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When Drunk

10 Things You Mustn't Do When Drunk

Yes, we are ready to party, let our hair down and drink up. While we want to go all out to bring in the New Year, let's not get a little carried away with the celebrations and say goodbye to 2010 on an embarrassing note. Here are things you mustn't do when drunk and deranged.  
1. Drunk dial your crush
The more alcohol we consume, the less inhibited we feel. So, there's this guy who's on your mind and he likes you too, but you aren't going to give in that easily because you want to keep him on the chase ;) Then came New Year's Eve and you got drunk. What followed next was you drunk-dialed this boy and poured your heart out. Or worse still made out with him! 
2. Get a tattoo
Always planned to get a tattoo but never had the guts to sit through the process. Then you got high on New Year's eve and made up your mind to welcome the next year with art on your body. Except that when you woke up next morning to find out that the 'art' seemed more like somebody's name tattooed on your body, in a place you never want to see! Or hold on, is that a piercing?!
3. Go on a long drive
Drunk and in need of some fresh air? You feel you have got the green light to go on a long drive with your equally drunk friends and the sound system belting out your favourite numbers in blaring loud volume! All's good till you drive into the ally of your friendly neighbourhood traffic cop who will perhaps show you the way to the police station. 
4. Meet your parents or landlady/hostel warden

After a long hard day of partying you come back home longing for your bed and ready to pass out. Little did you know that your mother will be waiting for you at the door because she has stayed up all night worried about your whereabouts. And then it happens, you say, "Opps sorry Mom!" and throw-up the night's spoils! We have kept our fingers crossed so that this never happens to you because if it does you will never be allowed to go for any parties in 2011.  

If you are living away from home in a hostel or PG, seek refuge at a friend's place whenever you are drunk. At least your mother will let you into the house but a merciless hostel warden or PG Aunty will throw you out and complain to your parents!
5. Mix it with other 'other-worldly' elements
How high you are on alcohol is equivalent to your rebel quotient! So if you are really drunk on New Year's, will you give into the temptation of flouting rules and experiment with illegal substances (read drugs)? Alcohol mixed with other substances can be a lethal concoction for you. So, drunk or not, stay far, far away from substances. Get yourself a sitter who will make sure you don't do anything foolish when you are dunk.  
6. Get married
This one is a lesson learnt by watching re-runs of the Friend's episode when Rachel gets married to Ross on a drunken, romantic night. If such reel incidents become real on New Year's Eve, the consequences won't be as comical! 
7. Hit on the boss or the co-worker
Do you feel a few extra tequilas helps you find the flirt within? And when you have made a connect why not flaunt your seductive powers. However, if your chosen subject (or victim) is that hot colleague (fodder for subconscious lust) or your Boss (God forbid) you are in for some professional trouble in the New Year!
8. Use your credit card
You have been thinking that you are going to live well in the coming year. Then your wish came true on New Year's Eve when you were drunk and ordered several rounds of cocktails, drinks and shots for your party mates. Next you called up your travel agent and booked a flight to your dream destination. Wow, the credit goes to your credit card! Don't you think it would have been a better idea to have hidden it at home before the party?  
9. Go skinny dipping 
Yeah you live life to the fullest! And just to prove a point you jumped into your friend's pool in completely butt naked on New Year's Eve.  Need we say that you were drunk and funny!
10. Click naughty pics of yourself with someone else's camera
You thought you were camera shy till you couldn't remember the number of drinks you consumed. Then you stunned your friends with flamboyant pouts and naughty poses. Of course the shutterbugs caught you and you'll find yourself all over Facebook the next day!

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