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Diet Foods

The diets we choose say a lot about us. And if you go by the latest ones that are gaining in popularity the world over, you get the feeling that people are becoming more interested in holistic development. They don't want to follow extreme diets. That's good news, isn't it?

Learn diet
The Learn diet recommends 55 per cent to 60 per cent energy from carbohydrates and less than 10 per cent energy from saturated fat. Learn stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Relationships, and Nutrition. Recommended foods are fruits, veggies and legumes. Fatty foods should be avoided as much as possible. 

1. It encourages you to have good carbohydrates, and does not completely restrict one from consuming food with fat.
2. The diet does not just focus on the food. It's more holistic and helps make fundamental life choices that aid well-being.    
3. It teaches you to cope with situations wherein you are pressured to eat and how to handle eating away from home.

1. People, especially working professionals, find it difficult to stay motivated by their busy schedules.

Volumetric diet
It is based on the concept of energy density and satiety. Neither is it a lifestyle change nor a short-term quick fix. It includes high-moisture foods like fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content - tomatoes, broccoli, celery, and greens like lettuce and cabbage. You can eat whole-grain pasta and rice, high-fibre bread and cereal, non-cream-based soups, and salads with little dressing. Meat and dairy consumed under the Diet should be low-fat. You can consume sugar and alcohol in small amounts, but you should record the calories.

1. You get into a healthy eating habit.
1. Foods with high water content - many fruits - are processed very quickly in the body, hence, one feels hungry very fast.
2. Preparation time is more and for those with a busy lifestyle.

Slim-Fast diet
Slim-Fast simplified its product line with the `3-2-1' diet plan. The plan emphasised three 100-calorie snacks, two meal replacements (shakes or meal bars) and one 500-calorie balanced meal per day for dinner. You can eat lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food and foods that are high in calories.

1. It's convenient as it is to be carried and consumed almost anywhere.
2. Easy to follow - no meal planning, no need to count calories and no need to measure food portions. 
3. The programme can be easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle.

1. Many people feel hungry, despite eating the recommended portions of food.
2. The programme does not teach you enough about other healthy foods.
3. It might not suit everyone.

Ornish diet
It focuses on a very low-fat, plant-based, vegetarian diet to combat heart disease, cancer and promote weight loss. Foods that can be eaten anytime include fruits and vegetables along with grains and beans. Food that can be eaten in moderation are non-fat and low-fat dairy products.

1. Smaller meals spread apart by only a few hours. You wouldn't have to go through those hunger pangs. This will, in turn, also increase your metabolic rate, helping you to burn more calories and lose weight.
2. Studies confirm that a low-fat diet combined with exercise, stress management and group support reduces coronary incidents.

1. It can be very difficult for a less disciplined person to stay with the diet for a long time. 
2. There's not enough protein in this diet.

Jenny Craig Diet
The Jenny Craig diet plan is a calorie-and-fat-controlled diet that helps people manage portion size through the use of prepackaged foods. This diet has menus that emphasise eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, reduced fat milk products and eart-healthy fats.They also include lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts. Junk food and sodas are not recommended.

1. This is a well-balanced diet with easy-to-follow instructions.
2. You needn’t count calories.
3. No food is taboo. The stress is on portion control.
4. You begin to lose weight fairly quickly.

1. It is costly. In addition to a monthly fee, you have to buy Jenny Craig foods every day.
2. It can become time consuming if you need to prepare meals for your family while you will.

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