Monday, May 2, 2011

Shaving Cuts

The Blade: A sharp blade slices through facial hair at skin level. A dull razor can do that too, but it also hacks a bit on facial skin.  The blade also must be clean, so pass it under running water, or dip it in your mug between strokes. If you medically need to be shave-cut proof, your best bet is an electrical shaver  
Pre-Shave Preparation: Pre-Shave Lotion  There are some people who, after reading our article about shaving with olive oil have eliminated the need for pre-shave lubrication. However, even if you're feeling conservative and manly, a bit of your regular moisturizer, or a pre-shave lotion rubbed into the beard will go a long way for a softer beard and a better shave.  
Warm Water:   As we have mentioned in many of articles on shaving,  rinsing your face with warm water makes your pores open up, and your beard absorb a bit of the water (so it's easier to slice through). And now that your facial hair are prepped for surgery, have your shaving kit at hand to get to work before your stubble gets dry, hard and lazy again.  
The Shave: Don't shave against the grain. At least not on your first drive on the stubble course. Use short, downward strokes.
Adjust your grip for different facial contours; the neck, lips and chin are problem areas for a lot of men. Get the skin flat by pulling the skin down (for your lips), or up (for chin and neck) If you really must, try to shave as much stubble as possible before reapplying shaving cream/ gel and and gently lifting the beard against residual grain.
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