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Weight Loss

8 Healthy Habits for Easy Weight Loss

There are hundreds of dieting mantras doing the rounds and few agree with each other. As a result, you often jump aimlessly from one pattern to the other and end up disillusioned at the end. However, all you need is a subtle shift in your approach to food and lifestyle. Nuri Khan, proprietor, Studio 5 fitness center, tells you the simple way to lose weight. And no, it does NOT include dieting.

Time your meals
When you eat at frequent intervals, your brain doesn't get the opportunity to crave for calories. And when you do away with those bouts of cravings, chances are, that the frequency at which you reach out to unhealthy food (which is incidentally much readily available) will reduce.
Also, learn to spend time with your food. When you chew and savour every bite, it's easier to know at what point you start feeling full vis-à-vis times when you gulp down food in a hurry.

Hit the sack
Studies have shown that lack of sleep and the resulting disorientation in the mind can lead to a possible weight gain. To start with, the level of stress hormone (cortisol) in the body is high which leads to higher water retention in the body. And that shows on your body in the form of excess weight. Also, when your sleep quota hasn't been met, it directly impacts the quality of your workout.

Sleep also replaces the idle activities where you are more prone to eat. What would you prefer, watching a late night movie with a midnight snack or simply going to bed and catching up on rest?

Replace the sugar
Have a plate of fruits first thing in the morning. The natural sugar will take care of your sugar cravings. When you provide your body with sugar before it asks for it, you
negate the possibility of falling back on artificial sugar. Also, watch out for sources of sugar that find their way in inadvertently, such as aerated drinks and jelly.

Limit alcohol
If possible, avoid alcohol altogether. However, if you can't, the least you can do is limit its intake. Also, brush up on your IQ on the calories present in various drinks. White wine, for instance, ranks lowest in its calorie count. Beer ranks high. Also, cocktails are loaded with calories because of the presence of aerated drinks, energy supplements and processed juices. And not to forget, with drinks invariably you have food, which you possibly wouldn't have had otherwise.

Eat at home
The first step to losing weight is to keep a track of the number of calories you have, precisely what you cannot do in case of outside food. It is always advisable to eat at home since it gives you complete control over the ingredients, its quality, the method of cooking, etc. Not to mention, the ingredients of outside food are far from fresh. The long refrigeration process drains them of crucial nutrition. In addition, cooking can help you de-stress and the process of putting together what you see on your plate can make you more health conscious.

Go vegAs much as the non-vegetarians harp about veggies being low on proteins, the truth remains that plausible options are available. It cannot be denied that vegetarian food helps shed those kilos faster. Digesting non-veg is tougher for your body and it also includes a lot more fat. On the nutrition chart, beans, lentils and legumes are packed with fiber which is crucial for your body.

Get the right portions
Make a note of your current food portions and reduce from it. Instead of opting for a crash diet where you alienate yourself from food calories for days together, reduce the intake gradually. A simple way to do this is to opt for a smaller plate. Studies have proved that people with larger plates eat more and vice-versa is also true. Your plate must also have the right mix of nutrients. For instance, if the plate has three portions, the first one must have daal and sabzi, the second one should be rich in salads and the third one can have rotis (or rice if need be).

Small activities count
Take 10 minutes out every day and engage in an activity. Every extra calorie burned matters. For instance, sweeping and swabbing the floor can do wonders for your waistline. You may also opt for a quick jog, take the stairs in your office and home or even choose to walk to the station. Taking your dog out for a walk is also a good idea.

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