Friday, April 17, 2015

Salad Dressing

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Dig into a crisp, cool salad for a perfect summer meal. Salads are easy to do, nutritious and make for a filling meal. However,  if you don’t play around with dressings flavours, then it can get a bit boring. Here are a few ideas that’ll jazz up your salads this summer:

1 Puree fun: Use puree of your favourite fruit as a dressing. Avocado puree with some lime and olive oil adds a nice, creamy texture to the salad and blends well with the basic ingredients. “It has  great nutritional value and the addition of lime balances the flavours very well,” says chef Kunal Kapoor.

2  Lemon-mint vinaigrette: Add a dash of citrusy freshness into your salad by using lemon-mint as your dressing. “Combine the flavours of lemon and mint to add sparkle to simple salads made with steamed vegetables, potatoes or grains, such as couscous,” says chef Adam Szczechura.

3  Strawberry –Tarragon Vinaigrette: Fresh strawberries with tarragon give your salad a dose of anti-oxidants, making your salad  healthy. You can also add bitter greens such as arugula or escarole, to give it a twist.

4  Sherry vinaigrette: For breezy summer evenings, top your salad with sherry. No matter how complex your salad is, sherry just makes everything smooth. Mix it up with just a touch of vinegar for tang and body, and with some and smooth olive oil.

5  Mint yoghurt and blueberry: Yoghurt and blueberry make for a fabulous dressing to go with lettuce or vegetables. “High in protein and vitamin, it also helps to fill up the thirst for moisture. A daily serving especially in summer keeps cold away. The combination works really well,” says chef Nishtant Choubey

6 Raspberry vinaigrette: This sweet dressing offers an excellent finish for a salad of mixed greens, fresh peaches or berries and grilled chicken.

7  Honey pepper vinaigrette:  This combination of honey, black pepper, and mint and sherry vinegar topped over fresh tomatoes, grilled shrimp or chicken breast is perfect and irresistible.

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