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Mahabharat, Jai Hanuman and more: Shows that taught us Hindu mythology
The late ’80s and early ’90s was the time when we saw our grandmoms literally worshipping the television sets. Every Sunday morning, the grandmothers, or rather the whole family religiously gathered in the living room for the mandatory weekly ‘darshan’.

Wasn’t it pure fun watching them glued to the TV sets when throughout the week you’d be scolded for the same? And, of course we loved it too. Those garishly dressed up rakshas and laughable special effects had us enthralled as did the heft of the age-old stories.

You can map the success of these series by the fact that roads went empty when they were telecast. And most of the titular characters went on to carve a political career. How could people not vote for a Krishna or Ram come asking for votes?

   All kids in those years began a fight after blowing a make-believe conch, courtesy Mahabharat. And even if you weren’t great at studies, you still know the shloka "Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya…" You knew all the main characters of the great Indian epic and your bhasha make really shuddh, which made your Hindi teacher extremely happy.

   Shree Krishna
          It is not for nothing that Krishna was every kid’s favourite god. He stole butter, was a friend’s friend, could take on authority figures and still come out smelling of roses. And did you see the episode where he lifted the Govardhan?


Admit it, most of us believed Lord Ram looked like Arun Govil and Arvind Trivedi aka Ravan was evil incarnate. A bow and arrow was our toy of choice and a spirited battle was fought everyday in the playground.

     Shree Ganesh
    How could you not heart a god who has a mouse for a friend and loves ladoos? Ganesha’s naughty escapades and his child-like innocence made this show a must-watch.

Jai Hanuman
We have all done it -- holding our cricket bats like the monkey god and blowing up our cheeks. After that, we imagined we were flying. Childhood was just perfect.

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