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Indian Male Models

It is said more than often that "models can't act". We say, some can while some are just not made for it.
These models who turned toBollywood for an alternative career in acting have had their fair share of ups and downs. While some tasted success in both fields, some modelling greats faced defeat in Bollywood and slipped into oblivion. Here are some of the models turned actors in Bollywood.

John Abraham

John Abraham was a supermodel and repeated the success story in Bollywood too. He marked his entry in Bollywood with 'Jism' and took quite a while to establish himself as a bankable star. After a notable number of hits, John struck gold with 'Dostana'. Today John is one of the hottest stars of Bollywood and is a style icon for the country's youth.

Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal was a supermodel and was a major force in the modelling world. His entry into Bollywood was not really sugar coated as his initial films bombed critically and commercially. However, Arjun staged a comeback with fiolms like 'Om Shanti Om', 'Don' and 'Rock On'- for which he won a National Award. Today, Arjun has his own standing in the industry and he is considered a good actor.

Dino Morea

His debut film, 'Raaz' opposite ex-girlfriend, Bipasha Basu, was a smash-hit and many thought this model was a worthy find. However, with time, Dino's flop show in films continued and it proved that Dino was probably better off modelling his way to glory. He continues to act in movies once in a while but isn't counted amongst the 'actors' of Bollywood.

Milind Soman

Milind Soman was the king of the runway during his heydays. He acted in a few movies here and there but could not match up to the Bollywood actors as his films performed miserably. He was someone who was glorified on the ramp but failed to create magic on the silver screen.

Upen Patel

No. Upen Patel did not know that Acting actually began with an 'A'. Apart from his overt brawniness and smug appearance, there was nothing one could see on the movies starring Upen Patel. Upen was such an actor who did not even try to improve. After not even a handful films, Upen disappeared from the scene and we think he is best left alone

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