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Guys Can't Stand

9 Things Guys Can't Stand About the Women They Date

Just like there are certain things we can't stand about guys on the dating scene, there are quite a few things they can't stand about us. Increase your chances of success on the dating scene by making sure you don't do one of these 9 things! :)

1. BE THE WOMAN WHO IS DISTRACTED. If you're on a date with a guy, it's not the time for you to be texting your girlfriend, IM'ing your kids or anything else that might be considered a distraction. That's rude and you wouldn't want a guy doing that to you, right? If you're on a date with a guy who does that, get up and leave the table. Tell him that you can go out on a date when he's got more time to focus on you.

2. BE THE WOMAN WHO GOSSIPS. Guys don't like girls who gossip. It is one thing to gossip with your girlfriends, but it's quite another to spend your whole date spilling the beans on the people in your life. That's going to make him wonder about the company you keep. And, he may think if he ends up dating you long-term, you'll do the same to him.

3. BE THE WOMAN WHO BRINGS A CHAPERONE. This one should be a no-brainer, but some women don't get it. It's not appropriate to bring your girlfriend on a date with you. Remember, the guy you're with asked YOU out, not YOU and your CHAPERONE.

4. BE THE WOMAN WHO ACTS LIKE A SLUT TO GET ATTENTION. Sure, that little mini-dress looks great on you, but it's not appropriate for a first date. If you dress like a slut, your date is going to treat you like one.

5. BE THE WOMAN WHO CAN'T HOLD HER LIQUOR. There's nothing worse than being out on a date with a guy who's drunk, right? Well, guess what? Guys hate it, too. They don't want to have to babysit a woman who can't hold her liquor. Your best bet is to limit the number of cocktails you have on a date to just two, if you're going to drink at all.

6. BE THE WOMAN WHO TALKS ABOUT HERSELF TOO MUCH. Remember, you're on a date. It's not your show and  you're not being interviewed. You're on a date with a nice guy and you want find out as much about him as you can. The only real way to do that is by listening and not monopolizing the conversation with everything about you.

7. BE THE WOMAN WITH THE DRAMA QUEEN TENDENCIES. If you're on a date and the waiter takes too long to bring the bread or forgets to bring you water, don't remark about how you're to kill him and don't make a scene. Just wait politely. You don't want the guy you're with to think that you fly off the handle at every little thing that happens. Use the time you're waiting to find out more about your guy.

8. BE THE WOMAN WHO CAN'T STOP BRAGGING. Okay, so you're probably much cooler than the guy you're on a date with. You've probably accomplished more, too. But when you're on a date being humble is way more attractive than being a braggart. And remember, you don't want the guy you're with to feel intimidated by your sheer awesomeness. J

9. BE THE WOMAN WHO CHEWS LIKE A COW. Okay ladies, you know you would hate it if the guy you're on a date with chewed in a gross manner. So why would you do it? It's not ladylike and really gives off a bad impression.

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