Friday, December 17, 2010

Reebok Easy Tone

winter already knok door....i am planing to buy sport shoes for me and looking for good pair of shoes with good day while return home i saw Reebok Easy tone shoes banner at kings way (Durbar Marg)....i want to buy this because its says its make butt and legs in better shape and i am also girl next door who want to look fit.....
this is Saturday morning.....cold out side and me having cup of milk tea and doing my Favorited work....searching Price of Reebok Easy-tone shoes on net....

EasyTone Flip Flop

Price: from $29.97

EasyTone Reeinspire

Price: from $54.95

EasyTone Go Outside 
Price: from $49.99

EasyTone Reeinspire

Price: from $54.95

EasyTone Reeinspire Lux
Price: from $124.95

EasyTone Trend
Price: from  $109.95

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