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Summer Beauty Trends

White is the new black and yes, the humble braids are here to stay! We present a round-up of the runway trends in beauty, make-up and hair that are set to take spring/summer 2015 by storm

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1. Double French manicure: How can you take a classic French manicure to the next level? It's simple, just double the impact! Seen on the spring/summer runway this year, double French manicure gives a distinctly tropical vibe. To achieve the look at home, apply a coat of glossy clear nail paint and let it dry. Next, brush a thick arc of pinkish-white paint across the top of the nail. Once it dries, draw a thinner arc of turquoise colour across the tip. Try this one for a chic spin on the traditional style!

2. Colourful & feminine hair accessories: You can hardly imagine summer without floral motifs. From uber-impressive and attention-grabbing huge floral headpieces to cute scarves and bands that look like rabbit's ears, bohemian floral accessories blossomed on the runway forming a major trend in 2015. If you don't experiment with hairstyles often, these will tempt you into it. For a beach-friendly look, style your hair with these accessories and wear a cute cover-up. Also apt for the boho-chicgirl-in-town look.

3. Golden glittery eyes: You'll to tally fall in love with this minimalist meets intergalactic eye make-up.Let your eyes be the centre of attention by applying loose glitter to three points of the eyes - the inner corners along with the top and bottom lash line. To add some more glam, line the upper eyelid with gold liner and dot the inner corners of the eye with gold eyeshadow. Retain a fresh-faced, natural look by keeping your skin and lips artfully bare (or consider applying a taupe or nude lipstick). Keep your brows well-groomed.

4. The Lob: Neither too short nor too lengthy, the Lob (Long Bob) is your definite cut of choice this summer. Fresh, youthful and flattering, women of all ages and any face shape can sport it with elan. Since its both quirky and cool, it's a great option for women tired of their long hairdo. From sexed-up waves to 70s groupie bangs, Hollywood stars are wearing the Lob in smoking-hot ways. Take inspiration form Cameron Diaz, Karlie Kloss, Alexa Chung and Amy Adams.

5. Star tattoos: Not willing to say `yes' to permanent tattoos? Join the temporary tat too bandwagon with bombshells Alessandra Ambrosia, Vanessa Hudgens, and Beyonce who are rocking this trend. Tommy Hilfiger models wore star tattoos in green, grey, black and burgundy on their face, arms, tummy and other parts of the body for a fun and flirty look. These playful tattoos are music fest-chic. If you want to try it at home, make your job easier by creating starshaped stencils and fill them whenever you wish to get inked.

6. Herringbone braids: The humble plait is here to stay! The fad this year is the intricate Herringone Braid. Play with contrasting textures by pairing wet, slicked back hair with a big deconstructed fishtail braid.Comb gel from the roots to the back of the crown and clip the hair in place. Divide it into three sections and cross them over and underneath one an other. Finish by pulling the braid apart with your fingers and spraying your favourite hair product for gloss. Braided buns and woven ponytails are other exciting options for the summer season. So, get high on plaitspiration, ladies!

7. Purple eyeshadow: Think of this one as your new smokey-eye effect. A gorgeous blend of mauve and lavender, this flattering hue will make fair, dusky as well as pale complexions pop.To achieve the apt effect, remember to keep the colour minimal; it shouldn't look aggressive.Line the upper lashes with dark brown eyeliner. Dab some pinky-violet lipstick on the lids and brush metallic brown shadow on top. Finish with a coat of deep purple mascara. Keep the foundation light and the rest of the face bare. Don't apply make-up under the eyes.

8. Sleek ponytails with hair loops: Hurrah for this couture ponytail! Turn the basic ponytail into something cool, and unlike anything you may have seen before with these functional plastic hair loops or links. Work a thickening mousse through the hair for volume, tuck the bottom section up under the top and mould the hair into an egg-like shape at the back of the crown. Now, make a loop through which you can pass the ring. Then, loop a thick hair extension around the second ring for a polished, modern, futuristic-looking ponytail.

9. Bold, Graphic eyeliner: "This season try out the most outstanding cat eye look ever with bold and expressive colours like bright orange, pink and white," suggests beauty and make-up expert Akriti Kochar.For an off-beat look, apply falsies to the top and bottom along with lots of lengthening mascara for 60s-inspired eyes. Pick a white eyeliner and wing the inner and outer corners out slightly with a few smaller strokes on each side. White is the new black! And for bright a neon effect, opt for a bright orange lipstick and use your fingers to apply it as blush.

10. The off-centre parting: In tune with the season's trend for `real' or `natural beauty', wear a parting that is neither neat at one side nor precise in the centre. It will frame your face making it appear longer, thinner. Centre parting also helps define cheekbones and elongates facial features. For a flawless parting, be sure to create it while you your hair is wet so that your strands dry in place.

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