Friday, April 22, 2011

Skinny Fat

Skinny Fat is a new term, new to health and fitness jargon, and there are a growing number of people (women in particular, starlets even more in particular) that are affected by this phenomenon. When you are skinny fat, you may look great on the outside, and definitely as skinny as the magazines want you to be, but on the inside your body has high levels of fat instead of healthy lean muscle mass. A skinny fat person (you know who we’re talking about) may look great in a v-neck, but ask her to expose an upper thigh or an upper arm, and layers of fat in the form of cellulite on sagging skin may be hiding there. When muscle and fat is evenly distributed you have far less cellulite.

Skinny Fat is a condition that affects more women than men. This is primarily because men aren't scared of lifting heavy weights (and also men naturally have far more muscle than fat). Women, on the other hand, are usually afraid of weight lifting to build lean muscle, as the fear of bulking up is quite high. Along with the absence of weight training, women are also easy prey to fad diets that lack essential nutrients, while sticking only to cardio at the gym and following fitness fads. 

On Health Me Up we maintain that fitting into a smaller dress size is not half as important as being healthy by eating right and exercising well. And we know now that simply being skinny is not the same as being healthy. The skinnier you get without putting on muscle, the more likely the chances of Osteoporosis! 

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The less lean muscle you have, the less work your bones have to do, and they begin to shed that incredibly valuable osseous material: Your bones, which are, in fact, living tissues directly related to your blood, immune system, strength, longevity – even your mood. You have to feed them, and weight-bearing exercises are food for your bones.

There is only one solution to problems like Osteoporosis, a belly that won’t budge, and looking good in a bikini! – Weight bearing exercises. This requires a mindset change for most women who are still stuck in the aerobics and cardio rut. Yes its important to do cardio, and yes it will make you thin. But it won’t increase your metabolism, and it won’t help you build muscle. 

The perfect way to be skinny fat is by running 15 miles a day and living on juice, fruits, and other incomplete diets. Yes, you will be skinny, but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you about the dangers of living such an unhealthy existence. For those of you out there, who think that you are fit and healthy but are regularly falling sick, have low immunity and are injury prone, think again!

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