Saturday, October 15, 2011

Long Distance Relationship

So you’ve decided to go the long distance way of relationship.
Though we don’t want to discourage you from taking the plunge, you have to admit the fact that handling it is going to be a lot (and we mean titanic) more difficult than a normal romantic liaison. You should only get into a long term relationship once you are sure of your love and devotion and once the relationship goes long distance, you need pay extra attention and care to it so as to nurture it.
Here are certain ways in which you can make a long distance relationship work.

Communicate With Her

Communication is the key to making a relationship work. It is doubly important when you are far away from your girlfriend. Let her know if something is bothering you as keeping things to yourself is only likely to make things go from bad to worse.

Visit Each Other

ake it a point to visit each other at least once in three months. You can take turns while travelling which will reduce the burden on you alone. This will help renew your romantic interests and bring in the element of touch which is almost crucial in a relationship.

Make Plans

When you plan to visit your partner or your partner decides to come over, ensure that you devote the entire time to her. Tell your friends and family that you won’t be able to make yourself available during that period. There isn’t anything better for her than getting your undivided attention.

Give Space to Your Partner

While giving your girlfriend attention is crucial, allowing each other some breathing space is also equally important. There is no need to know what she is up to 24/7.You should give her the freedom to live her life the way she wishes to.

Give More Time to the Relationship

In a relationship, time plays a very important role in shaping it. Take out time to call/text/mail her and answer her call irrespective of how busy you think you are. Remember that your decision to go the distance came with the assurance that you would take the extra mile to keep the flame of your love burning bright. 
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