances. Get yourself a sitter who will make sure you don't do anything foolish when you are dunk.  
6. Get married
This one is a lesson learnt by watching re-runs of the Friend's episode when Rachel gets married to Ross on a drunken, romantic night. If such reel incidents become real on New Year's Eve, the consequences won't be as comical! 
7. Hit on the boss or the co-worker
Do you feel a few extra tequilas helps you find the flirt within? And when you have made a connect why not flaunt your seductive powers. However, if your chosen subject (or victim) is that hot colleague (fodder for subconscious lust) or your Boss (God forbid) you are in for some professional trouble in the New Year!
8. Use your credit card
You have been thinking that you are going to live well in the coming year. Then your wish came true on New Year's Eve when you were drunk and ordered several rounds of cocktails, drinks and shots for your party mates. Next you called up your travel agent and booked a flight to your dream destination. Wow, the credit goes to your credit card! Don't you think it would have been a better idea to have hidden it at home before the party?  
9. Go skinny dipping 
Yeah you live life to the fullest! And just to prove a point you jumped into your friend's pool in completely butt naked on New Year's Eve.  Need we say that you were drunk and funny!
10. Click naughty pics of yourself with someone else's camera
You thought you were camera shy till you couldn't remember the number of drinks you consumed. Then you stunned your friends with flamboyant pouts and naughty poses. Of course the shutterbugs caught you and you'll find yourself all over Facebook the next day!

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Hugh Hefner

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner engaged

Hugh Hefner's Christmas was extra, extra jolly this year: He's engaged again!
The Playboy founder, 84, is engaged to Crystal Harris, his 24-year-old girlfriend and Playmate, a Playboy rep confirms to
Hefner first Tweeted about it on Sunday. "When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears," the Girls Next Door star wrote. "This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory...I got what I was hoping for for Christmas...Crystal's love."
To make his news absolutely clear, the mogul then added: "Yes, the ring I gave Crystal is an engagement ring. I didn't mean to make a mystery out of it. A very merry Christmas to all."
It will be the third marriage for famous bachelor Hefner. He wed first wife Mildred in 1949 (they have grown children Christie, 58, and David, 55) before divorcing in 1959. In 1989, he walked down the aisle with Playmate of the Year Kimberley Conrad, and they went on to have sons Marston, 10, and Cooper, 9. The duo's divorce was finalized last year.

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hair color

today i am going to color my i think why not i share my preparation with you, and i hope it help you to fine better Brand and all necessary information.

first you have to pick right brand....girls and guys please do run behind chip color brand it may damage your hair, hair also important part of body and its improve look so my suggestion is go with popular Brands like Revlon, L'Oreal Paris etc.

for my hair i pick  Casting Cream Gloss by L'Oreal Paris (this is my first time with L'Oreal Paris so i will give you review after coloring), i bought it at our Popular Department Store Bhat Bhateni... because if you wish to buy any international and expensive cosmetic go in supermarket only, we have many many chines and duplicate cosmetic at Nepali (Kathmandu) market so friends always be safe. 

right Color: picking up right color and shade is important, don't follow with others hair color that color might doesn't suits you. 

i pick "500 Medium Brown" color for me.

Skin Allergy Test this is most important thing we should check before coloring our hair, Nearly we all always skip this or what can i say never care for this test, our beautician also never suggest this test. but i highly recommend you please please before coloring do Skin Allergy test.  

Skin Allergy Test

Do not do a skin allergy test or colour your hair if:
  • You have already had a reaction to a hair colourant.
  • You have an irritated or damaged scalp.
To carry out the allergy test, always follow the instructions supplied with your hair colourant.
How to carry out a skin allergy test
  1. Remove earrings. Behind the ear and using a cotton bud, apply a little of the unmixed colourant product sufficient to cover an area the size of a penny
    (1 – 2cm²)
  2. Re-apply two or three times allowing it to dry between each application. Carefully reseal the colourant container
  3. Leave for 48 hours without washing, covering or touching
  4. If during this period you notice any abnormal reactions – such as itching, redness or swelling in or around the test area, DO NOT APPLY THE PRODUCT

after test go with tips provide by your color Brand.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Skincare

You've been eagerly waiting for winter to arrive but now that it's finally here it's making your skin feel dry and itchy, isn't it? Well, that's exactly why your skin needs extra care this season. Bring back the softness and glow to your skin with these tips to stay nourished!

Moisturise on the go! 

Moisturising your skin during the day is the key to softer, glowing skin. Stepping out during the day makes your skin prone to dryness and roughness. That's why a moisturising lotion is essential. Try one like Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion to keep your skin hydrated and supple throughout these wintery days. It is a multi-vitamin moisturiser that contains Vitamin E and proteins from soya and oat extracts that ensure smooth skin for 24 hours.

Don't forget to carry your lotion with you while you travel. “Apply the moisturiser and sunscreen together before stepping out and keep re-applying whenever your skin feels drier," advises dermatologist Dr Sudhir Shetty. 

Nourish those lips

Chapped or cracking lips can be quite painful in winter. So make sure to use a lip balm to keep them from chapping. While you're at it, choose one that really nourishes your lips and doesn't just provide a glossy effect. Again, add it to your travel pouch.

Cleanse you face often

Dry winters are particularly dusty. So it's important to keep your face free of dust in this weather. But washing your face too often might aggravate dryness.

“Use a mild cleanser, preferably one with a balanced PH. A derma face and body lotion or sebamed liquid face and body wash with olive should do you good. It will ensure that your skin is not stripped of its natural body oil,” says dermatologist Dr Abhijeet Desai. In case you use a face wash, moisturising your face again may be helpful.

