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World's Sexiest Criminals

Sandra Avila Beltrán
This Mexican drug lord hailed from a family with strong ties to the underworld. She was exposed to the world of crime at a young age, and had several affairs with various cartel members. She even married two police officers who later got involved in the drug trade. After years of trying, the authorities finally mounted substantial evidence against Beltrán and arrested her in 2007 for money laundering and smuggling of illegal drugs.

Although she's behind bars now, this 50-year-old still ensures she looks just as good as she did back when she was seducing the biggest drug lords in Mexico. She even had a doctor sneak in a botox injection into prison recently! Now that's commitment!

Laura Zuniga

This 27-year-old hottie first rose to fame thanks to her triumph in a beauty pageant in Mexico. She was all set to represent her country in Miss International 2009. However, her arrest in December 2008 put a damper on her promising career. She was found to be in possession of $53,000 and a bunch of weapons. Till date, Zuniga claims her innocence and alleges that her then-boyfriend was trying to kidnap her and take her to Colombia and Bolivia. 

The authorities detained her for 40 days, but later released her as there was no concrete evidence against her. She's now trying to make a comeback into modelling. In fact, the 2011 Mexican film 'Miss Bala' is loosely based on her life!

Anna Chapman

We wouldn't blame you if you mistook this 30-year-old former Russian spy for a glamor model. After all, she is one now, and she's posed for some major magazines, including Maxim. Till 2010--when she was busted by the FBI--Chapman was the CEO of a real estate website in New York. However, there were many holes in her story, and the authorities soon figured out that everything wasn't on the up-and-up.

She was sent back to Russia in a swap deal with the United States, which included nine other Russian spies. She is now a big media personality in her homeland!

Mata Hari

This Dutch exotic dancer, who primarily operated during World War I, is one of the most celebrated female spies in history. Margaretha Geertruida Zelle aka Mata Hari was accused of spying for the Germans and was later executed by a French firing squad. Years after her passing, there have been many discoveries hinting at the fact that she was innocent. However, authorities of many countries had (apparently) stacked together a mountain of evidence against her.

Either way, she remains one of the most enigmatic--and beautiful--figures in modern espionage!

Simone Farrow

This Penthouse Pet recently made headlines after she was arrested for allegedly running an international drug ring. She was on the run before the authorities caught up with her in a cheap motel in Queensland, Australia. This blonde bombshell apparently used 20 aliases--the most famous one being Simone Starr--while operating underground. 

Farrow, who ran her drug trade from her Hollywood apartment, told reporters that she was constantly on the move because someone was out to kill her! However, police claim she had high-grade crystal methamphetamine packed in bath salt containers. 

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