Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Brad Pitt

When it comes to men and their hairstyles, they leave a lot to be desired. This is partly because guys are rather clueless about what's trending, and partly because they shy away from experimenting with their hair. Don't believe me? Take a good look around you; chances are 7 out of 10 men would be sporting the same hairstyle they used to four years back. Let's just cut to the chase. You're nowhere getting younger, so it makes sense for your personal style to evolve with your age, and that includes your hairstyle too.

Now there's no harm in taking inspiration from a celebrity if you want to experiment with your hairstyle. Take Brad Pitt for example, he is one celebrity who has been all over the hair map. He is like a chameleon, switches from long hippie locks to a military cut with an ease that's hard to come by. That's exactly why we decided to track his hair history to tell you what to look for when going for a new hairstyle.

1) A sophisticated soul patch with a dandy hairstyle like Brad Pitt's is apt for guys who are looking for a sharp look for a festive occasion, say your friend's wedding. A heavy hairstyling cream spread on your entire head of hair with your fingers and then combed back will give you the look. Look out for a heavy hold cream.

2) Brad Pitt's current look which he is sporting while promoting his film 'Fury' is something that many guys can be onboard with. The hair is medium-long which is tousled and seen with long sideburns (an Indian guy's trademark). Ask your stylist to create layers on our crown and then style it only with your fingers.

3) No one gets long hair as perfect as Brad Pitt (unless of course you're Jared Leto)-whether it's long, colored, knotted or straightened. He owns the look. Long locks needs proper TLC, and just so it doesn't border on the line of unkempt, keep them properly trimmed.

4) If you've a square jawline and straight hair, make this your absolute go-to look. Cut your hair short (1 inches) from the sides and back, and 2 inches from the top. Dispense a little mousse on your palm and run it on your hair, and then style it with the help of your fingers.

5) The gelled-hair-don't-care look with those uber-stylish pair of glasses is meant for those who are mature and sophisticated. Apply a lightweight gel that just holds the hair in the right place and blow it back with hair dryer.

6) This high and tight fade haircut is the trendiest hairstyle Pitt has ever sported, and we don't complaint because he's 50 and he bloody rocks it. Perfect for the edgy ones who love to experiment. This is how you'll get the look.

7) If you manage to carry long straight streaked hair with even a little bit of nonchalance, you'll be the man. Again, the quality of your hair is of paramount importance when sporting neck-length hair. Keep it evenly trimmed from behind, and manually straighten it if the need arise. It's your perfect vacation look.

8) If there's anyone who can look delightfully masculine while sporting a man bun, it has to be Brad Pitt. It's best suited for thick long hair, especially wavy and curly hair. You must avoid the hairdo if you've fine, thin hair or a receding hairline as pulling it in a bun will pull the root of the hair thereby damaging it further.

9) Brad Pitt is the only man who can wear a biker goatee-and that too a salt and pepper one- with spikes and still look so dashing. Will work best on college-going guys.

10) The slick side part was a rage four months back, and the trend, it seems, is here to stay. Any man, age notwithstanding, can get the look. Here's how.

11) The movie-star look with spiky, frosted tips is perfect for that experimental entrepreneur who wants to redefine the business casual looks. The spikes can be achieved with the help of pomade.

12) The perfect fall hairstyle for men is this buzz cut which is rather easy to achieve and maintain. The look of the cut is very short, not more than an inch of hair on the top of the head, that you can barely run your fingers through. The trick is to be sure it's just slightly longer on the top than on the sides of the head. If the length of your hair is uniform all over, your face will look out of balance.

13) Although this is his 90s look, the straight shag is back again in vogue. The latest trend among guys is the side-parted shag. It's a no-fuss, easy and laidback hairstyle that exudes youthfulness which is why it is a hot favourite amongst men.

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