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Top 10 Jewellery Picks for the Party Season

Pink polish: "It is a big trend this party season. Everyone’s buying bracelets and earrings in a shade of pink,”. Accessory tip: If you are looking out for thin bangles in sets of three, go with pink, white and gold. Image courtesy: © Thinkstock Photos/ Getty Images 

Chunky cuffs: These are favourites with every fashionista this season. “Big cuffs, especially the Italian or enamel ones are in,” adds Aanchal. Image courtesy: Aanchal Tulsiani and Vasundhara Mantri

Filigree: “Another element that is really selling in jewellery is filigree, whether it's earrings, cuffs or even neck pieces” says Aanchal. So make sure to include jewellery with this kind of intricate detailing to complete your New Year's look. Image courtesy: Silver Streak

Coloured jewels: They are an absolute rage. So if you want to stay trendy, you know what to do. “Champagne diamonds are must-haves this season,". And while you are upgrading your jewellery collection, remember that blues, pinks and golds are soon catching up as the next big trend. Image courtesy: © Thinkstock Photos/ Getty Images

Bib necklaces: “Choose one focus piece to accessorise rather than a cluster of different jewels. A single neck piece works like magic,”. Neck pieces with metal and stones particularly, are really hot and can be a great highlight without taking away from your dress! “Huge necklaces, also knows as bib necklaces are becoming popular,”. Image courtesy: Vasundhara Mantri

Motif rings Image courtesy: Silver Streak

Brooches: A hot favourite, brooches are perfect if you plan on wearing a drape dress or an outfit that has a nice fall. It will give your outfit the required highlight too. Image courtesy: © Thinkstock Photos/ Getty Images

Marcasite jewellery: Jewellery brand, Silver Streaks has a collection of Marcasite jewellery (a type of jewellery that dates back to the ancient Greeks and was popularised by the Victorians). Guess what; it's back in vogue! With its antique look and soft, gentle gleam, Marcasite jewellery has a beautiful, faded charm, reminiscent of old world glamour. Image courtesy: Silver Streak

Earrings with stones: Earrings can never ever go out of style! So if it’s not your neck piece, use a stunning pair of earrings to highlight your look. The right pair can even alter the look of your face. “Earrings with stones are still very popular. Pick a pair with rubies for that elegant look," Vasundhara recommends. Image courtesy: Vasundhara Mantri.

Delicate anklets: You may have yourself decked up completely but what about your feet? Image courtesy: © Thinkstock Photos/ Getty Images

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