Saturday, April 18, 2015

World's Best-Dressed Royals

Some of the World's Best-Dressed Royals at One Big Party
Original Source:  Leah Melby/
Photos: Rex USA

When it comes to royal style, there is a handful of ladies who consistently trump everyone. Kate Middleton, of course, but also Queens Letizia and Maxima, and Princess Mary. Each lady is a major style force in her home country, but we rarely get a glimpse at them looking glamorous all together. That just changed, thanks to a glittery 75th birthday party for Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (but seriously—those tiaras!)

Australian-born Princess Mary celebrated her mother-in-law's birthday in a sugary pink gown that fell off her shoulders.

Spain's Queen Letizia has continuously gotten more stylish since her coronation last summer. For this event, she stepped outside of the solid box, picking a black-and-white tiered gown.

Known worldwide for her taste, Queen Maxima didn't disappoint in a fringed black gown and lots of diamonds.

Princess Marie of Denmark did classic royal style, wearing navy lace with to-the-wrist sleeves.

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