Monday, May 30, 2011

How Not to Propose

When you have finally decided to propose, you are very sure that you will just get one shot to say how and what you feel about the person. You want to do it in a way that makes you a hopeful yes answer but if you have messed it badly, there are slim chances of getting it right later. Moreover, you might end up sending wrong signals to your beloved by wrong ways of proposing and bring a disgrace to yourself. Hence there are some big no- no settings and situations that needs to be cleared before proposing your beloved. To make sure that you make it special and emerge triumphant, do it in the right way. Read this article to find out some of the worst ways of proposing and bookmark them in your worst list.
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Wrong Ways of Proposing
  • NEVER propose over the phone or the Internet. It is the worst you can do, as it is too impersonal. Loving is all about expressing your feelings, which do not come out over the phone or the Internet. It shows you are not very serious about the whole thing.
  • DO NOT propose in front of a large crowd. You wouldn't want to embarrass your beloved and then get embarrassed yourself if he/she says no.
  • DO NOT be too humorous. It will seem that you are not serious about this proposal. Being too humorous while taking a serious decision spoils the mood and the ambience and blows up the whole thing.
  • DO NOT forget your manners and etiquettes while proposing. Don't propose while eating or while the person is at work. Give respect and you will get respect.
  • DO NOT propose when you don't mean it. Many people propose in the spur of the moment and then later regret their action. Do not give someone hopes and then smash it all at once.
  • NEVER ever propose on a phone, sms, emails or any type of communication where you are not there.
  • DON’T overuse the prop while you are proposing as it might get on nerves of the other person. Keep it simple and straightforward but do it romantically.
  • It is absolutely WRONG to ask your friend or her friend to convey the message on your behalf. It won’t get you a positive reply and you might end up getting a no for your answer. Hence express your feelings, yourselves. This goes for both guys and girls.
  • DON’T mix drinking and proposing as will only make a mockery of you with an obvious no. Mixing drinking with every possible thing is equally bad.
  • It is a BAD IDEA to propose right after you had a fight as it is the clear case of wrong timing. You might have taken it in a lighter manner but the emotion of anger, frustration and hurt must be running high in the other person.
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