Monday, June 20, 2011

What Men Really Want After Marriage

Do you wonder why your hubby's friends crack those 'this is what marriage does to you' jokes? And then think what is it that will keep him from not falling for those silly gals. Here's all you need to know about keeping your husband happy and committed.

Some of their liberty intact: Most men are commitment phobic because they fear they will lose all the liberty that comes with remaining single. So once they commit themselves to marriage, they hope to retain at least some of that liberty. They'd like you to give them their space and let them have a life of their own too. 

Companionship that's outside the bedroom too: Romance is a lovely thing and gives men the high, but after marriage, it's not the only thing they want. Companionship goes beyond and much deeper than just a romantic flavor to the whole relationship.

A friend who's their equal: In a wife, they look out for an equal in every way. Somebody who they can depend on should their confidence falter, somebody they can match wits with and certainly somebody who can understand them as a friend and also be with them always.

A home that they can be comfortable in - When we say home, we mean both their space of living and the family. They certainly want both they can be comfortable in after marriage. It's among the most crucial things that men look out for in a marriage. It gives them a sense of belonging, like being rooted and grounded.

A secure feeling of being loved and cared for - Emotional security is another thing that men really would like to have after marriage. An assurance of being loved and cared for makes them fall into a more comfortable space within the marriage, which is what they look out for.

Make him feel loved and respected and he'll certainly feel you're adding immense value to his life through this relationship.  

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