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Affordable Slim Watches

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As with everything, thinner seems to be better — or so they've been saying. Whether it’s Gwyneth Paltrow and her latest book or CrossFit going global, thin is most definitely in.

As for watches, for a long time they were big, brazen and ostentatious, their size taken as an an indication of their ability (think complications), and even their stature. The inevitable trend pendulum is now swinging towards the other extreme: slim watches.

Slimmer than ever, the watch of the moment is a throwback to the 20th century, when gentlemen wore sleeker watches so as not to weigh down their wrists. The classics were worn with leather straps, and the modernists of the time with rubber or even plastic.

But with less space, sometimes the complications need to be masterfully compressed, leading to a mighty complicated and expensive watch. The highbrow brands, like Piaget and Jaeger-LeCoultre, have the most technically beautiful watches in the slim range.

Skagen Analog Havene Quartz

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Specs: 45mm, stainless steel
Just how slim can you go? Weighing in at just 8.7mm, this watch comes in the most perfect Danish design; we can thank Skagen founders Henrik and Charlotte Jorst.

Daniel Wellington Bristol Rose Watch
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Price: $220
Specs: 44mm, stainless steel
Just how slim can you go? 7mm of idyllic English minimalist design for the wrist. So minimal, in fact, that Derek Zoolander might call it a watch for ants.

Boccia Titanium Chronograph
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Specs: 34mm, titanium
Just how slim can you go? 7mm. The watch company Boccia is famed for only making titanium watches, and here a prime slim one.

 Bering Titanium And Rubber Strap
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Specs: 31mm, stainless steel
Just how slim can you go? 6mm. Inspired by the arctic, the design by Max René is, as with the rest of the brand’s watches, extra, extra slim. Slip this under a business suit or, even better, your ski suit this season.

Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto
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Specs: 31.5mm, Black ion plated stainless steel
Just how slim can you go? 5mm. Forget the fact that it doesn’t get slimmer than this — it’s solar powered, and keeps going for months on end.

Pierre Petit Serie Nizza

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Specs: 38mm, stainless steel

Just how slim can you go? 6mm. Who knew that watches came from Austria? And on top of that, a watch as slim and pragmatic as this one? The calfskin band rounds it off with just the right amount of panache.

Hamlin Ultra Thin Mesh Band
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Specs: 36mm, stainless steel.
Just how slim can you go? 7.2mm. This is an American classic watch for the seeker of a not-too-slim wrist piece. So it’s on the thicker side of thin, just in case too thin is, well, just too thin.

Rotary Ultra Slim Leather Strap
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Specs: 31mm, stainless steel.
Just how slim can you go? 5mm. The family-run brand is antique, dating back to 1895, and even supplied the British Army with watches in 1940. It’s classic, it’s a Tonneau shape and it’s chic and slim. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

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