Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Choose a Digital Camera

Digital cameras cost more out of the box than regular cameras, but offer the convenience of immediate viewing, multiple image storage, computer connectivity - and there's no film to develop.


Things You'll Need

  • Digital Camera Memory Cards

    • 1
      Buy the camera with the highest resolution you can afford, at least 2 to 3 megapixels (2 million to 3 million pixels), if possible.
    • 2
      Look for a 100 percent glass lens as opposed to a plastic one.
    • 3
      Buy a camera with as much RAM as you can afford. More RAM means the camera can store more pictures, so you won't need to download or erase them as often.
    • 4
      Expect zoom to be the feature you will use most. Compare optical, as opposed to digital, zoom capabilities.
    • 5
      Compare flash modes, if any.
    • 6
      Investigate viewfinders: Look for an optical (through-the-lens) viewfinder as well as an LCD display.
    • 7
      Consider autofocus and macro features, shutter-release lag times, and bundled software.
    • 8
      Compare additional features you might want: interchangeable lenses, steady-shot, burst mode, auto exposure, automatic white balance, voice memo, variable shutter speeds, manual focus and self-timer.
    • 9
      Compare removable media of various types (if you need more storage space for your photos).
    • 10
      Investigate batteries, chargers and battery-saving features.
    • 11
      Look for additional features you might need, such as USB or IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connectivity (to connect the camera to the appropriate port on your computer), a battery-time-remaining indicator, an AC adapter or video-out connections for outputting to a television.
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