Monday, July 28, 2008

Black and white twins: Brothers from the same mother

Some things aren’t always black and white. Then again, sometimes they are – like the twin sons born July 11 to a German couple.

The first baby that was born, Ryan, has light skin and blue eyes. His brother, Leo, is dark-skinned with brown eyes.

"None of us could believe it," the maternity ward's head doctor, Birgit Weber, told one news source. "Both kids have definitely the same father."

Stephan Gerth is German and white. His wife, Florence Addo-Gerth, is from Ghana and has dark skin.

It was “a real surprise,” Gerth told the German newspaper Die Welt, adding that the most important thing to him isn’t color, but that everyone is healthy.

The odds are one in a million, say doctors, but it can happen with fraternal twins due the genetic soup in our backgrounds. Peter Propping, former director of the Institute for Human Genetics at Bonn University, told Die Welt that the black mother may have had some white ancestors, or that the white father may have had black ones. Very occasionally, the roll of the DNA die may cause the baby of biracial parents to inherit only the genetic coding for one color.

Rare though they are, the German twins do have some company. In the past few years, at least three mixed race couples have welcomed twins who were also black and white.

The hospital called it a “deeply regrettable mistake.” It soon became apparent that a device similar to a large eyedropper had been used twice, causing another man’s sperm to be mixed with Willem’s. The couple remembers two other couples in the waiting room the day of the procedure. One of them was black.

Being of different races and coming from different fathers hasn’t stopped the Stuart boys from closely bonding. While the dark-skinned boy did eventually meet the man who was his biological father, the brothers consider themselves full twins. In 2005, they attended a twins festival and proudly won the “Least alike twins” award.”

“For the two boys, being celebrated for their differences finally answered all the questioning looks, nasty teasing, and outright expressions of disbelief they've endured all these years,” Wilma Stuart told Dateline, which has been following the family since 1993.
Stephan Gerth and Florence Addo-Gerth, the parents of the newest set of “black and white” twins, know they’ll face some incredulous stares.

"I imagine sitting in a playground where the other mothers will call me crazy when I tell them the boys are twins,".

Like all siblings, their differences are more than skin deep. The twins also have distinctly different personalities, say their parents. Leo, the dark-skinned baby, is quieter; Ryan, his light-skinned brother, is temperamental. "When he's hungry, he's hard to stop,” said the mother.
She says her children were born looking exactly as they should. "God has decided that my children should have different skin colors," she says.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Learn to snare a billionaire!

Want to snare billionaire? A Russian school is offering tips on how to seduce and bag the wealthy man of your dreams.

A popular school of seduction in the Moscow is teaching professional women how to attract men - preferably a richer one.

Evgeniya Steshova, who runs the crash course, said that girls want to meet good men with a high social standing and of course it doesn''t hurt if he's a rich one.

The lesson starts with grading each other on the scale of five on perfume, manicures, hair, underwear and sex appeal.

Steshova advises to be at your best while trying to attract a man. Men react to women's appearance.
"Wear heels and bright colours all the time. Act a bit shy and if you realise you're getting into a ''situation'' and haven't got nice underwear on, just take them off and tell him that you forgot to put any on," The Sun quoted her as saying.

Some tips on the first day include:Drop a pen on the floor and bend over so the man gets to look at your curves.

Surprise a man and seduce him in unexpected ways to keep him interested in you.
The second day focuses on how to seduce a man in different situations.

"The key is to play different roles. Be a young woman to seduce a man, a woman in bed but then a girl the next morning," she said. The women are then paired up with one playing the man who the other must seduce.

The dubious course is a hit among professional women.
"Everything we learn here is focused around men but I don't think that is demeaning," said Anya Petrovich, 32, a businesswoman who has been on the course three times.

"It is only so that we can manipulate men and reach our own goals that we learn this kind of thing” "Women have to use the tools they have to get what they want," she added.

Katya Tsai, head of IT at a university, travels more than 150 miles from the small town of Yaroslav, paying 100 pounds for the two-day course.

"This is my third course and my life has changed hugely because of these lessons," she said. But despite frequent visits, she is still waiting to meet a "strong man".

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tiger Temple

Here another part of Tiger Temple.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This is the treat for ATIF n SHAID fan’s like me.

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