Thursday, December 30, 2010

Secret Crush on Another Woman

8 Signs Your Guy Has a Secret Crush on Another Woman
1. HE TALKS INCESSANTLY ABOUT HER. If your guy talks about one girl all the time, he may have a crush on her. Find out what you can about the girl he keeps talking about so much to see if he's developing feelings for her.

2. HE COMPARES YOU TO HER. If your guy compares you to his crush, it may be time to leave the relationship because he definitely has feelings brewing for her. For example, if you cook his favorite meal a certain way and he tells you that his crush does it a different way, be very careful because your guy is starting to focus his attention away from you and onto her.

3. HE ASKS YOU TO DO THE THINGS THAT SHE DOES. If your guy talks about the things his crush does that the things you do, you have a serious problem on your hands. For instance, if your guy's crush is named Suzy and he tells her that Suzy works out at the gym five times a week and asks you why you don't do the same thing, he's got a crush. And he's not keeping it so secret.

4. HE SPENDS A LOT OF "PLATONIC" TIME WITH HER. If your guy's secret crush is a co-worker that he spends a lot of supposedly "platonic" time with, beware. There's no way he could be just friends with a girl he has a crush on.

5. HE INTERJECTS HER OPINIONS IN YOUR CONVERSATIONS. If you're having a disagreement with your guy and he interjects that "Suzy says" in the conversation, your relationship is in trouble because he is now giving credence to his crush's opinions. This also means he talks to his crush about your personal business. These are both signs of a romantic relationship on the brink of collapse.

6. HE CALLS OR TEXT HER ALL THE TIME. If you find that your guy is making a lot of phone calls or exchanging a lot of texts with one woman, she may be his crush. In which case, it may be time for you to think about breaking up with your guy.

7. HE COMES TO HER RESCUE...ALL THE TIME. If one woman is always calling your guy to help her move, help her with a flat tire or otherwise come to her rescue, something is definitely up.

8. HE MAKES HER HIS PRIORITY. Your guy's got priorities right? One of the most important of which should be you. But what if he makes his crush his priority? For example, if he's supposed to meet you for drinks after work, but calls to say he's gotten stuck helping his crush Suzy, it's time to ditch the *** and find someone new. 

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