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Eat it, drink it or pour it over strawberries, chocolate is the most popular food on earth. Appreciated by the rich, poor, kids, grandparents, pastry chefs and even strict bosses, chocolates are diverse and dynamic. Studies also tell us that chocolates can actually help weight loss! If you think this is unbelievable, sit back as we unravel some weird and interesting facts about chocolate. Grab a bar of dark chocolate as we give you the straight dope. *Images courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images

Chocolates were the reason that microwaves were invented.

Monkeys were the first to discover chocolate by eating the pulp and spitting out the beans.

Mexican nuns were the first to sell chocolates at their fund raisers for their convents in the 1700s.

Chocolates can be lethal if you consume up to 9.9kg chocolate.

Chocolate cravings cannot be satisfied by any sweet substitute other than chocolate itself.

Chocolate allergies are unheard of.

There is higher satisfaction in eating chocolate than in kissing.

More than twice as many women than men, eat and crave chocolate.

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