Saturday, March 14, 2015

Red Lipstick

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Red lipstick can do much more than just prettying up your pout. From making your dark circles magically disappear to acting as a substitute for blush, here are a few cool beauty tricks that you can use by making your trusted lip colour work overtime.

Line your eyes
Make a statement by using your red lipstick as your liner. Apply on your upper or lower lash line or just dab some on the edges and be ready to rock n' roll.

Cover dark circles
Dab your red lipstick (pick creamy lipstick and not matte) on your eyeshadow brush and apply it sparingly underneath your eyes and on your lids. Apply foundation using makeup sponge over the red lipstick and rest of your face. This cool idea by vlogger Deepica Mutyala works for wheatish Indian skin tone. You can also do the same trick to hide your blemishes and acne marks.

Double as eye shadow
Highlight your eye lids by using red lipstick. Take some on your eyeshadow brush and apply evenly on your eye lids, contouring your eyes.

Add a rosy blush
A matte red lipstick is the perfect substitute for a blush. Take some on the foundation brush and blend around your cheekbones. Move from cheekbones to your ears.

Tint your balm
Instead of disposing your old red lipstick, turn it into a lipbalm. You need 2tbsp grated beeswax, 1tbsp coconut oil, a chunk of your old red lipstick, and a few drops of Vitamin E oil. Microwave for 20 seconds to blend everything together. Pour it into an old balm container and refrigerate!

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