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There are two types of dressing: casual and power.
While the casual refers to jeans, shorts, chinos, and comfortable      t-shirts, power dressing is all about making a strong statement. Power dressing involves dressing to make an impact, to leaving your mark behind, to coming across as competent and authoritative and to perhaps even intimidate others. It is obvious to think how clothes can do all of the above. Well, the right clothes can. And we are here to help you get your power dressing wardrobe in order.

1. The fit

We cannot say this enough number of times. The fit of your clothes is of utmost importance. Get the fit right and half your battle is won. The fit has to be such that it enhances your assets and covers your fat areas. It should make you look leaner, taller and sharper. Wherever you get your clothes from, we suggest you never compromise on the fit.

2. A watch

Nothing makes a smart statement like a solid branded watch. An investment in a good watch of a reputable brand will never go to waste. If anything, it will add oodles of importance, and elegance to your personality. Buy a watch that fits your wrists and can be worn across occasions.

3. Brogue shoes

Your shoes will say a lot about the man you are. Therefore you must wear a smart pair. Brogue shoes look expensive, make a statement and are always in style. Invest in a pair of black brogues and your shoes are sure to leave their mark.

4. Ties and Cufflinks

If you think no one notices cufflinks and your tie is not of much importance to your entire power look, then you are thinking all wrong. A smart pair of cufflinks, and a well-woven, bright coloured tie will add a lot to your power look. Your suit without these is like a cake without cherry. And no one takes a cake without cherries seriously.

5. A briefcase

How can your power look be complete without a proper case? Boys carry backpacks. Men carry briefcases. Buy one that is smart, handy and purposeful. One in which you can carry your iPad and necessary files/documents with ease, without one fighting for space with the other.
Put all the above five elements together and you have the ultimate power look. A man, who wears these elements right, is sure to charm others with his charisma. He will ooze of authority and command respect. You can be all this too. All you have to do, is Power Dress. 
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