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7 way to Wear White 
The scorching summers call for colors that brighten up your day, but even the mention of the colour white gives you that calm soothing feeling. A color synonymous to all seasons, white will keep you cool this summer or cozy during winters. Let’s look at some ways to include white in your wardrobe and create different looks this season.  

1. All white makes Jack a happy man
A certain 70's actor comes to mind when you think of an all-white look. White pants and a white T-shirt broken down by a subtle colored shoe or accessories can make for the perfect summer attire if carried off well.

 2. White pants
Chose white cotton or linen pants for a relaxed and laidback look and team it with a printed or solid colored shirt with rolled up sleeves. Go sockless with loafers or sandals; add a hat, and you're all set to beat the heat in style.

 3. Top it up
While a white shirt will cool you down on a sunny day, team it with printed trousers in pastel colors to up your style. Avoid wearing denims when you have so many other options to choose from which are also summer-friendly.  

4. White Blazer
Whether it’s an engagement brunch or a summer party in the outdoors, the white suit needs to come out in the open. Temperature rise calls for white and a white blazer is the perfect choice for a formal occasion to look smart and cool.  

5. Traditional Cool
Go the traditional-modern way by wearing a plain white kurta and blue jeans for a casual day of work and play. Accessories with shades or add some color with a chain or sandals.  

6. Accessories
If white is a bit too plain for you and been worn throughout the week, try adding it to your outfit in the form of small accessories. Shades with a white frame have a retro feel and look super cool. White shoes too are appealing to the eyes, if kept clean of course.  

7. White-ish
If you still want some color, add it on to your whites. Wear colored prints like stripes on your whites. White T shirts with witty one-liners on it can also be cool, of course if your humor
is good. No need to go completely white as long as the main element is white which is balanced out with some prints. Do clothes really define or change your mood? Well research says they do, so put on your white pants and keep it cool. Just remember to also keep it really clean.  

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