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                A majority of women have the problem of getting irregular periods. This is the most common health problem of women who commence menstruation or are in their menopause stage. The normal periods last for 3-5 days whereas the menstrual cycle can vary from 28-30 days. A menstrual cycle is measured from the first date of periods in the last month till the next periods. However, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, drinking, excessive exercise, medications and drugs lead to irregular periods. When you suffer from irregular periods, the date of the period delays or come before time. This also leads to less or more menstrual flow and severe menstrual cramps. Many women complain that due to irregular periods, they get periods once in 2-3 or more months. So, having the right diet and a healthy lifestyle can help induce periods. Protein, vitamin and omega-3 fatty acids rich foods can induce periods and help get rid of irregular periods. Check out the list of healthy foods that induce periods.

Broccoli This green vegetable is very effective to induce periods. To maintain a regular menstrual cycle, include broccoli in your diet.

Fennel seeds Fennel seeds decoction if consumed empty stomach every morning can help get rid of irregular periods and have a healthy menstruation. Soak fennel seeds overnight and have the water in morning.

Salmon This food is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D. Apart from strengthening bones, salmon improves and stabilizes the hormones. This helps get rid of irregular menstruation problems.

Green vegetables You must have the healthy and nutritious green vegetables in your diet. Spinach, asparagus, broccoli, brinjal are few healthy vegetables that helps get periods on time.

Fish or fish oil Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and mercury that is good for your body. Omega-3 fatty acids protects the blood vessels in the ovaries from any damage that can delay periods. Eat fish or use fish oil to get regular periods.

Almonds The nuts are healthy and nutritious. Apart from helping you get regular periods on time, almonds are rich in fiber and proteins that helps in balancing hormones in the body.

Sesame seeds It is said that eating sesame seeds can help get periods on time. Have in moderate amounts as it increases body heat.

Yoghurt Dairy products are rich in calcium and proteins. You can have yoghurt every day to stay cool and also get periods on time.

Soy milk If you have milk intolerance, you can have soy milk. It is nutritious and filling too. Dieters can have skimmed soy milk.

Egg Hard boiled eggs are rich in proteins, calcium and vitamins. The protein rich eggs helps in getting over menstrual problems.

Red grapes A glass of red or green grape juice every day can help get rid of irregular periods naturally.

Tofu The healthy and low in fat alternative to paneer (cottage cheese), tofu is a calcium rich food that can be a great food to get periods on time.

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