Thursday, April 16, 2015

Candy Crush

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If you have been tortured by innumerable requests to play Candy crush on Facebook by your stupid friends, you finally have something to shove in their faces. The game has claimed its first casualty.  And if you are the other type, the one that is hooked to the online game Candy Crush, you better take this seriously. Karma will catch up with you guys!

This is probably one of the most bizarre accidents. A 29-year-old American man tore a tendon in his thumb, thanks to playing Candy Crush non-stop for more than a month. And what’s even stranger is that for a long time he did not feel any pain while playing. According to his doctors, this was because while playing video games, people (especially addicts) experience extreme pleasure due to which they become numb to sensations of pain and discomfort.

Video game addiction is a very serious first-world problem that is affecting a wide cross section of our population. It’s not just teens who are addicted to spending their time online, but men and women as old as forty are hooked to online games these days. As we spend hours commuting in metros or through traffic, we depend on our phones to while away time.

What happened to this man is terrifying. He played the game all day long for about six weeks. He now needs surgery to repair the torn tendon.

 All you candy crush addicts who have annoyed the hell out of your Facebook friends by sending them requests, be scared. Be very very scared.  

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