Monday, March 28, 2011


Worlds collide: Nokia adds touch-screens on classic handsetsWorlds collide: Nokia adds touch-screens on classic handsets

Referred to by Nokia as best of both worlds, the Finnish cell-phone manufacturers have released two handsets mixes classic key-based input with contemporary touch-screen interface. The company decided to release these models based on a survey conducted by them revealed a desire among Nokia users for such a phone.
The two new models in discussion are Nokia X3 - 02 and Nokia C3 – 01, priced at Rs. 8, 839 and Rs. 9, 389, respectively. The related press-release that we received was not accompanied by a complete spec sheet. However, referring to specs posted on GSM Arena, the only difference we could spot between the two models is that NOKIA C3-01 comes with 64MB of system RAM and a LED flash. Besides these couple of differences, the two models are virtually identical as their price-tags suggest. The Nokia X3 - 02 and Nokia C3 – 01, both have 2.4” TFT resistive touch-screen and support for communication over 3G and Wi-Fi networks, in addition to GSM and Bluetooth.

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