Thursday, December 20, 2007


Women Trafficking in Nepal:
The Constitution of the government of Nepal has guarantee the right of equality to women, however discrimination and problems against women manifest in a number of ways in Nepal. Age-old patriarchal value system, social and cultural practices have crippled the women in many says. Women are treated as a commodity since a long-time. They are regarded as second-class citizen and discriminated against in social, cultural, economic and political fronts as well. They are so oppressed, exploited and dominated that they only play the stereotype role in the entire society. The trafficking of women is more serious and deep-rooted problem in Nepal........
It is estimated that more than 150,000 innocent rural women and girl children are trafficked to Indian brothels and cities alone for commercial sex. Numbers of girl children and women become victims of sexual abuse, including rape inside the country. Since the Rana's despotic family rule, rural girl children were brought to cities for their housework or midwife. As they grown up, they were being sexually exploited and in the past many among them were settled with their livelihood too. This practice lured the rural poor indigenous people to send their innocent girls for away even India for the purpose of housework. With the pace of time, the problem spread over acutely, chronically, inhumanly and barbarously. It is estimated that every year 5000 to 7000 Nepalese girl children are trafficked to India alone. These facts and factors made Nepal as a country of facing the acute women trafficking problems.

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