Friday, August 24, 2012

Cancer Awareness

We all know that the light pink ribbon stands for breast cancer awareness. But did you know that each of the other types of cancer have a colour of their own? As World Cancer Day approaches (May 14), we tell you what each coloured ribbon stands for.

Pink ribbon: The pink ribbon is most commonly associated with breast cancer. It is also symbolic of childhood cancer awareness.

Yellow ribbon: Though the yellow ribbon is most commonly associated with bladder cancer, it also stands for suicide prevention and spina bifida (a birth defect with the backbone).

Burgundy ribbon: The burgundy ribbon stands for multiple myeloma or bone marrow cancer. 

Purple ribbon: The purple ribbon signifies pancreatic cancer and testicular cancer.

Grey ribbon:  The grey ribbon symbolises brain cancer.

Blue ribbon: The blue ribbon signifies prostrate cancer. Apart from that it symbolises child abuse.

White ribbon: The white ribbon stands for lung cancer.

Orange ribbon: The orange ribbon stands for leukemia and kidney cancer.

Teal ribbon: The teal-coloured ribbon stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and ovarian cancer.

Black ribbon: Stands for melanoma or skin cancer awareness

Red ribbon: The red ribbon is the universal symbol of AIDS awareness

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Alessia Di Girolamo said...

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