Hydrate before bed

Winters cause moisture loss. What's more, your skin is most likely to lose its moisture while you sleep. So apply a lotion all over your skin and face after your bath. Massage for a while to let it seep in well. If you are looking for a suitable lotion, Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion is totally worth it as it  replenishes your skin of all its moisture loss and gives it essential nutrients too. 

“Moisturising at night is important for your skin especially during winter. Apply it in moderation and not huge amounts,” says Dr Shetty. Not only will this prevent dryness but also the early signs of ageing and unnecessary wrinkles. 

So there you have it - your ultimate skincare guide to face the winter!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weight Loss

Common Weight Loss Myths Busted

Many of us could do with losing some weight but it's often easier to come up with excuses.

While there may be genuine and honest reasons for being unable to shed the kilos, there will always be some who need a reality check for their excuses. Read on to know if you are one of them.

Diets don't work for me
You've tried different diets but never managed to keep the weight off.
The facts
If you take in fewer calories than you need, you will lose weight. The problem comes when we follow quick-fix diets. They're fine for a few weeks, then we hit our target, go easy and get back into bad habits.
Beat it
For lasting weight loss, make realistic lifestyle and diet changes. And watch your alcohol intake.

I have wheat intolerance
Pasta makes you bloat and bread is your diet enemy. The minute you give up wheat, the pounds fall off. Surely this means wheat intolerance.
The facts
Many people find foods like pasta hard to digest. This is often due to the water the pasta absorbs, which makes it swell and leads to bloating. This, however, does not mean you have wheat intolerance (a condition less than 0.1 per cent of us suffer from). Going wheat-free inevitably makes you lose weight as you ditch the fat-loaded pizzas and pastries.
Beat it
Other symptoms of wheat intolerance are headaches and joint pains. If you suffer from these, see your GP and keep a food diary to work out what bring on the symptoms.

It's my hormones
The mysterious world of hormones gets the blame for all manner of things including your weight gain.
The facts
Women with polycystic ovaries may find their weight hard to control. Also, PMS can impact a woman's weight, as rising progesterone and serotonin levels affect mood and food choices.
Beat it
Don't overeat in the week before your period. When you feel less hungry afterwards, make sure you go back to eating sensibly.

I've got a slow metabolism
Some people seem to eat loads and never gain weight, whereas you pile it on and always feel tired. It must be a case of slow metabolism.
The factsVast majority of overweight people do not have a dysfunctional metabolism. If you are very active, you will have a high metabolism and burn lots of calories. If you're not, you will have a slow metabolism.
Beat it
Being active and eating nutritious foods like lean meat and vegetables boosts metabolism.

It's my medication
You can't risk your health by stopping the pills. So what can you do if they make you gain weight?
The facts
Many drugs for common complaints, such as depression, diabetes, migraines and high blood pressure, can lead to unintentional weight gain.
Beat it
First, ask your doctor if there's an alternative that doesn't cause weight gain. In cases where this isn't possible, ask to see a dietician.

It's in my genesObesity runs in the family. So, it’s not your fault if you are obese too.
The factsWhile it's possible to inherit obesity, it's not a dominant gene. Your chances of being overweight are far more affected by eating habits you adopt when growing up.
Beat itIf there's a family tendency to being fat, it's important to learn about healthy eating when young and get regular bouts of exercise.

I'm big-bonedWe'd all love to believe it's large frames that are to blame for our size.
The factsBeing big-boned means you will have more muscle, but it shouldn't add more than a few kilos.
Beat itTry to accept your body type. You can still be slim and look amazing if you learn to eat properly for your size.

It's water retentionIt's not flab, it's water, and you're forever finding yourself puffed up with it. Or are you?
The factsMany women suffer from cramp-related water retention during the week before their periods.
Beat itFluid is transported around the body by our lymphatic system, and we rely on muscle movement to keep it flowing. So get lots of exercise and walk instead of driving whenever you get the chance.
Being big-boned means you will have more muscle, but it shouldn't add more than a few kilos

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Hair Care

How to Care for Your Hair During Winter

Protect your hair from the winter chill with some extra care. During these frigid months your hair tends to get frizzy and what's worse is there's static electricity in the air. Here's how you can combat winter hair woes

Condition your maneWinter takes away natural moisture, and can dry up your scalp pretty easily. Keeping your hair well conditioned will make sure your hair isn't dry. Dry hair is unhealthy so take extra care this winter.

Make sure your hair is hydrated enough. If you can't condition it daily, just wash it with cold water everyday (brrrr, its cold but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do for the sake of beauty). It's the perfect way to ensure that the weather doesn't dry your scalp.

Oil your hair
Oiling your hair is a great habit and the best hair care solution in the winter. It works better than conditioners and locks moisture in so that your hair doesn't dry up.

Down with dandruffDry hair leads to dandruff especially in the winter. Rub the juice of a lemon mixed with three tablespoons on yogurt through on your scalp to get rid of dandruff. You could also use anti-dandruff shampoos to solve your problem.

Keep it covered
It is especially windy during the winter, so keeping your hair covered will protect it. What's more, sweaters, scarves and hats can cause damage to your hairline. Since hair breaks easily cover your hair with a silk scarf to protect it.

Keep the heat out
If it's very cold, limit use blow dryers, straighteners and curlers. If you have must use an appliance, condition your hair first - the sudden exposure to heat in cold weather can make hear weak.

Take a little extra care of your hair during winter, and you can avoid several "hair-raising" situations!

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