Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Romantic Gift Ideas

Top 10 Gifts For Her

Girls think with their hearts. So while buying a romantic gift for her, make sure it appeals to her emotionally.

Romantic Getaway
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Plan a vacation or a weekend getaway far to the hills or the sea to enhance your relationship away from the normal, everyday life. You can spend quality time and refresh those initial memories of yours.

Fragrance of Love
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Select a soft, nice perfume for your love and dazzle your Valentine's Day with the world of fragrance and love. You can choose from a large range of brands available in the market so be sure to pick the one that suits your lady.

Love Book

Separate all those mails you had sent to your lady expressing your love ever since your initial days. Print the love letters and bind them into a book. Gift it to your sweetheart and relive those cherished memories all over again.

Love Wrist Watch
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Gift your darling with a heart-shaped wrist watch probably red in color. This will make her think of you every time she looks at it.

Heart Pendant
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Girls are always close to jewelry. Go ahead and gift her classic gold or diamond heart pendant and see her feel on top of the world. The surprise will definitely accentuate the beauty of her eyes.

Chocolate Gift Basket with Teddy Bear
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Gift her gourmet basket with chocolates, cookies, wine, and candies and not to forget a cute and soft teddy bear. Get a lovely ribbon tied along with your sweet message of love.

Spa Bath and Body Gift Basket
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Pamper your woman with the luxurious spa bath and body gift set. Get the gift basket filled up with invigorating spa products to energize her spirit and enhance her body.


Red roses have been very traditional. Why not try something different like getting white roses tied with a red bow. You'll love to see the excitement on her face. Fresh tulips can also be thought of if roses are not your choice.

Pink Rose
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For those high budget buddies, go in to purchase a 24k pink rose for your lady. Present it in a white box with those magical words 'I Love You'.

Personalized Mug

Get one of those customized mugs with kind, sexy, charming, tantalizing reasons and quotes printed all over them! If possible personalize it with the lady's name on the mug.

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