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Weight Loss

Common Weight Loss Myths Busted

Many of us could do with losing some weight but it's often easier to come up with excuses.

While there may be genuine and honest reasons for being unable to shed the kilos, there will always be some who need a reality check for their excuses. Read on to know if you are one of them.

Diets don't work for me
You've tried different diets but never managed to keep the weight off.
The facts
If you take in fewer calories than you need, you will lose weight. The problem comes when we follow quick-fix diets. They're fine for a few weeks, then we hit our target, go easy and get back into bad habits.
Beat it
For lasting weight loss, make realistic lifestyle and diet changes. And watch your alcohol intake.

I have wheat intolerance
Pasta makes you bloat and bread is your diet enemy. The minute you give up wheat, the pounds fall off. Surely this means wheat intolerance.
The facts
Many people find foods like pasta hard to digest. This is often due to the water the pasta absorbs, which makes it swell and leads to bloating. This, however, does not mean you have wheat intolerance (a condition less than 0.1 per cent of us suffer from). Going wheat-free inevitably makes you lose weight as you ditch the fat-loaded pizzas and pastries.
Beat it
Other symptoms of wheat intolerance are headaches and joint pains. If you suffer from these, see your GP and keep a food diary to work out what bring on the symptoms.

It's my hormones
The mysterious world of hormones gets the blame for all manner of things including your weight gain.
The facts
Women with polycystic ovaries may find their weight hard to control. Also, PMS can impact a woman's weight, as rising progesterone and serotonin levels affect mood and food choices.
Beat it
Don't overeat in the week before your period. When you feel less hungry afterwards, make sure you go back to eating sensibly.

I've got a slow metabolism
Some people seem to eat loads and never gain weight, whereas you pile it on and always feel tired. It must be a case of slow metabolism.
The factsVast majority of overweight people do not have a dysfunctional metabolism. If you are very active, you will have a high metabolism and burn lots of calories. If you're not, you will have a slow metabolism.
Beat it
Being active and eating nutritious foods like lean meat and vegetables boosts metabolism.

It's my medication
You can't risk your health by stopping the pills. So what can you do if they make you gain weight?
The facts
Many drugs for common complaints, such as depression, diabetes, migraines and high blood pressure, can lead to unintentional weight gain.
Beat it
First, ask your doctor if there's an alternative that doesn't cause weight gain. In cases where this isn't possible, ask to see a dietician.

It's in my genesObesity runs in the family. So, it’s not your fault if you are obese too.
The factsWhile it's possible to inherit obesity, it's not a dominant gene. Your chances of being overweight are far more affected by eating habits you adopt when growing up.
Beat itIf there's a family tendency to being fat, it's important to learn about healthy eating when young and get regular bouts of exercise.

I'm big-bonedWe'd all love to believe it's large frames that are to blame for our size.
The factsBeing big-boned means you will have more muscle, but it shouldn't add more than a few kilos.
Beat itTry to accept your body type. You can still be slim and look amazing if you learn to eat properly for your size.

It's water retentionIt's not flab, it's water, and you're forever finding yourself puffed up with it. Or are you?
The factsMany women suffer from cramp-related water retention during the week before their periods.
Beat itFluid is transported around the body by our lymphatic system, and we rely on muscle movement to keep it flowing. So get lots of exercise and walk instead of driving whenever you get the chance.
Being big-boned means you will have more muscle, but it shouldn't add more than a few kilos

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