Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Date

8 Ways to Avoid Letting a Loser Into Your Life

1. DON'T FULLY COMMIT TO A NEW GUY UNTIL YOU'VE MET HIS PARENTS, BEST FRIEND OR SOMEONE WHO CAN VOUCH FOR HIM. Sure, he may have told you about these people when you started dating, but you won't know exactly what the situation is until you've had a look for yourself. Before you give your heart to a guy, you want to get a good look at what you're committing yourself to if you decide to get into a relationship with him. That includes understanding his circumstances and getting to know the important people in his life. If you really like the guy and he doesn't bring up organizing a meet-and-greet with his fam, you can suggest it yourself. There's no harm in that.

2. DON'T ACCEPT AN INVITATION TO GO OUT WITH A GUY UNTIL AT LEAST 24 HOURS AFTER HE'S ASKED. You don't have to rush to say yes to a guy who asks you out. Take it slow, do a little research. Log on to and search for his name, or Google him and see what comes up. Then accept his invitation if you find that he's worthy to share a little bit of your precious time. Lots of guys are going to ask you out, but the ones you want to give your time to are the ones who might make good long-term boyfriends, not fly-by-night flings.

3. DON'T DATE A GUY WHO TAKES TOO LONG TO CALL YOU BACK. If you reach out to a guy, don't sit by the phone waiting for him to return your call. At the same, however, when you call him, he should return your call the same day or the next day. If a guy takes a week to call you back, he's obviously busy with other things and isn't the right guy for you.

4. DON'T DATE A GUY SERIOUSLY UNTIL YOU KNOW WHERE HE LIVES AND YOU'VE SEEN HIS PLACE WITH YOUR OWN TWO EYES. You can go out on, say, five dates with a guy before you see where he lives. After that, it's time to check out his crib. So many women date guys for long periods of time without knowing exactly where their guy lives. How could you share your time (and maybe even your body) with a guy yet not know where he sleeps every night? That doesn't make any sense. If a guy keeps the location of his place under wraps while your life is an open book, something's wrong.

5. DON'T DATE A GUY WHO IS ALWAYS LATE FOR YOUR DATES. Respecting the time of the guys you encounter on the dating scene is an essential part of being a good dater. If you've made a date with a guy, be on time. If he can't seem to give you the same respect, ditch him. Why would you want to date a guy who can't show up at a restaurant on time? If you get into a relationship with him, he will definitely be late for something important-just hope it isn't your wedding!:)

6. DON'T DATE A GUY WHO TALKS TOO MUCH ABOUT HIS EX. You'll encounter guys on the dating scene who say they are over their ex and ready to move on, but in reality, they're just looking for someone to date while they try to get over her'"Ms. Right Now. Don't let that be you when you're looking for long-term love! You can always tell a guy who's stuck on his ex by the number of times he brings her up. If he's constantly talking about her, instead of trying to get to know you, he's not ready for another relationship yet.

7. DON'T DATE A GUY WHO SPENDS TOO MUCH TIME AT WORK. Ambitious guys are great, but if all the guy you're dating does is eat, sleep, and work, he's probably not really available for a serious relationship. He may not be doing anything wrong, but if you get into a relationship with him, you're hardly ever going to see him, and that's no fun.

8. DON'T DATE A GUY WHO IS TOO FRIENDLY WITH OTHER WOMEN. These guys are very easy to spot. They're the guys who ogle other women right in front of you with no remorse, or the guy who has to chat up every waitress, store clerk, and random woman in his vicinity. Then there's the guy in the gym who will see a woman using a particular piece of equipment and slither up to her to start a conversation by asking her if he can use it too. If you encounter a guy like this, definitely ditch him. He's so not the one for you! A guy like this can only bring you heartache if you decide to get into a relationship.


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