Thursday, May 26, 2011

Remedies For Your Hangover

Hangovers suck, but they’re the price we pay for drinking too much. The most commonly reported characteristics of a hangover include headache, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, lethargy, dysphoria, diarrhea and thirst. Just reading that list makes us woozy. 

Here are 5 remedies that will get rid of your hangover.  Just make sure YOU don’t wake up in a trashed apartment with Mike Tyson’s tiger in your bathroom, because we can’t really help you deal with that!

Happy Hydration

Consuming a lot of alcohol basically leaches your body of a lot of its water content. That’s why we experience parched mouths and dry skin upon waking up after a blotto night. Water gets priority of course but rehydrate with all liquids like juices (tomato juice is especially effective); Gatorade and other energy drinks replenish lost electrolytes and generally speed up the recovery process as well. Keep replenishing your fluids all morning and you should be on the steady path to feeling like yourself again.

Breakfast Boost

However much your stomach might be lurching at the thought of food the morning after, a good breakfast is absolutely key to hangover recovery! No we’re not talking about a  greasy bacon and eggs sort of breakfast but rather a well-balanced meal with multi-grain bread, eggs, fruit, juices, the whole deal. Of course, supplement all of that with high levels of liquid intake for best results. 

Mineral Magic and Vaccinating with Vitamins

Many drinkers swear by taking a multivitamin at night before passing out after a ‘rough night,’ as a preventive measure. The combination of the necessary vitamins and sleep give your body everything it requires to heal. Not to mention if you have the right vitamin levels in your body, a hangover is unlikely to arise at all so you should take these daily whether you’re drinking or not. 

Showery Solutions

An ice-cold shower is very likely to shock your system back into overdrive and give you enough of a jolt to take care of the lethargy at the very least. Stand under there for as long as you can handle it--it’s sure to invigorate your senses for a quick and assured hangover recovery. It might just be temporary, though!

Soothing Snores

Most people complain of waking up inordinately early when they drink too much. It is an effect of the alcohol; however, if you have the will and ability to get a full night’s sleep, the chances of your waking up with a crippling hangover are slim to none. If you keep waking up, make the most of it by drinking as much water as you can before hitting the sack again. 

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