Thursday, April 16, 2015

High Heels

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If you are in love with flats, then don't even bother reading any further, because this story is for women who are in love with their heels. From Louboutin to Jimmy Choo and Manholo Blahnik, they either have or lust after these brands and can definitely give Carrie Bradshaw some stiff competition. Here are some things only girls who wear high heels will understand.

You've been wearing high heels ever since you were a teen, but you still trip and fall while walking to work. Indian roads are horrible and you've made your peace with that. Just get up, giggle and saunter off.
  • Shoe bites are no biggie. You always have band-aid to fix those. Besides, you consider the marks they leave as well-earned battle scars.
  • You have your own background music. People know just about when you are about to enter a room.
  • Blisters, joint pains... they are so worth it, because nothing is as fabulous as strutting about wearing those gorgeous heels.
  • Staircases, slippery floors, hilly terrains are places you never ever want to venture, because hello... heels!
  • You always carry a pair of flats in your bag, because travelling in the local transport wearing your fabulous heels is blasphemy.
  • Everything looks good on you. From jeans to dresses, your heels make any outfit look so much better. Hello, fabulous!
  • You go from walking to strutting, the moment you put on your fancy heels.
  • You are never the Shorty of the group, all thanks to your high heels. No kisses on the forehead too. And did we mention sex with your heels on? Yay!
  • At the end of day, when you reach home and take off your really high heeled peep toes, it's like you're having an orgasm.

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