Tuesday, December 7, 2010


6 Ways to Prevent Your Ex from Ruining Your Current Relationship

1. DON'T BRING THE BAGGAGE. It's easy to take the baggage we rack up in past relationships into our new one, but doing this will ruin your current relationship. Leave the drama and pain that your ex caused you right where it should be '" IN THE PAST!

2. DON'T GIVE HIM ATTENTION. Don't give your ex any attention. If he calls or e-mails, don't reply. Remember, you're in a new relationship now and you don't need your ex overshadowing that. Your new relationship deserves a chance.

3. DON'T COMPARE. Sometimes it's easy to compare your ex and your new guy. Don't do it. It's not fair to your new guy to compare him to your ex. They are two different people. Instead of spending your time comparing, use that time to get to know your ex.

4. DON'T REACH OUT. You may have the urge to reach out to your ex after a little time has passed. Maybe you want to know what he's been up to or you're just curious. Don't be. Reaching out to your ex and trying to keep a relationship going with him as friends isn't going to do anything to help your current relationship. Concentrate on your present relationship, not one from the past that is long gone.

5. DON'T KEEP HIM AROUND. Hanging out with your ex isn't really appropriate when you're in a new relationship. Even if your breakup was totally amicable and there's nothing there, it's a good idea to keep your distance from your ex while you nurture your new relationship.

6. DON'T GET BACK TOGETHER. You may not reach out to your ex, but he may reach out to you to pitch the idea of you both getting back together. Don't listen. You're in a new relationship and don't need to listen to your ex's nonsense about how things will be different if only you guys could get back together. They won't and you will be wasting your time again, so don't do it. Give your new relationship the chance to flourish that it deserves. 

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