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Dating labels you don't want

When you are out in the dating world, things can become complicated easily. If you live in a small town or date among the circle of friends, you should try and avoid catching a label. Labeling women and men is becoming more and more popular among the younger crowds. People talk amongst one another and compare their relationship experience. You probably have heard men talking about the "crazy one" or the "hot one." These are examples of labels that are given out. Some are more extreme than others. The stigma some carry is enough to ward off potential suitors even before they get close to you. These are some labels you should avoid getting and how you can dodge them.

"The Crazy One"
This should speak for itself. I am sure you have heard about someone having a crazy ex at one point or another. You never want to be labeled as crazy, for any reason. Men are automatically turned off by the idea of a crazy woman. While some may date said person if they are good looking, chances are you will get passed up if someone has called you the "crazy one." I had a good friend growing up that was a very pretty blonde girl. We dated among the same circle of friends. After she broke up with one of the guys, she had a hard time getting another date. Why? It turns out the guy told his group of friends that she was a little on the crazy side.You can avoid being labeled as crazy by doing a few things. If you are going to freak out at your boyfriend, don't go to the extreme. Arguing is OK, full-out psychotic mode is not.
"The Easy One"
Yes, this is just as bad as being the "crazy one" if not worse. Sex should be taken seriously and when it is not handled properly, problems arise. Sex does not equal love. Some girls feel like it is necessary to sleep with every guy they date. It is not "cute" to have sex right after meeting a guy. You may get boyfriends quickly. Most likely they are just looking for a quickie and will be out the door like the fellas before them. Having respect for yourself is important and should be a priority for every woman out in the dating world. You probably know women like this. In high school these girls were labeled "slut" or other derogatory names.
"The Loud One"
Sometimes this just needs a little fine tuning and you will be back on track. If you are a talker, just tone it down a few notches on the first couple of dates. Men hate to be embarrassed, it messes with their ego. I have a tendency to be a little over the top when I have had a few drinks or if I am just out having fun. I have been tagged as both loud and obnoxious in my earlier years. Once I hit my mid-20s, I simmered down a lot. Being loud is not an attractive label to carry around with you.
These are just a few of the many labels used in the dating world. Once you are known for something, the stigma usually sticks around. Dating in the same circles can lead to problems with preconceived notions. Being a lady is the most important thing while looking for a potentially long-term partner.
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