Saturday, June 18, 2011

Old id Gold

Remember the time when you had just one Channel to watch and only one tape recorder to listen to music? There were days when you couldn’t wait to write a letter to your uncle who stayed abroad (so you can ask for your favourite chocolates, wink) and you rode your bicycle on a rainy day without worrying about the mud and the muck on your clothes. Well, here are some things that will make you reminiscent about simpler times.

Bril inkpot: Doesn’t it remind you of the strict instruction from your mother, “Fill the pen and shut it tightly, and don’t you dare stain your dress!”

Hero pen: Your favorite ink pen which is virtually dead now.

Nirma ad: Washing powder Nirma, Washing powder Nirma, Doodh si safedi, Nirma se aayi ,  Rangeen kapde bhi khil khil jaaye… bet you know the jingle by heart!

Vicco turmeric ad: Ditto for Vicco! You can sing along Vicco turmeric, Nahin cosmetic, Vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream…

Canvas shoes: Doesn’t this pair remind you of PT lessons in school?

Geometry box: Protractor, divider, compass, set squares. and we thought life was complicated then!

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hey this post is really heart touching......

i really miss all these things....

and ur blog is really now a follower..
follow mine as well..


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